Nauticos continues Earhart ocean-search insanity

One of the better-known definitions of insanity has been attributed to Albert Einstein, who described it as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  I wonder how many times it would take Nauticos, or the rest of clueless crashed-and-sankers to search the Pacific floor without finding the Earhart Electra before they admitted they might be wrong about what happened to Amelia and her plane.  Based on past performances, the answer is, sadly, Never.

I didn’t even know about the current search until today, when David Billings told me about it in an email from his home in Nambour, Australia.  Billings, of course, has his own, far more credible theory about where the Earhart Electra lies, and it’s certainly not on the bottom of the Pacific.  More about David in a moment, but this latest from Nauticos is just a bit too clever, a bit too slick, and more than a bit too much.

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Thanks to Nauticos, we have a brand new example of modern-day insanity at work in the latest underwater search for Amelia Earhart in the vicinity of Howland Island.

Nauticos has fancied up its website for the new search, with lots of bells and whistles, and even sports a special Expedition Portal, wherein fans can get near daily updates on this latest foray into crash-and-sank futility, dubbed the Eustace Earhart Discovery Expedition.”  Rather than further comment on this inane voyage, I’ll quote Dave Jourdan, Nauticos’ coordinator and publisher, as he describes his latest boondoggle in the lead paragraph on Nauticos’ Amelia page:

On February 18, 2017 a team from Nauticos with stratospheric explorer Alan Eustace and aviation pioneer Elgen Long departed Honolulu for the vicinity of Howland Island, 1,600 miles to the southwest, to complete the deep sea search for Amelia Earhart’s lost Lockheed Electra.  Adding to the work conducted during prior expeditions in 2002 and 2006, the team plans to complete a sonar survey of about 1,800 square miles of seafloor, an area believed to contain the aircraft.  The expedition will use autonomous underwater technology provided by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to image the ocean floor nearly 18,000 feet below.

We left Honolulu February 18 and expect to be at sea for 30-45 days, writes.  I hope you enjoy sailing with us.  This portal will be updated frequently and will be the best way to keep abreast of the progress of the expedition.

What is really going on here, one might ask.  Can these otherwise well-educated, highly skilled men be so stupid as to actually believe their own press releases about the Electra lying on the bottom of the ocean?  Not likely.  As I wrote in Truth at Last (page 304 Second Edition), Is it coincidence that the majority of Nauticos’ lucrative contracts accrue from the largess of the Navy, whose original Earhart search report remains the official, if rarely stated position of the U.S. government?  Here we see yet another establishment effort to maintain and perpetuate the myth that Earhart and Noonan ‘landed on the sea to the northwest of Howland Island’ on July 2, 1937.”

So what we have, in my view, is just another Earhart disinformation exercise wrapped up in a glorified ocean floor mapping project.  Don’t forget, we’re rapidly approaching the 80th anniversary of Amelia’s disappearance, and the sheeple must be kept misinformed, lest they get any funny ideas.

Now, thanks to Nauticos and its intrepid team of high-tech adventurers, we have a new example of modern-day insanity at work — in the latest Pacific-floor quest for Amelia Earhart’s Electra.  If anyone out there can tell us how many of these ridiculous searches have been undertaken since 1960, you not only have too much time on your hands, you’re a far better researcher than I’ll ever be.  With the exception of TIGHAR, of course, and its 11 fruitless excursions to Nikumaroro, it doesn’t get any worse than this in the Earhart hunt. 

The offshore supply ship Mermaid Vigilance, currently searching for Amelia Earhart’s Electra in the waters off Howland Island.  Don’t expect to see headlines when she returns empty-handed, with Nauticos members claiming to have made great progress in mapping the ocean floor.  But Amelia’s plane will have eluded the intrepid Nauticos team once again, for the glaringly obvious reason that it’s never been there. 

On the other hand, David Billings and his New Britain theory stand alone among all so-called theories, in that it poses a real, unanswered question about a credible scenario, one that needs to be resolved with finality before we can proceed without second thoughts.  Let’s briefly return to my Dec. 6, 2016 post, New Britain theory presents incredible possibilities,” so that new readers can better understand:

Of all the various theories and searches regarding the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan, and their Lockheed Electra, only one endeavor has the tangible documentary evidence and eyewitness accounts to buttress the conclusion to their final resting place – the jungle floor in Papua New Guinea.  In 1945, an Australian infantry unit discovered an unpainted all-metal twin-engine aircraft wreck in the jungle of East New Britain Island, in what was then called New Guinea.

The Australian infantry patrol was unsure of their actual position in the jungle and were on site for only a few minutes.  Before they left the site they retrieved a metal tag hanging by wire on an engine mount.  The Australians reported their find and turned in the tag upon return to base.  The tag has yet to be recovered from the maze of Australian and American archives, but the letters and numbers etched upon it were transcribed to a wartime map.  The map, used by the same Australian unit, was rediscovered in the early 1990’s and revealed a notation “C/N 1055” and two other distinctive identifiers of Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra Model 10E.

Amazing, is it not?  How can we possibly explain this C/N 1055 inscribed on a map case, and the string of numbers and letters, “600 H/P. S3H/1 C/N1055,” which remains the most significant historical notation found to date in the search for Earhart’s aircraft?

In an email today, Billings sounded more optimistic than ever, and says he’s getting closer to the plane wreck in the remote jungles of East New Britain that he’s been unable to locate in 16 searches thus far.

We are in the middle of the planning stage for June this year,Billings wrote.  “The main target is a bare patch of earth I saw in late 1996 which wasn’t significant to us at that time, when we were looking for a wreck ‘on the ground.’  Now we know it is buried, and as the bare patch is in a very likely area from the description of the site by the Vets, it now becomes a principal target.  If not there, then we spread outwards East and West in this likely area. 

David Billings, an Australian adventurer of the old-school variety, is planning a June 2017 return to the remote jungles and waters of East New Britain in search of the wreck of Amelia Earhart’s Electra.

One of my team keeps a diary, Billings continued, and he recorded that in late 1996 he cut his knee with his bush knife and I restricted him to the camp until the wound knitted, while we went out without him.  It reminded me that when he was not with us, we saw the bare patch where a bulldozer had been working and we remarked on it at the time but thought no more of it.  We now have been told that a bulldozer driver buried it out of Tribal Jealousy (as described by the local people).  Different picture now.  The diary, which I was transcribing into MS Word, jogged my memory about the bare patch.  There will be trees on it now, of course, but I will be able to find it as I know where it is.  I have already got quite a collection of SAT photos and they’re graded into Lat/Long very accurately.  I’ve had some help with that so our GPS units will be able to direct us to the plotted Waypoint.

Billings said that donations to his cause can be made through the PayPal button on his website.

“Whatever the wreck is, it has to be eliminated,” he concluded.  “If it is not the Electra, well, it will be someone else that has been found.  That’s the pragmatic view I take on the matter.  If not hers, whose is it?”

Whose, indeed?  We wish David Billings all the luck he’ll need to be successful in his forthcoming search, so that once and for we might answer this nagging question, one of the true mysteriesin the Earhart saga.

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  1. Stanley Krippner | Reply

    Use Occam’s Razor. The Japanese capture is the most parsimonious explanation.


  2. Whatever happened to the guy who claimed Lockheed built 3 duplicates of her plane? You challenged him to offer proof of that, but I never saw another comment by him. If it’s true, then everything fits. One of the 3 at the ocean bottom near Howland, one on New Britain and one on Saipan which was destroyed. Everything now adds up and staggers your imagination. Case closed.


    1. No way, David. Not three planes, possibly two, and none at the bottom near Howland. Your imagination is what is staggering. Thanks for keeping us loose, anyway.


  3. This recent disinformation exercise, being orchestrated by Nauticos, has the same notations of FDR’s Naval search for the Electra. GEE something very FiShY is going on here? Notice how they never seem to find it / Electra ? ? ? Wake up people! Wake up!

    David Billings – we *WISH you the VERY BEST *LUCK* in locating this wreckage, it’s identification and reason for being there. Your HARD WORK will be another contribution to the *TRUTH and more importantly to Amelia & Fred.


  4. I just wish we could solve this long term mystery ! Seems with all the modern technology, this could be done. But no one ever found that recent crash of the big commercial Indonesian plane either and we ar least knew it’s flight path whereas it sounds like Earnhardt and Noonan were flying around in circles and/or totally lost with no idea where they were so how are we to know where they ended up?


    1. Doctor Johnny with all the letters after your name:
      Are you for real? You can’t even spell Amelia’s last name right (hint: she wasn’t a race car driver), and you’re telling people, some who have been researching the Earhart case for nearly 30 years, that we should have solved the “mystery” by now? Clearly you are brand new to this story. Stay right here, then, and perhaps you might have time to learn something. Welcome to the truth, obviously you’ve never read, seen or heard it before.

      Mike C.


    2. @John E Turrentine MD PhD,

      I get what you mean, whatever the personal view as to where NR16020 and its crew ended up, my burden of evidence is high, and for me no one can actually KNOW until NR16020 or proven organic matter from the crew is found…and it could be that neither is ever found.


  5. @ John & erique –
    HELLO?? Earth to John? Earth to erique? WHEWWW! Try reading Amelia Earhart – The Truth at Last by Mike Campbell.
    erique wants organic evidence, like Amelia & Fred’s bones? They were already unearthed.
    Dr. John thinks Amelia & Fred were flying around in circles? Try a straight line to the Marshall Islands.

    When you two finally figure it out for yourselves, let us know?



    1. I disagree, what you have are anecdotes, it makes no difference or how truthful anyone is, without physical evidence that can be verified all are honours even -and that is ALL hypotheses Earhartian.

      I can understand the burden of proof erique seeks, whichever hypothesis comes up with the goods is the winner, as far as I can see it; until there is physical evidence then every competing hypothesis can challenge any other hypothesis.

      Think about it, if the plane were 100% identified, along with 100% proven DNA from Fred and Amelia messed up inside, and found ANYWHERE on Earth, could you still doubt the evidence? (I guess some paranoid Kool-Aid drinkers in the many hypotheses will say it was a plant etc)

      Eyewitness testimony is really unreliable, that’s why a court likes to have supporting and corroborating evidence, and so far no one has any evidence beyond anecdote. I know from personal experience how poor human memory recollection is.

      Show me:
      The plane
      Show me:
      Fred’s remains
      Show me:
      Amelia’s remains

      Until ANYONE can provide those, then there is no ‘winner’, all anyone has is anecdotes, I have no horse in the race, I would just like the mystery solved, what has hit me about this mystery is the fact that all of the hypotheses essentially have the same lack of proof, and every devotee of every hypothesis is almost rabid in their defence of it…despite nothing being proven…in fact your response above is typical of the arrogance all devotees of all hypotheses seem to have. I just wonder what it is about Earhart that makes so many men so cranky and bad tempered?

      Personally, I’d like it to be found atop mountain in the Andes, 6000 miles further than it should be, and watch all you ‘experts’ figure that one out.


      1. Anecdotes? The ONI Report is no anecdote. The three flag officers’ statements are not anecdotes. Twenty-six GIs who saw or knew of the Electra on Saipan are not anecdotes. And far more as well. You clearly are a bit short on information, Kris. I suggest you read Truth at Last.


  6. The 1960 ONI report says Jesus Salas was certain he never saw a white woman during the time he was held in the Garapan jail… yet today, many researchers are certain he did make that claim. Who, or what, should we believe?


    1. Flyfan,
      The ONI Report was a complete whitewash, much like the Warren Commission Report with JFK’s murder. The ONI’s only purpose was to deny the presence of Earhart and Noonan on Saipan. The report included statements from known Jap collaborators who told the ONI what they wanted to hear. They did not interview or include the accounts of Josephine Blanco Akiyama or any of Goerner’s original 13 witnesses, or any eyewitnesses to AE on Saipan. When he wasn’t under pressure by Joe Patton of the ONI, Jesus Salas told Goerner he did see the fliers in the Garapan jail. See my discussion of the still unknown ONI report on pages 95-100 in the second edition of Truth at Last.



  7. Thank you Mike.


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