Oct. 24: Knoxville News Sentinel comes through

Today we welcomed the long-awaited Knoxville New Sentinel’s coverage of Truth at Last, and it greatly exceeded our expectations, as features editor Susan Alexander, assistant features editor Christina Southern and freelance writer Melissa Priode combined, along with Joel Freedman, to create a spectacular local news front page layout that was entirely devoted to Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last.

When I got the hard copy newspaper today, I was stunned to see the book cover and promo on the top of the front page, with the story and three photos taking up the entire front page of the local news section.  The layout is spectacular and I couldn’t ask for more in that regard.  They did a fantastic job, and we’ll probably never have better Amazon rankings that we have right now.  With a circulation of 123,000 daily, the most prominent thing about today’s issue was arguably Truth at Last.  Joel Freedman’s review is here, and here is Melissa Priode’s story, which briefly looks at my background and relationship to the book.

We needed this desperately, as the book has been languishing in Amazon sales ranking hell of late, but right now we’re looking very good indeed, which illustrates the power that a medium-size city newspaper has to help a struggling book when it has a mind to do so.  Sincere thanks to Susan, Christina, Melissa and Joel for their invaluable assistance in this most worthy cause.

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