Jan. 18, 2013: The Admiral Nimtz Museum Travesty

On Jan. 3 of the new year, the retail sales manager at the Admiral Nimitz Museum coldly, without apology and without even reading it, rejected the book that reflects and expands upon Admiral Chester W. Nimitz’s revelation to Fred Goerner in 1965, a year before Goerner’s bestseller The Search for Amelia Earhart was publishedSearch immortalized the famed admiral’s statement to the San Francisco radio newsman that Earhart went down in the Marshalls and was picked up by the Japanese.”  My letter to the museum directors appealing this decision was ignored; even the simple decency of a response was refused me. 

If my book, Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, belongs anywhere, it belongs in the bookstore at the Nimitz Museum, where Fred Goerner’s files are kept and from which I gleaned so much enlightening and unpublished information related to his quest to prove Earhart and Fred Noonan’s deaths on Saipan.  But the Nimitz Museum has joined 170 other aviation museums and nearly 100 percent of the mainstream media who refuse to recognize the existence of a book that threatens their sacred cow.  Clearly, they much prefer the lie of the never-ending,  irresolvable mystery.  I t’s so much more romantic that way, and uncomplicated.

Most of those who refuse to accept the truth in the Earhart case — even so-called Earhart researchers who insist on their own imaginary version of events and ignore the obvious — will have no problems with the museum’s decision. They will say its directors have every right to reject this or any other book from their store.  Of course that’s true, as is its corollary, my right to vehemently protest this outrage in any way possible, and to bring the public’s attention to the feckless policies that apparently now inform the Nimitz Museum’s leadership.

More on this travesty at the linked story below, which was published today. Sincere thanks to Glenn MacDonald of MilitaryCorruption.com for his unwavering support of this book and this worthy cause.



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  1. The Admiral Nimitz Museum in Texas is missing out on a *SUPER GREAT BOOK – Amelia Earhart – (The*TRUTH at Last) by author Mike Campbell. Admiral Nimitz knew Amelia Earhart went down in the Marshall Islands and picked up by the Japanese.
    Come on Texan’s and STAND -UP for the TRUTH!


  2. You need to take your story to the Wall Street Journal or Fox News New York ( the National Cable TV Channel – not a local Affiliate ). Attempt National Exposure.

    Also, ask Smithsonian Air & Space Museum to critique it for objectivity. Forget the Book Reviews. What matters is your readers. If they believe your research, it will catch on among Earhart researchers.

    You must remember that there may be at best 100-200,000 true followers of the Earhart saga: interested individuals, amateur researchers, and a handful of professionals. It’s a very narrow audience.

    Forget Gillespie. In fact, ignore him. His search efforts have morphed into a quasi-business. And a lucrative one at that. Clues keep his business running. Evidence does not.

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    1. Wilson,
      Your comments are appreciated and well intentioned, but I’m afraid you’re just a bit behind the curve in your suggestions. The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum is probably the last place on earth, outside of the White House itself, that’s interested in proclaiming the truth in the Earhart case. They’re well aware of the facts, I assure you. You must not have read the last chapter of Truth at Last, “The Establishment’s Contempt for the Truth,” in which I dissect the propaganda of Tom Crouch, the Smithsonian’s senior curator in charge of keeping the public unaware of the truth in the Earhart disappearance. Same for FOX News and the Wall Street Journal – they’re every bit as invested in the lies about AE’s fate as any other establishment media organization. I’ve written to all of them and been ignored by hundreds, if not thousands, during my 25 years on this story.

      The establishment’s determination to prevent the truth from becoming known is quite real and nearly overwhelming. If that weren’t the case, there would have been no need for me to write this book, or any of the others, including Fred Goerner and Thomas E. Devine, to do so. I believe that even if the Electra’s engine tag were found under the airport on Saipan — which is the only plausible way available now to obtain a smoking gun, other than release of the files
      — big media wouldn’t bat an eyelash and would continue to pretend the mystery is forever. They’ve proven that they don’t want the answer ever since Goerner’s 1960 findings on Saipan.


  3. Then you need to find one influential believer. Someone who “knows people”. Just one, to get the ball rolling. Or, you can offer a synopsis of your work to the various Veterans Organizations and their corresponding magazines: The American Legion, DAV, VFW, VVA, JWV, CWV,, etc. That provides exposure to a large, select segment of the population who can relate to governmental morass and secrecy..
    Other organizations which publish magazines can help as well, if they pick up the story: The K of C, Elks, etc,

    And, I would not give up on the major Media. Be a pain in the ass with requests. Wear them down.


    1. That’s exactly right, Wilson. Just one. But nobody wants anything to do with the Earhart case, believe me. We will continue our efforts, and you’re welcome to join the cause.


  4. Growing up, all I ever read about was that Amelia just “flew off into oblivion.” In the early 90s, I heard Buddy Brennan on the radio talking about Amelia dying in Saipan. He said that even Admiral Nimitz knew what happened to Amelia. I also heard him speak in person at a couple of 99s chapter meetings, saying she landed (was shot down?) in Mili Atoll, Japanese Mandates (now Marshall Islands). I checked out a book in the 90s and read how the author (Thomas Devine?) had seen her airplane in Saipan and how a government official (said to be James Forrestal) ordered it to be burned. I was astounded. If they found her airplane, why would they want it to be burned? If this was all true, why wasn’t it publicized? Plus, the Marshall Islands were more than 800 miles from Howland Island. How could the ship Itasca near Howland Island, even hear her on the radio? I have always been interested in history, but when I got my private pilot’s license in 1991, my interest increased. After reading your book, I now understand more, that for some reason FDR did not want the truth revealed. Perhaps she was on a spy mission, perhaps not, but his abandonment of her and Fred Noonan was unconscionable. The continuation of government cover up and main media disinformation is puzzling to me. When TV programs about Amelia come on, I am always excited to see them, but they only seem to focus on TIGHAR, and there’s just no evidence that she went to Nikumaroro, Gardner Island.

    In the mid 90s, my family took a trip to Maine. On a rocky sea shore by a lighthouse, we met some people from Saipan. The husband was studying law in Maine. I asked him if he had ever heard anything about Amelia Earhart being on Saipan. He said that his grandparents had talked about her being on the island. He gave me the address of some people on Saipan who might be able to answer my questions, but unfortunately, I lost the paper with his name and the names of the people on Saipan. I wish I hadn’t lost it. Wish the main media would cover the TRUTH about her. In a way, it’s like she was the first casualty of WW II before it even broke out.

    Thanks for your book.



    1. Kathy,
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Seventy-seven years of the “continuation of government cover up and main media disinformation” have created what we now have today — a completely ignorant, apathetic and gullible public without any interest in this appalling chapter of our history. But make no mistake, those who pull the strings at the network levels know very well what happened to Amelia and Fred, and remain determined to protect FDR’s legacy, which is already in tatters for those who care to read honest history.


      1. Thank your for your reply. I appreciate all the research you did for your book about Amelia Earhart. I cannot understand FDR having the right to issue a secretive executive order which orders all future presidents to observe the blackout on official U.S. government information on Amelia Earhart, especially concerning what he knew and when, and what he did (and didn’t do in 1937). The man died in 1945, and I don’t see how he had a right to issue an order giving him power over future U.S. presidents. There is no need for wartime secrecy to protect our soldiers, which is something I understand. The American public deserves the right to know the truth about what happened to her and WHY, which we still don’t totally know. And so now I wonder who has control of our main media outlets, because they are obviously still protecting FDR’s legacy, trying to cover up the truth, and allowing disinformation to perpetuate. It’s like there’s a globalist agenda behind the scenes, which started a long time ago, and is being controlled by some hidden power. As we well know, globalism is always bad for the United States of America. I hope others will take an interest in delving into the truth of what happened to Amelia Earhart. It seems that it’s going to take a future brave president to say, that FDR’s secret executive order has no power over him. I’m sure there’s something in the Constitution which would give him that right.


      2. Kathy,
        You have it exactly right. I learned about the secret executive order from Ross Game, who passed away a few years ago, who said he was told this by JFK’s people. He also said JFK wanted to help him and Goerner during their 1963 Washington visit, but that he was “bound by this executive order.” JFK did, however, according to Game, allow them to see some files and use pencils to take notes. This is as much as I learned from Game, who was ill with Lou Gehrig’s disease, and we never spoke again. But we know that after JFK was gone. LBJ, who a psychopathic murderer as well as a president (See Philip Nelson’s “LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination”), had no interest in helping Goerner and shut the door on them quickly.


      3. Yes, I read The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK, and MLK, by Robert Gaylon Ross who revealed a lot of surprising things behind the assassination of JFK. I already knew LBJ had had dead people vote for him and had heard of possible murders done to get him elected into office. The book by R.G. Ross shows that LBJ and many others were behind JFK’s assassination. There were some powerful people, including a few media people at the meeting in Dallas the night before JFK’s assassination, but how such a giant squelch by ALL the media about what really happened, which occurred back then, just amazes me.


      4. “Squelch” is a great word, Kathy, perfect for this phenomena. I’ve come up with my own term that applies to stories such as the JFK hit and the Earhart disappearance: The bigger the story, the less truth we get from the media. It applied then, and applies now even more so, as we can see from the endless scandals and constant lies emanating from Washington. But the Earhart lie is unique, in that those it’s designed to protect are all dead. So who’s left to protect? The relatives? The sensitivities of the Japanese? Give me a break.


      5. I agree. Good points. I don’t understand why Roosevelt didn’t just say, ‘We are sorry to learn that a great American and her navigator were held by the Japanese and died on the island of Saipan.’


      6. Because he would have never heard the end of it, would have had to answer endless questions he couldn’t deal with easily, if at all. He would have also been giving away the fact we had broken the Jap codes in 1937, something that would have really hurt our intelligence efforts. Amelia was thus sacrificed on the altar of political expediency, and we’ve had nothing but lies ever since.


      7. And that brings up another topic. Since the U.S. had already broken the Japanese codes in 1937, why didn’t we know about the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor in advance? I’ve heard or read a few rumors that Roosevelt did already know, but always in the past, I refused to believe them. This is cause for reconsideration. And what a horrible thing to allow to happen, when our navy could have been warned and prepared, or even to block such an attack to begin with. This just boggles the mind.


      8. The codes were different in 1941, as I understand it, and we had about 20 percent of the naval code at that time. But Robert Stinnett, in his book “Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor,” makes a strong case that FDR knew they were coming and kept the information away from Gen. Short and Adm. Kimmel at Pearl. Some are critical of Stinnet and I’ve even heard that he “made up” certain dispositive documents. I’m not sure about that, but our code situation re the Jap navy was definitely not total in 1941. But FDR did all he could, certainly, to incite the Jap attack and get the war he wanted.


      9. Interesting. Didn’t realize the codes were different in 1941 from 1937. Well, I know that England’s Churchill was desperate for American help with the formidable foe they were facing in Germany.


      10. For an great look at FDR’s treachery and deceit during the war, see “Roosevelt’s Road to Russia,” by George N. Crocker (Henry Regnery Company, 1959). It’s a rare history book that doesn’t sugar coat FDR’s “shortcomings,” shall we say. It’s easily available on Amazon, many editions.


  5. Remember that J.E. Hoover was very much a player and FDR consulted with him. Secrecy thrilled them both.


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