Goerner and Devine reach out to Muriel Morrissey: Did Amelia’s sister know more than she let on?

Grace Muriel Earhart Morrissey, Amelia’s favorite childhood companion and her only sibling, is an often-overlooked character in the Earhart saga.  Unlike Amelia, Muriel was blessed to live out a long, productive life, dying at 98 at her West Medford, Mass., home.  She was a unique individual in her own right, and deserves to be remembered. 

Muriel Morrissey was a charter member of the Medford Zonta Club, a worldwide service organization of executive women in business and the professions, founded in 1919,wrote Carol L. Osborne, who, with Muriel, co-wrote Amelia: My Courageous Sister, self-published by Osborne in 1987.

During Muriel’s long teaching career, Osborne continued in her tribute to Muriel that appears on the website of the Ninety-Nines, the elite women’s pilot group that Amelia co-founded with Louise Thaden in 1929,she published numerous articles in professional education magazines, was a member of the Massachusetts Poetry Society and the author of several poems, including First Day, To AE, and Labor-in Vain No More.

In 1976, her ‘Bicentennial Reverie’ received a Freedom Foundation Award.  She wrote a poem which was read at the dedication of a new school named for her sister Amelia, and a narrative poem, ‘By the Gentle Flowing Mystic’ as a feature of the celebration of Medford’s 350th anniversary.”

Grace Muriel Morrissey Earhart, Amelia's beloved "Pidge," passed away at 98 on March 2, 1998. "She was really a very sweet, gentle woman and she was really devoted to Medford," her son-in-law Adam Kleppner told the Atchison Daily Globe. Wednesday. "She embodied a lot of old-fashioned virtues, responsibility, loyalty -- things we seem to be in short supply of today."

Grace Muriel Morrissey Earhart, Amelia’s beloved “Pidge,” passed away at 98 on March 2, 1998.  “She was really a very sweet, gentle woman and she was really devoted to Medford,” her son-in-law Adam Kleppner told the Atchison Daily Globe.  “She embodied a lot of old-fashioned virtues, responsibility, loyalty — things we seem to be in short supply of today.”

Muriel wrote an earlier biography of Amelia,Courage is the Price, in 1963, and in 1983 she wrote and self-published The Quest of A Prince of Mystic Henry Albert Morrissey “The Chief, the biography of her beloved husband.

Muriel could never have dreamed the way her life would change after Amelia’s tragic loss, and we can only imagine how she agonized over her sister’s disappearance.  The massive publicity, unwanted attention, false leads and dead ends that the never-ending search for her famous sister created must have brought her to the brink on many occasions.  At least, this is the conventional wisdom about Muriel, as well as her mother, Amy Otis Earhart; George Putnam, Amelia’s husband; and Mary Bea Noonan, Fred’s widow.

It could well have been that way, but some researchers, including this one, have wondered whether Muriel, Amy, Putnam and Mary Bea could have been let in on the truth about Amelia’s Saipan fate by the feds and sworn to secrecy and silence in exchange for the kind of closure that families of missing loved ones long and pray for.

Telling the Earhart and Noonan families the sad truth would have made sense for the feds from a practical standpoint: With the Earhart and Noonan families fully informed, the government wouldn’t have to deal with the messy and noisy distractions they could have created in the media had they been kept on the outside of the establishment stonewalls that Fred Goerner nearly broke though during his early 1960s investigations. 

We have Amy Otis Earhart’s statement to the Los Angeles Times in July 1949, in which she revealed that she knew almost precisely what had happened to Amelia: “I am sure there was a Government mission involved in the flight, because Amelia explained there were some things she could not tell me.  I am equally sure she did not make a forced landing in the sea,” Amy said.  “She landed on a tiny atoll – one of many in that general area of the Pacific – and was picked up by a Japanese fishing boat that took her to the Marshall Islands, under Japanese control.”

And five years earlier, writing to Neta Snook, Amelia’s first flight instructor, Amy left no doubt that she was quite well informed about her daughter’s fate, and we discussed this in our Dec. 9, 2014 post, Amy Earhart’s stunning 1944 letter to Neta Snook, which included this from Amy:

You know, Neta, up to the time the Japs tortured and murdered our brave flyers, I hoped for Amelia’s return; even Pearl Harbor didn’t take it all away, though it might have, had I been there as some of my dear friends were, for I thought of them as civilized.

Amy lived with Muriel in West Medford from 1946 until her death in 1962 at age 93, so it’s safe to assume that Muriel knew everything that Amy did.  Thus, for the government to have officially shared the truth with the Earharts would not have been surprising. 

After all, despite the media’s insistence that Amelia’s fate has been a great aviation mystery from the first moments of her loss, the truth about her Marshalls and Saipan presence and death has been an open secret since Goerner presented it for all to see in his 1966 bestseller, The Search for Amelia EarhartSince Goerner’s book, 50 years of investigations have added a mountain of witness testimony that has illuminated the obvious for all but the most obtuse or agenda-driven.  

Just when this may have occurred is anyone’s guess; they might have even been allowed to quietly bury Amelia and Fred in unmarked graves No probative evidence has surfaced that supports this idea, but nothing we know precludes it, either.  In fact, Muriel’s public statements to Fred Goerner, Thomas E. Devine and others in later years that she endorsed the Navy’s conclusions are far more surprising, in light of her mother Amy’s famous statements.

If a letter Goerner wrote to Muriel in 1966 is any indication, it’s clear the KCBS radio newsman didn’t believe that Muriel was privy to any inside information, at least at that time.  That doesn’t mean Muriel hadn’t already been told about her sister’s sad end, only that Goerner didn’t think so.  Below is his 1966 letter to Muriel, courtesy of Bill Prymak’s Amelia Earhart Society Newsletters, where it first appeared in the March 1998 edition

Fred Goerner, right, with the talk show host Art Linkletter, circa 1966, shortly before the establishment media, beginning with Time magazine, turned on Goerner and panned his findings, telling readers, in essence, "Move along, Sheeple, nothing to see here."

Fred Goerner, right, with the talk show host Art Linkletter, circa 1966, shortly before the establishment media, beginning with Time magazine, turned on Goerner and panned his findings, telling readers, in essence, “Move along, Sheeple, nothing to see here.”

“An Eminent Researcher’s Poignant Letter to Amelia’s Sister”

Mrs. Albert Morrissey
One Vernon Street
West Medford, Massachusetts

August 31, 1966

Dear Mrs. Morrissey:

Your letter of the 27th meant a great deal to me.  I can’t begin to tell you how I have agonized over continuing the investigation into Amelia’s disappearance and writing the book which Doubleday is just now publishing.  I know how all of you have been tortured by the rumors and conjectures and sensationalism of the past years.

I want you to know that I decided to go ahead with the book last December at the advice of the late Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz who had become my friend and helped me with the investigation for several years.  He said, “it (the book) may help produce the justice Earhart and Noonan deserve.”

The Admiral told me without equivocation that Amelia and Fred had gone down in the Marshalls and were taken by the Japanese and that this knowledge was documented in Washington.  He also said that several departments of government have strong reasons for not wanting the information to be made public.

Mrs. Morrissey, regardless of what the State and Navy Departments may have told you in the past, classified files do exist.  I and several other people, including Mr. Ross Game, the Editor of Napa, California REGISTER and Secretary of The Associated Press, actually have seen portions of these files and have made notes from their contents.

This material is detailed in the book.  I am sure that we have not yet been shown the complete files, and General Wallace M. Greene, Jr., Commandant of the Marine Corps in Washington, refuses to confirm or deny the testimony of many former marines that the personal effects of Amelia and Fred and their earthly remains were recovered in 1944.

Amelia, or “Meelie,” left, was two years and four months older than Muriel, known as “Pidge.” “We never played with dolls,” Muriel wrote, “but our favorite inanimate companions were our jointed wooden elephant and Amelia’s donkey. Ellie and Donk lived rigorous lives which no sawdust-filled, china-headed beauty could have survived. … We never slept until the two battered but faithful creatures were on guard at the foot of our beds.”

Amelia, or “Meelie,” left, was two years and four months older than Muriel, known as “Pidge.” “We never played with dolls,” Muriel wrote, “but our favorite inanimate companions were our jointed wooden elephant and Amelia’s donkey.  Ellie and Donk lived rigorous lives which no sawdust-filled, china-headed beauty could have survived. . . . We never slept until the two battered but faithful creatures were on guard at the foot of our beds.”

Please believe what I am saying.  If justice is to be achieved, it may require your assistance.  You know I have the deepest respect for Amelia and Fred.  My admiration for their courage has no limits.  They should receive their proper place in the history of this country.  A San Francisco newspaper editor wrote the other day that Amelia and Fred should be awarded the Congressional Medals of Honor for their service to this country.  I completely concur.

I shall be in Boston sometime toward the end of September or early October.  I hope that I can meet with you at that time and bring you up to date on all of our efforts.

My very best wishes to you and Chief.


Fred Goerner
CBS News, KCBS Radio
San Francisco 94105

Goerner had known Muriel since October 1961, when he traveled to West Medford, Mass., to ask her for permission to submit the remains he had recovered on Saipan during his second visit there, about a month earlier, for anthropological analysis.  For a time, Goerner thought it possible that the bones and teeth he excavated during his second Saipan visit, in September 1961, might have been those of the fliers, but he was soon disabused of that idea when Dr. Theodore McCown determined that the remains were those of several Asians.

Before he engaged with Muriel and her husband, Albert, better known as Chief, Muriel told Goerner she believed that Amelia was lost at sea, and that a crash-landing on the ocean was more likely than capture by the Japanese.  But after her meeting with the charismatic newsman, Muriel changed her mind, and sent letters to officials granting Goerner permission to have the remains evaluated.

Thomas E. Devine, the late author of Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident, one of the most important Earhart disappearance books, had his own ideas about where Amelia was buried, and he visited Muriel in West Medford in mid-July 1961 to appeal to her for information she might have had about Amelia’s dental charts.

Devine described his visit with Muriel as pleasant, and before he left, she even gave him a portrait of Amelia.  On the back of the photograph, Muriel wrote: To Thomas Devine, who is genuinely and unselfishly interested in Amelia’s fate, I am happy to give this photograph of her.

Otherwise, she told him that many years of false and irresponsible claims had taken their toll on the family, and she had resigned herself to accepting the Navy’s version that Amelia and Fred were lost at sea near Howland Island.  Muriel’s generosity to Devine was short-lived; two years later, in 1963, she refused to grant him permission to exhume what he was convinced was the true gravesite on Saipan. 

Thomas E. Devine, circa 1987, Incident, wrote about his visit to Muriel author of Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart

Thomas E. Devine, circa 1987, wrote about his visit to Muriel in his 1987 classic, Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident.

Devine’s visit with Amelia’s sister was memorable nonetheless, for reasons that could very well be directly related to the possible scenario suggested earlier.  In a day filled with strange and unnerving occurrences, Devine only later realized he had been trailed — actually escorted — by ONI agents throughout his entire trip to West Medford.

In a scene oddly reminiscent of the day on Saipan in August 1945, when he was approached out of the blue and told to return to the states by airplane — an order he wisely refused to obey — Devine was picked out of a large crowd at the Boston train station by a cabby who told him he’d take him to West Medford for free.  Without asking for Devine’s destination, the cabby deposited him within a block of Mrs. Morrissey’s house, saying, This is as far as I go.

When Devine asked the driver where Vernon Street was, the cabby pointed and told him, That’s it, right up the hill.  It’s that corner house.  When Devine said he was looking fornumber one, Vernon Street, the driver, as if clairvoyant, replied, “That’s it, the corner house on the hill, where Amelia Earhart’s sister lives.”

After their visit and just before Devine left, Muriel went to a window and raised and lowered a window shade to its full length.  Saying she would return soon to say goodbye, she left the room to attend to her mother, who was bedridden and living in the Morrissey home.  When Muriel left the room, Devine looked out the window.  Standing a short distance from the house, he saw the same cabby who met him at the depot talking to another man.

Upon departing the house, Devine walked down the hill.  The two men had disappeared.  As he rounded the corner, looking for transportation back to Boston, the cab driver suddenly appeared, and directed him to the nearest stop on the MTA that would shuttle him back to Boston.

Stopping for lunch at the depot restaurant before taking the train for New Haven, Conn., Devine watched from the counter as two men and a woman entered and took a table at the near-empty restaurant.  The woman then walked behind the counter where he was seated, and went into the kitchen with Devine’s waiter.

Devine said he paid little attention to their whispered conversation, but heard the woman ask the waiter for an apron.  She then began serving the two men at the table behind Devine.  Suddenly she told Devine,You’ll have to sit at one of the tables or I can’t serve you.”  Devine initially said nothing, but the woman persisted.  He then agreed to move, as he wanted a cup of coffee.  As he turned, Devine saw the cab driver and the man who had been talking to him outside the Morrissey home.  He pretended not to recognize them, and they seemed not to notice him.

Muriel Earhart Morrissey, circa 1989, West Medford, Mass. Did she know the truth about her sister's sad fate all along?

Muriel Earhart Morrissey, circa 1989, West Medford, Mass.  Did she know the truth about her sister’s sad fate all along?

“After I was seated, the two men began a real show,” Devine wrote in Eyewitness. “The woman encouraged me to speak to the men about their foul language, but I declined; then they pretended to argue.  Here I invite you in for a drink, the cab driver roared, but you don’t reciprocate!’ ”  At their table, Devine saw three full beers in front of each man.  Again the woman insisted that Devine speak up, but he refused.  The cab driver then pounded on the table, threatening to beat up the other man.  Suddenly, they left the restaurant.

“Amazingly, the woman urged me to go out and intervene, but I had seen enough of this ridiculous charade,” Devine recalled.  “I was not about to be relieved of my briefcase.  Instead, I left the restaurant by another door.  Shortly, who should I spy amidst a group of passengers in the depot but the cab driver!  As I looked toward him, he turned his head.

Finally my train arrived,Devine went on, and I boarded, but there was the cab driver, also boarding. Thoroughly unnerved, I walked to the last car and stepped off just as the train started moving.  While he waited for the next train to New Haven, Devine said he decided to return to the restaurant “to risk a cup of coffee.  The same waiter was behind the counter, but the waitress was gone.”  Devine asked the waiter where the woman was, receiving only, She left, in response.

Devine boarded the next train and returned home without further incident.  Fast forward to 1963, when he visited the Hartford station of the Office of Naval Intelligence for a second time, to determine if the ONI was still active in its investigation of his Earhart gravesite information.  He was taken into an office where two men and a woman were seated.  One of the men opened a safe to get the Earhart files, then pointed out passages for the woman to read, as Devine described in Eyewitness:

I was haunted; the woman looked familiar to me.  Slowly, I came to the astounding realization that this woman was the “waitress” in the Boston depot!  The woman must have sensed that I recognized her, for she immediately excused herself.  Hastily the remaining ONI agent informed me that there had been no further investigation of Amelia Earhart’s grave.  I left the meeting convinced that the people who had accosted me in Boston were agents of the Office of Naval IntelligenceWhy their presence in Boston on the day of my visit with Mrs. Morrissey?  I cannot say.  Mrs. Morrissey did tell me that she had informed the Navy of my intended visit.

But why would the ONI trail me to West Medford?  I don’t know.  What was the purpose of the ONI agents’ peculiar antics in Boston?  That I do not know, either.  Perhaps they were trying to frighten me into curtailing my investigation.

The bizarre fiasco acted out in the Boston train depot restaurant by ONI personnel defied explanation, but it did expose the agency’s awareness and interest in Devine’s meeting with Muriel Morrissey.  It also demonstrated that Muriel had a confidential relationship with the Navy, the roots and nature of which were never made public by the Earhart family. 

Thus, we can still reasonably ask whether Muriel knew the truth about Amelia’s demise on Saipan, and when she knew it.  The answer to that question, of course, will probably never be known.

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  1. Mike – file this one under “Truth is stranger than fiction”! I cannot begin to imagine how keeping the truth of Amelia’s and Fred’s final days secret all this time, and even into the 1960s, could ever be adequately justified, except as some “one’s” Folly!

    In this vignette we have a glimpse of the ultra-paranoid, self-absorbed psychosis that characterizes all federal intelligence operatives and organizations. Maybe the nature of the beast that is shadow play – confidential information access, theft, manipulation, and release* – not only seduces paranoid and sociopathic personality types, but grooms eager recruits into such monsters.

    *We need to coin a catchy term or phrase, similar to “photoshop”, that describes the same intentional and elaborate alteration of written information with the objective to misdirect, disinform, misrepresent, cover up, and outright LIE with what ought to be transparent and unmolested evidence available to the general public.


  2. On July 2, 2015 I published a Kindle e book about what happened to Amelia and Fred based using information from at least a half dozen books, videos, documentaries, and many Internet searches. Some of the information is from Japanese sources. It follows the Koshu, which was located about 200 miles north of Lae when Amelia left. (Kapingamarangi) Being equipped with masts holding long antenna wires they determined where she crashed. On July 5 they were refueling with coal at Majuro Is. when they received an order on the radio to join the search.

    They stopped the refueling and headed out into the night. They were seen a few days later 7/6 at Howland Is. See New York Times article of 7/7/37 on page 21 of Thomas Devine’s book ” EYEWITTNESS”, about one day’s travel from Gardner Is. Koshu’s, log says ” The Koshu headed south, out of Japanese and into into United States waters”. The search planes from the Colorado flew over Gardner Is. several times on the morning of July 9th but saw neither the Electra nor the fliers.

    (The Aluminum panel, verified to be part of the Electra in Oct. 2014 proved they had crashed there.) The Koshu arrived at the Navy base on July 13 (West of I D L) . A day or so later Fred was treated by Bilamon Amaron and he described the Electra attached to the stern of the Koshu. The details and sources are in the e book “Earhart and Noonan the Missing Link”.

    P.S.The Electra didn’t crash in the Marshalls–It arrived by ship!


    1. You seem a bit confused, Duane, and have a few basic facts terribly wrong. You claim that “Koshu’s log says, “The Koshu headed south, out of Japanese and into United States waters.” (I fixed your punctuation and repeated word.) I just checked Devine’s book, p. 21, and nowhere is this statement about Koshu found. On p. 157 of Truth at Last, you will find the following, citing the Loomis book, Amelia Earhart: The Final Story, p. 188, as its source.

      Koshu, not part of the 12th Squadron, was anchored in Ponape on July 2, 1937, and at 5 p.m., July 6, Lieutenant Yukinao Kozu, the ship’s radioman, logged the official order for the ship to depart Ponape for the Marshalls to join the Earhart search. Koshu got underway for Jaluit on the afternoon of July 9, arriving there just after noon July 13. “That night she took on coal,” Loomis wrote. “One of those loading the fuel was Tomaki Mayazo, who heard the crew members excitedly mention they were on the way to pick up two American fliers and their aircraft, which had crashed at Mili. The next day the ship steamed out ofJaluit for Mili Mili, where it picked up both the Electra and its crew.”

      Secondly, Duane, whatever are you talking about when you write, “The Aluminum panel, verified to be part of the Electra in Oct. 2014 proved they had crashed there”? Are you citing one of TIGHAR’s many false claims, all of which have been thoroughly debunked as pure snake oil, or are you making up your own fantasy?

      If your e-book is anything like your message, it’s no wonder no one is buying it. It’s hard enough to sell a good Earhart book, much less one filled with bad writing and delusional claims.

      Mike Campbell

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    2. Duane, can you share your bibliography? How is it possible that you have not read Mike Campbell’s Truth at Last as a reference prior to writing a book on this topic? Or did you read it?

      I am confused. Your post clearly challenges the Mili crash site theory. At the same time you seem to endorse the aluminum panel that has been irrevocably shown to be in no way related to 1937 or Earhart’s Electra.

      I am sincerely interested in reviewing your bibliography.


  3. ”The Japanese Navy’s 2,080-ton survey ship Koshu,
    Caption Hanjiro Takagi commanding, which is cruising in the area around Howland Island. Was ordered yesterday to search for Amelia Earhart. The orders to the Koshu were radioed after Hirosi Saito, Ambassador to Washington, had reported that the
    United States Government had accepted an offer of Japanese assistance. Admiral Mitsumasa Yonai, the Navy minister, immediately transmitted instructions to the Japanese commanders in Formosa and the mandated islands.”
    “The NEW York Times 7 July 1937”

    Maybe you have a different printing of Divines Book. This is from page 21 in my book. Look at the last word on the first line.
    one of my main sources was “East to Dawn” by Susan Butler who got the information about where Koshu traveled from a Japanese book by Journalist Fukiko Aoki who interviewed Kozu Yukinao and had access to the Koshu logs for that time.

    The reason reason the Koshu crew could not announce finding Amelia and Fred was that the agreement which asked Japan to help search also forbade them from searching Islands not controlled by Japan.
    Basically a Catch 22! They did not learn that till they had picked up Amelia, Fred and the Electra.

    I know TIGHAR gets hung up on some strange things but the verification of the panel that replaced the window in Florida and was proven by precision phonographic processes at 3 independent labs. The whole Mili Mili thing was made up to cover for the presence of Amelia on board. If the Electra had been under salt water that long the military would never been able to run the engines at Aslito Field.


    1. Duane,

      You need to read Truth at Last so that you can disabuse yourself of some serious errors in your thinking, if that’s what you think you’re doing. I spend about seven pages or so dissecting Aoki’s errors as presented by Susan Butler, whose comments about Fred Goerner were almost libelous. Aoki is a confirmed Japanese apologist, and her so-called research “findings” were completely bogus.

      I have the same copy of Devine’s book as you do. No panel of any legit experts has ever confirmed that anything Gillespie found on Nikumaroro came from the Electra, and the Koshu picked up the fliers at Mili Atoll’s Barre Island. Please educated yourself just a bit, Duane, before you write your next book! Talk about self-esteem! God Help Us!



  4. I did mess up the sentence about the New York Times article in that I was using it to show that the Koshu was at Howland on July 6th. I left out the connecting part. (got in too much of a hurry.)

    ” The Koshu headed south, out of Japanese and into into United States waters”. Was from “East to the Dawn ” by Susan Butler,s book used to show that the Koshu went toward Gardner and arrived on July 7th. They took Amelia, Fred and the Electra on board and headed to Jaluit! (Mr. Tanaki’s friend on the Koshu crew let us know about the Oath to not tell anyone about the trip! “Witness to the Execution”.)Page 1-2

    The books I used were ” East to the Dawn” ,”Witness to the Execution”, “Eyewitness”. ” The Search for Amelia Earhart”. “Finding Amelia”. and the one by the Longs.

    We have two main theories. One with a beginning but no end.(Nikumaroro) the other with other no beginning but an end. (Marshall-Saipan) Put them together, time – wise, and you have one contiguous story! Talk about self-righteous! We need His help!.


    1. Duane.
      There are no competing “theories” in the Earhart case. I completely reject the use of the word anymore when referring to the Marshalls-Saipan truth. Our government knows exactly what happened, and the rest of us have been putting the pieces together since Paul Briand Jr. We know enough now to see the big picture pretty well. The real mystery is how and why did Amelia and Fred get to Mili Atoll. Was it prearranged or a matter of finding the fastest landfall they could in the situation they found themselves?

      All other so-called “theories” evaporate into smoke under any scrutiny. Gillespie’s book is not a bad chronicle of the actual search in 1937, but is very inappropriately titled. “Finding Amelia”? Nobody is worse at doing that than Gillespie. Fooling the public? Nobody is better.


  5. Duane –

    You’ve missed two, very important *eyewitnesses to the Electra’s landing on *Barre Island; the young, Marshall Island, fishermen Jororo & Lijon who seen the plane land 200 feet offshore. Only teenagers, were frightened, crouching in the tiriki, dense undergrowth, not quite knowing what to do. They saw two people emerge from the plane, they produced a yellow boat which grew, climbed aboard it and paddled for shore.

    Shortly after the two people reached the island, the boys saw them bury a silver container. Soon the Japanese arrived and started to question the two fliers, one of whom was taller than the other. During the questioning, the soldiers began to slap the fliers, when one screamed, they realized it was a woman. The two natives stayed hidden, as they watched this bizarre incident, because they knew the Japanese would have killed them for what they had witnessed.

    Duane you need to read Mike Campbell’s – The *Truth at Last – if you ever wish to know the FACTS. I would highly recommend everyone to buy & read this *GREAT BOOK.


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    1. AND …. get ready for the REVISED 2nd Edition due out VERY soon – with lots of NEW info and evidence added!!!!!!


  6. How many hundred more cute little stories are out there, that originated during the 40 or so years after Amelia disappeared?
    I used incidents that connect to each other time-wise by quotes or by logic to tell what happened. Not just a bunch of things thrown together that somebody said happened or thought had happened. I use Rudyard’s statement!
    “I keep six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and When and Why and How and Where and Who.” Duane Hamblin


  7. Pat Tillman and Amelia Earhart were victims of the same mentality.


    1. Jerry,
      I think your comment is just a bit too cryptic for most of us. Most people still don’t know who Pat Tillman was, and among those who do, there’s much confusion about how he died. Why don’t you put a little meat on that bone and explain in plain English what you mean why you say, “Pat Tillman and Amelia Earhart were victims of the same mentality.”

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  8. Thanks
    When I learn how to cut and paste on my new $180 notebook w10 I will be less cryptic. My old computer was unable to post comments.
    I had a conversation with two friends where Pat Tillman was discussed. When I mentioned that the Amelia Earhart was not wanted home either -alive or dead- (worse that Pat) they did not seem to object to their belief being challenged. Maybe they were just being polite. My amateur experience is that when a conditioned response is challenged (particularly about Earhart) things get nasty.


    1. Whatever are you talking about when you say, “Amelia Earhart was not wanted home either — alive or dead”? Not wanted home by whom? This is an entirely new concept to me, and I’ve heard plenty of far-out stuff. You need to explain if you are to be understood. Otherwise nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will know what you are referencing.


  9. Truth is where you find it. I have presented what happened both in my book, Earhart and Noonan the Missing Link.(kindle) and in the various blogs and on wikia. It requires information from the “Marshall – Saipan” side, as well as ” TIGHAR “, as unpalatable as that may seem to both. I suspect that the closed minded fighting will go on forever rather than face the simple facts:
    The Agreement between the US and Japanese which ordered the Japanese to search for Amelia, also forbid both sides from searching territory controlled by the other! The Koshu unknowingly violated the treaty and picked up Amelia, Fred and the Electra on Nikumaroro (as Fred Hoven originally claimed the Japanese had done, also unaware of the agreement.)

    The Crew of the Koshu thought they would be hero’s by showing up on Howland Is., until told by their commanders not to go there and ordered them to Jaluit. Too late! They had the evidence on board. They swore an oath to never tell what they had done.(see Tanaki info). They made up the Mili, Incident which grew all out of proportion. Of course they kept their oath so not even the Japanese knew the truth. Only the crew, Amelia and Fred. No good deed goes unpunished, in this case, it was the intended recipients. It cost them, not only their freedom but also their LIVES!!!


    1. This will be the last time I allow you to post your inane nonsense on my blog. Don’t come here again until you learn how to read and how to spell, both of which you do very poorly for someone with the chutzpah to actually self-publish an e-book about the Earhart case. I do it only to demonstrate to others who might be interested in learning the fact-based TRUTH just how easily the feeble-minded can be led astray and taken down dark, dead-end alleys of ill-informed speculation. Another so-called writer has attempted to split the difference and have the fliers picked on Nikumaroro and taken to Saipan, apparently thinking that this would be the best of both worlds. I will not name this moron, but informed readers know who he is. Get educated, Duane, read Truth at Last, coming out soon in a second edition, and stop listening to charlatans who recycle snake oil to make a living.

      Good-bye and Good Luck.

      PS: You give yourself away as a sad product of our public schools’ self-esteem program, whereby all are taught that they are special and wonderful before they actually ever learn to spell or add. This is an endemic problem in our nation, thanks to 75 years of liberalism. It has now visited this page several times, thanks to you and my willingness to post your uninformed opinions. But no more.

      Please note that “heroes” is spelled with an “e” and not an apostrophe, which is the possessive form of hero, which you are decidedly not.


  10. There is a quote attributed to Bill Casey “our work is complete when everything the public believes is false.” Assuming he actually said this – there may be a group of intergenerational psychopaths which view the rest of us as lambs to be led to the slaughter and have come to enjoy their work. This may be inconceivable to most good hearted people.
    I think the least Bernard Baruch could have done would have been to go on the public record about what went on in his meeting with Amelia Earhart.


    1. Well, Jerry, you’re getting closer, but you’re still only nibbling around the edge of the answer to the original question. I think I get your drift, but I also think Amelia and Fred were both too smart to buy off on some kind of suicide mission for the coming war effort, if that’s what you’re hinting at.


  11. Not wanted home by whom? I am not trying to waste your time by hinting at an answer. In the Pat Tillman case I will say intergenerational psychopaths. How did I come to that suspicion? What role does wishful thinking have in my suspicion? I must say that I would be glad to conclude that I am mistaken.

    There is a rule of thumb that says be nice to people on the way up because you will meet the same people on your way down. With this in mind, I can not accept that Bernard Baruch left no record of his meeting with Amelia Earhart. I know several people who keep an mp3 recorder in their pocket and record everything they say at their jobs. For most of us, CYA is organizational survival rule.

    The are a few third parties which share this kind of thinking which I am sure you are familiar with. There is French book called Propaganda by Jacques Ellul


    What sort of attitude do the New York money changers have toward women. I think Jacob Schiff gave us clue.


    What do you think?




    1. Jerry,
      After giving you the benefit of the doubt, I’m about ready to conclude that you are a card-carrying inhabitant of Fred Goerner’s “lunatic fringe” of conspiracy theorists. What does “Illuminati Jewish banker Jacob Schiff, [who] pulled the strings on the ‘Russian’ Revolution, including the savage murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family,” according to one of the books you recommend, have to do with the disappearance of Amelia Earhart?

      You also seem to be quite hung up on Bernard Baruch, who did not have an MP3 recorder, or likely any recorder at all in 1937 when he met with Amelia. Sure he and General Oscar Westover may well have asked her to do something covert on her flight from Lae to Howland, possibly overfly Truk and land at Mili, but to go from there to a murder plot is a bit much, Jerry. What do I think? I think that you are not in possession of any great secret about how and why Amelia’s final flight went sideways and she wound up in Jap hands.

      I think it’s clear however, that FDR had no problem abandoning her and leaving her to the tender mercies of the Japs, rather than make it public and be faced with a possible military showdown with them. FDR also was well aware that making it public would reveal that we had their codes broken at that point. Both these factors weighed heavily in the amoral FDR’s decision to keep secret his knowledge that Amelia had been taken by the Japanese.


  12. I make films. It is like Nathan telling a story to King David, because if he had communicated directly to the King it would have meant death.

    In Mel Gibson’s next movie –How the Rothschilds stole the planet — there is scene of circus hawker Bernard Baruch and country bumpkin Amelia Earhart laying the ground work for a crisis.

    Nothing serious — its all “just for the fun of it.” I know nothing about Hollyweird so I need help to find who could play Amelia.




  13. The connections to Amelia’s fate which I am pursuing is that in the file –woman who were tortured– both Amelia and the Tsar’s wife and daughters appear. Is there a connection between Jacob Schiff and Bernard Baruch? Some people think so. I hope to find out the connection that runs from Disraelli – Jacob Schiff – Bernard Baruch – George Soros. What motivates me? This is not entirely “for the fun of it.”




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