Gen. McInerney-FOX News update

After six days of silence, as if to answer those of us wondering what became of  Tom McInerney, FOX News brought back the retired general  last night to chat — very briefly — with prime time diva Megyn Kelly, whose mission seemed to simply let McInerney off the hook for his statements to Sean Hannity six days earlier (see previous post), indicating he had inside knowledge that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had been hijacked to Pakistan. 

Last night the general would only tell Kelly that the latest Inmarsat projection that the missing jetliner crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean more than 1,000 miles off Perth “doesn’t pass the common sense test” and that “we shouldn’t let our guard down” until the plane is found.

“It is not normal for a Muslim to commit suicide and take 238 people with him,” McInerney said, apparently forgetting that it’s been quite normal for some, shall we say, “activist Muslims” to strapon homemade bombs and take as many of their enemies as possible with them to meet Allah. You might recall the Marine Corps Barracks or Khobar Towers bombings, among other highlights of U.S. Mideast involvement.

“We must err on the national security side,” the general said, “if in fact we don’t find records, then I would not let our guard down. … It’s much better for the United States and its allies if he did go there and commit suicide. … Why did he have to go down there [off Perth]? That’s what doesn’t pass the common sense test.”

The brief exchange between Kelly and McInerney seemed staged and intended only to slighly “walk back” McInterney’s incendiary statements to Hannity of March 20.  We still know nothing more than that the plane is still missing, no debris has been identified and the technical gibberish being offered to justify the conclusion that the plane went in the drink stinks of disinformation. Something is certainly rotten in Kuala Lumpur. 




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