As usual, Dave Martin sees the truth in Earhart story

The brilliant news analyst David Martin ( has been a friend of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last since the early days after the first edition was published in June 2012.  We first met about 2005, when I found his work on the James V. Forrestal case (Who Killed James Forrestal?) in an online search and was immediately hooked on the quality and quantity of the truth that Martin discerns and presents in his work. 

Far more than this writer, the better-known Martin has a long history with the Washington establishment and is despised as a persistent pest by the herd journalists in the nation’s capitol, nearly all of whom have made their own little arrangements with evil and sold their souls for the coin of the realm, whether it be fame, status, money or influence.  Martin is clearly his own man, a beast rarely encountered in this upside-down PC world, and his friendship and support are highly appreciated and never taken for granted.

Without further ado,  here’s the start of Martin’s column of today, July 13, “Earhart Photo Story Collapses as Expected, which he later changed to Earhart Photo Story Apparently Debunked.”  (Boldface emphasis mine throughout.)

 “Earhart Photo Story Collapses as Expected”

Well, that didn’t take long.  Two days before the History Channel aired its two-hour special, Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence, clued in by the saturation promotion our propaganda was giving it, I smelled a rat.  What I concluded in Press Touts Dubious Earhart Photo was that it was likely that these scoundrels were now steering us away from the truth through the use of #4 and #9 of the Seventeen Techniques for Truth SuppressionThese are, respectively, “Knock down straw men” and “Come half clean.”

I might have gone further and noted that these two techniques were being wheeled up to the front to supplement the propaganda workhorse #1, which isDummy up and a subcategory of #13, which is creating and publicizing distractions.

Up to the airing of this program, our press had virtually blacked out any news of the mountain of evidence that points to Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, having been captured by the Japanese.  As author Mike Campbell points out in his review, which we shall get to later, the History Channel did present some quite solid evidence, never before aired by the national news media, that the unfortunate flyers did become prisoners of the Japanese and died at their hands.  In effect, they came half clean. But they needed to fill up two hours, and like the double agent Christopher Ruddy in the Vince Foster death case, they had to supply a bit more than one questionable photograph to buy credibility with their viewers.

World-traveler David Martin, best known on this blog as the most perceptive news analyst extant, from a recent visit to the Parthenon. (Courtesy David Martin.)

What good new information they offered, however, was overwhelmed by the phony photo straw man that got knocked down a lot faster than I thought that it would.  And to show you how closely the press propagandists have conformed to the fourth truth-suppression technique, we repeat it here in full:

Knock down straw men.  Deal only with the weakest aspects of the weakest charges.  Even better, create your own straw men.  Make up wild rumors (or plant false stories) and give them lead play when you appear to debunk all the charges, real and fanciful alike.

What we have here is almost a textbook example of a planted false story.  A photograph had been “discovered” in the U.S. National Archives, apparently misfiled, standing alone without any context, which one might interpret as showing Noonan and Earhart lolling around on a dock in Jaluit Harbor in the Marshall Islands.  Within a couple of days, though, a mainstream left-wing publication in Britain, The Guardian, reported that a Japanese history enthusiast had discovered the identical photograph in an old Japanese travel book.  One must wonder how such a travel-book photo came to be there all by its lonesome in the National Archives.  The book was published in Palau, considerably to the west of the Marshall Islands, in 1935, two years before Earhart’s disappearance.

For more of David Martin’s fine analysis of the current Earhart flap, please click here.


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  1. Twp peas in a pod, you guys – unique specimens of a nearly extinct breed. Bravo!

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  2. Dave – *CONGRATULATIONS on being *RIGHT and sharing your insights with us on – The *TRUTH at Last /Mike Campbell/wordpress. Dave your work, research, & articles are absolutely phenomenal – informative, enlightening, intriguing and more. You are the MASKED MAN of *TRUTH & *JUSTICE! Your words are like silver bullets, that hit the DiSiNfOrMaTiOn bad guys, right where it HURTS..

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  3. As they say in tennis, “Game, Set, Match” to Campbell and Martin

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  4. B4 the History channel Sunday special I was talking about the “bogus photo” with a local historian from the Center for Western Studies and his wife. The “bogus photo” had appeared on on page 3 of the Argus Leader on Thursday. His wife laughed when I complained that the History channel had gotten rid of all the old timers and brought in all these new people I had never heard of. She assured me that was business as usual.

    My favorite new comer is the Japanese historian who believes Amelia was never captured.

    Are any of these consequences unintended?


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    1. William H. Trail | Reply


      When there’s doubt, there is no doubt. There’s no such thing as “coincidences.” And nothing happens in a vacuum.



    2. You know, historians believe a lot of different things including the Japanese historian you referenced. However, he will have a hard time refuting the testimony of over 200 Islanders and US Military personnel who were in charge at the highest levels. Everyone disregarding the testimony seems to possess an a priori bias against personal testimony.

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  5. Mike, I do want to say, that I agree with you about the photo, but in the documentary from the history channel, there is some value in that they point out the USN’s attempt to frame a narrative. To wit, “that it is unreasonable to conclude that she was above water.”

    What do you think about the early attempt at a narrative? Seems out of place for the USN to state this.


  6. Mike, got to rewatch the HC show here in Japan. The photo was only a small part of the show. It wasn’t the basis. The evidence was mostly some the evidence you have brilliantly outlined in your own work. I have to say, I conclude that the investigative team only used the photo as a prop to get the real evidence out there through this video! It was not disinfo…They turned it around on the government and agencies that are against the truth of what happened to her. We know this by comparing the amount of time spent on the photo with the other pieces of evidence mentioned in the video. Still, consider you the chief source and going to buy your book.


    1. You need to read Dave Martin’s post, “As usual, Dave Martin sees the truth in Earhart story,’ again, Dion, and try to put aside your preconceptions. The fact that HC put out some good information in the program means nothing when the predicate for the program has been exposed as fraud. In the establishment mainstram media, this completely disqualifies the rest of the information. The proof of this is that you will not see any major media org with the slightest interest in following up the “new evidence” that was presented. They understand the sacred cow, the truth about Saipan, must continue to be protected. It’s really not that complicated, but many fail to understand this basic concept.

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  7. Dion –
    I have gone to radio stations, libraries and colleges, here in Michigan, with Mike’s book. People are VERY *INTERESTED, but nobody contacts, follows up or allows the *TRUTH to be presented, in their forums of communication. This information is TABOO, to any established government institution, organization or media source. They will not expose our government’s layers of secrecy, without some type of fines, penalities, censorship.
    Is there a DiSiNfOrMaTiOn campaign going on here? Their certainly is, and the more the *TRUTH is suppressed, the BETTER for them…………………………………….


  8. William H. Trail | Reply

    It is certainly clear that establishment mainstream media Plane & Pilot Magazine has no interest. In the July 2017 issue’s monthly “Plane Facts” feature focusing on “Disappearances” (hyped on the cover as “50 Scary Facts: Planes That Disappeared”) they state on page 10, regarding AE, Evidence of missing flight: None (still no credible evidence to this day). Another reason I do NOT subscribe to that rag!

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  9. The photos seemed all but worthless anyway. They could have been of ANYONE at all…


  10. “by any means necessary” is a t-shirt often see non-whites wear.

    The bogus photo; that the hero of HC special on Amelia Earhart turns out to be a Japenese “historian” who does not believe Amelia was captured; this involves some collateral damage to carefully nurtured exposure of truth about Amelia. HC should have allowed a secound opinion on the bogus photo in this “land of no secound opinion.”

    Most people I talk to believe that HC had already fooled them once and never expected anything but attempt to bury interest in Amelia Earhart.

    HC may have made the mistake of becoming the story rather than reporting the story.



  11. Mike, did you hear the latest (resurrected) theory about the giant crabs? Will you comment on/debunk it? What a world……

    Ann Zakelj


    1. Ann,

      I see that the online edition of the once respectable Newsweek has this ridiculous story about the possible consumption of Amelia on Nikumaroro by coconut crabs:

      In July 2017, I recall that four cadaver dogs were let loose on Nikumaroro — after 80 years and many hundreds of people had lived there — to search for Amelia’s lost bones. It just doesn’t get more ridiculous than these latest desperate attempts at grabbing attention by Gillespie and his TIGHAR minions.

      Sorry, but I can only refer to you to my blog and my books at this point. I’ve done what I can to shed as much light on the mendacious Nikumaroro theory. It’s just not a worthwhile proposition anymore — not that it’s ever been — as so few even give it a glance, and those who still believe it are hopeless.

      Nothing in it can withstand the slightest scrutiny and dissolves into smoke, leaving nothing at all. This is the best our corrupt media and establishment can do anymore when telling the truth is the only other alternative. Pathetic, is it not?



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