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Jan. 18, 2013: The Admiral Nimtz Museum Travesty

On Jan. 3 of the new year, the retail sales manager at the Admiral Nimitz Museum coldly, without apology and without even reading it, rejected the book that reflects and expands upon Admiral Chester W. Nimitz’s revelation to Fred Goerner in 1965, a year before Goerner’s bestseller The Search for Amelia Earhart was publishedSearch immortalized the famed admiral’s statement to the San Francisco radio newsman that Earhart went down in the Marshalls and was picked up by the Japanese.”  My letter to the museum directors appealing this decision was ignored; even the simple decency of a response was refused me. 

If my book, Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, belongs anywhere, it belongs in the bookstore at the Nimitz Museum, where Fred Goerner’s files are kept and from which I gleaned so much enlightening and unpublished information related to his quest to prove Earhart and Fred Noonan’s deaths on Saipan.  But the Nimitz Museum has joined 170 other aviation museums and nearly 100 percent of the mainstream media who refuse to recognize the existence of a book that threatens their sacred cow.  Clearly, they much prefer the lie of the never-ending,  irresolvable mystery.  I t’s so much more romantic that way, and uncomplicated.

Most of those who refuse to accept the truth in the Earhart case — even so-called Earhart researchers who insist on their own imaginary version of events and ignore the obvious — will have no problems with the museum’s decision. They will say its directors have every right to reject this or any other book from their store.  Of course that’s true, as is its corollary, my right to vehemently protest this outrage in any way possible, and to bring the public’s attention to the feckless policies that apparently now inform the Nimitz Museum’s leadership.

More on this travesty at the linked story below, which was published today. Sincere thanks to Glenn MacDonald of for his unwavering support of this book and this worthy cause.


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