Is missing Malaysian jetliner next sacred cow?

The quest for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is beginning to look more and more like the unending search for Amelia Earhart’s Electra on Nikumaroro on steroids — a complete charade meant only to distract and misinform the public, and provide more fodder for the Discovery News Earhart disinformation program.

In the case of the missing Malaysian jetliner, the entire international community is the target audience, which raises questions about our politicized media that have long needed asking.  Outraged relatives of the missing passengers — two-thirds of whom are Chinese, demonstrated loudly outside the Malaysian embassy in Beijing yesterday, demanding more information from Malaysian authorities, who have been notoriously unforthcoming and incompetent in their investigation of the missing plane. 

Gen. Tom McInerney has not been seen on FOX News since he told Sean Hannity that he thinks Malaysia Air Flight 370 was hijacked to Pakistan.

Gen. Tom McInerney has not been seen on FOX News since he told Sean Hannity that he thinks Malaysia Air Flight 370 was hijacked to Pakistan.

In what is becoming eerily reminiscent of the false claims coming from The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) during their seemingly endless 26-year Earhart search, today Reuters reports that new satellite images have revealed more than 100 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be debris from a Malaysian jetliner missing for 18 days with 239 people on board, Malaysia’s acting transport minister said on Wednesday.  The latest sighting came as searchers stepped up efforts to find some trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, thought to have crashed on March 8 after flying thousands of miles off course.” 

Similar false reports have been the mainstream media template for at least a week.  The claim that some sort of debris that could be from the missing Boeing 777 has been spotted by satellites is all we hear from our esteemed media pundits.  It’s as if the word has gone out — from who or what is the question — that this is the story and you’d better stick to it.

Nothing more has been heard from FOX News analyst, retired Gen. Tom McInerney, who told Sean Hannity on March 20 that sources about whom  he couldn’t say anythinghave told him that the jetlinermay have landed in Pakistan. And I believe that airplane landed, McInerney told Hannity on his prime time Fox show. “I believe that airplane landed. And I’ve listened to a lot of aviation experts, and none of them know anything about radical Islam. . . .  Yeah, I still maintain it was hijacked.  And for anyone to say, ‘Well, they had a fire or something’ — look, we never heard a mayday.

All the communications,the general continued, the comms, the UHF/VHF sat-com, to our knowledge were never turned off. And so they could have talked, if they wanted. . . . It surprised me, too.  And what have we heard from our own intelligence agencies about certain airfields, particularly the one near Quetta, Pakistan.  As I mentioned the other day on the radio, the distance from Lahore to Beijing, excuse me, Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and Kuala Lumpur to Lahore, Pakistan, is 2,700 miles, equidistant.  Isn’t that a coincidence?” 

Since McInerney’s comments to Hannity, ZERO about the hijacking possibility has been seen or heard from any news agency that I’m aware of right now.  It’s as if McInerney’s appearance was a unplanned mistake that will not be repeated on major air anytime soon.  Those who say that we would have heard from hijackers by now, claiming credit or making demands, aren’t considering that the barbarians who dominate the third-world ‘Stans understand very well how the element of surprise can be their ace in the hole in future terror attacks.

Only Tammy Bruce talked about it on her show two nights ago, though of course it’s possible other minor radio hosts may have done so as well.  But major networks seem frantic to tell us that the plane went in the Indian Ocean thousands of miles off Western Australia, the last place anyone would expect it to be.  Call me paranoid or conspiratorial, but if 26 years of study in the Earhart disappearance has taught me anything, it’s that the media can’t be trusted.  And the more important the story, the less truth we get from the media.  

I think it’s not too early to ask if the reporting about the disappearance of Flight 370 is going to loosely parallel the false Coast Guard and Navy conclusions when Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan went missing in 1937.  The truth about Earhart and Noonan, who landed at Mili Atoll, were picked up by the Japanese and taken to Saipan, where they died miserable deaths, has yet to be officially admitted by the U.S. government.  The Earhart cover-up, chronicled in detail in Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, was not the last sacred cow our establishment elites created and nurture to protect their corrupt interests and rear ends, both political and financial.  Could Flight 370 be the next one, for even more despicable reasons on the part of our establishment elites?

Something to consider as you watch the latest dispatches about the new garbage spotted by satellites.


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  1. Interested Observer | Reply

    I have felt that the plane landed somewhere since the initial week of this circus. Most likely (to me) to the W or NW of Malaysia. I would imagine keeping 239 people alive and cared for adequately would not be a top priority of someone who would hijack a plane, so I sadly imagine they are all deceased and have been for most of the lost time.

    Reading your blog here, it occurred to me that two weeks is plenty of time for “someone(s)” to fly to this admittedly remote area of the southern Indian Ocean and easily scatter debris – even plane wreckage, but maybe not THIS plane – to lead searchers to conclude the search with the belief that Flight 370 went down there. How convenient for those who still have an intact 777 in their possession somewhere.

    Also odd that the lone voice of strategic reasoning has been removed from broadcasting access (McInerny). What is it about people that they yearn for closure even if it is a hoax? Staying open to factual evidence is too inconvenient?


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