Saipan architect unveils planned Earhart Memorial

This blog is becoming — at least temporarily — a running account of events surrounding the proposed Earhart Memorial Monument on Saipan.  You will recall my March 2 post that announced the recent development  on Saipan, Finally, some good Earhart news from Saipan, linking to the story “Group to build Amelia Earhart monument on Saipan,” that appeared in the Feb. 7 Marianas Variety (Micronesia’s Leading Newspaper Since 1972).

On Feb. 14, Marianas Variety published my opinion piece, that heartily applauded this welcome and unexpected news, Amelia Earhart’s Saipan fate,” expressing my profound approval of the long-overdue decision to honor the First Lady of Flight at the location of her tragic and untimely death sometime after her disappearance in early July 1937.

This memorial’s design looks fantastic, in my opinion, especially considering the $200,000 estimated price tag for its completion.  Of course its size is vital, and the plan that architect Herman Cabrera has unveiled indicates the diameter as 30 feet, quite impressive, with the statue height projected as 12 feet, and the base at 4 feet, 6 inches.   

Artist’s rendition of the proposed Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument on Saipan, sent by local Saipan architect Ramon Cabrera following the Feb. 7 Marianas Variety story that announced this amazing development for the first time.

It is my belief that  every human being born has the right to be given the honor and recognition on his/her death, wherever or whatever circumstances death presents, Marie S. Castro, vice president of the Earhart Memorial Monument committee, told me in a March 2 email.  “Saipan and the U.S. supporters join in this effort for a noble cause in honoring the famous first American woman pilot who ended her life on Saipan.”

On March 7, TIGHAR’s Tom King stuck the first blow for the obstructionists, penning another of his typical missives, appealing to the uninformed biases of the indoctrinated masses on Saipan.  King’s sanctimonious piece, Regarding Amelia Earhart’s monument on Saipan, was well received by the ignorant Facebook crowd, attracting well over 400 Likesto date; compare this to the paltry three that my own piece, Amelia Earhart’s Saipan fate, garnered on Feb. 7. 

If the Facebook reaction to King is any indication of the way the winds are blowing on Saipan, the prospects for the successful completion of the monument could be quite bleak.  But I prefer to believe that those whose support is vital — the elders and over-60 generation of Saipan — are not in the habit of clicking Likein order to join the mindless horde, if they’re even reading these articles online at all. 

I responded to King’s dreck as you might expect, not with a moronic, mob-following Like,but with this comment, also posted on March 7:

Dr. King’s sophistry is well known among those in the small Earhart research community, and his unending, noxious advocacy for the phony Nikumaroro “hypothesis” is often cited as a prime example of the definition of insanity.  Not a single artifact in countless trips over 30 years that’s been dug up from the Nikumaroro garbage dumps has been forensically linked to Amelia Earhart or Fred Noonan, despite the constant drum beat of our corrupt media establishment telling us to buy this snake oil — and many of the ignorant and gullible have indeed bought it, much to their chagrin once they realized the Nikumaroro bill of goods is rotten at its core.

In fact there are actually no real “theories” in the Earhart disappearance, as the word is defined. We have the truth — supported by several dozens of witnesses and documents — that Amelia Earhart crash-landed in the Marshalls, was taken to Saipan by the Japanese, and died there, as did Noonan, at some unknown date before the American invasion in June 1944.  And we have lies, like Nikumaroro, that have been glorified and raised to the status of “theories” by an establishment desperate to protect the checkered legacy of our president at the time of Earhart’s death, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

As I constantly stress in “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last,” and on my blog,, the truth in the Earhart case has been a sacred cow in Washington since the earliest days of the search for Amelia.  The time is long overdue for the truth to be recognized and accepted, and for the parasites who have made their livings by peddling lies about Amelia’s sad fate to go away and find more honest ways to earn livings.

Likewise, there is no real Earhart “mystery.”  Some in the U.S. government are well aware of what happened to the fliers, and the physical evidence that would reveal the truth lies in the deepest recesses of our national security apparatus, known to a scant few custodians of this precious evidence. I explain all this in my book and in my blog, and won’t go on at length here.

Undated photo of Marie S. Castro, now 84, the primary mover behind the recently approved initiative to build a monument to Amelia Earhart at the Saipan International Airport. 

I closed by announcing my invitation by Marie Castro and other Earhart Memorial committee members, including President Donald C. Barcinas, Secretary Frances M. Sablan,  Herman Cabrera (architect), Carlos A. Shoda, Evelyna A. Shoda and Ambrose Bennett, to join them as the committee’s U.S. representative, a great honor I will forever cherish.  “People like Dr. King and others who hate the truth,” I wrote, “are naturally dead set against the memorial’s success, and his letter is likely only the beginning of what could be a protracted, bitter battle to make the Earhart Memorial Monument a tangible reality.”

Marie Castro agrees. I read what came out on the Marianas Variety this morning,she wrote in a March 6 email.  How many professionals with Ph.D.s  could come out with all sorts of theories to prove the truth?  There is only one truth.  Let’s help one another to prove what’s right, and the truth will finally prevail.”  From Marie’s pen to God’s ears.

Better news arrived the next day.  Mike, I have no idea the magnitude of this project [and] where it is heading to,Marie wrote.  “Yesterday, we had a power point presentation on Amelia E. with the Marianas Visitors Authority.  They seemed receptive to our idea of the monument.  Our committee was encouraged by their responses.  You and I together, with my wonderful team hopefully will someday unravel the mind of the unbelievers.”

On March 13, a shortened version of Les Kinney’s March 9 TIGHAR rebuttal on this blog was published in the Marianas Variety.  Titled ” ‘Earhart bones’ just another of TIGHAR’s many false claims,” Kinney’s informed dissection of TIGHAR’s phony bones scheme was as badly received by the clueless Saipan Facebook bunch as my own piece was on Feb. 7, at last glimpse drawing just two LikesThe great Ralph Waldo Emerson had something memorable to say about such group-think phenomena:  “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”  See the comments section for some interesting banter between Tom King, who knows that the successful completion of the Earhart Memorial threatens TIGHAR’s cash cow, Kinney, myself and a few other interested parties.

Also on March 13, the snail-slow U.S. Postal Service finally delivered my check and a copy of The Truth at Last to Marie’s Saipan mailbox.  I took it to church,she wrote me. I found the President [Donald Barcinas] there.  Our cousin Bishop Tomas A. Camacho, our first Chamorro Bishop passed away.  I told the President, ‘It is the right place to open our first checks from the U.S.  The Good Lord will be with us on this project, our Mission of Truth.’  Thank you.”

In closing, again I ask for your generous donations in any amount to the Earhart Memorial on Saipan — an eminently worthy cause that deserves far more support than it’s getting.  So few care about the truth, and every one of you is needed to make this dream a reality.  I can’t address each one of you by name, but I always respond to every legitimate email you send.  Without your help, the memorial’s failure is inevitable.  Please make your check payable to: Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument, Inc., and send to AEMMI, c/o Marie S. Castro, P.O. Box 500213, Saipan MP 96950.  Thank you.

15 responses

  1. Looks good so far, but Fred needs to be included.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mr Bennett I was thinking the same thing. It is a great idea but both aviators are deserving of recognition.

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      1. To DL and Mike Bennett,

        It will take a small miracle to make the Earhart monument actually come to fruition, but you two are complaining that Noonan isn’t in the plan. Noonan will be honored in the inscription, you can rest assured of that. We should count our blessings, and not complain about what we don’t have.

        If the Earhart Monument becomes reality, it could someday lead to a level of interest and pressure on the government that it would figure that the time for “final disclosure” has finally come. If and when that happens, statues to Fred Noonan might be going up all around the nation.



  2. Dear Mike: Thank you for the impetus on this memorial. I just sent a reply to the Tom King article that should show, A- that Amelia WAS on Saipan, and B – that Tom King likes to pick and choose, buffet style, what to feed to the general TIGHAR members. I sent him a similar Email years ago, and he did not respond. And to my knowledge he never published it on TIGHAR Tracks. Sincerely, Rob Ellos


  3. I clicked on the Tighar link King provided explaining his detailed analysis of the “Japanese capture” hypothesis……”Unfortunately, we have misplaced the file you seek”. How many times have Earhart researchers encountered that phrase?


  4. William H. Trail | Reply

    The artist’s rendering of the proposed monument looks great. In fact, it’s better than I had hoped. I wholeheartedly agree with the other commenters that Fred Noonan must not be forgotten, but if Mike says he’ll be included in the inscription, that’s good enough for me. In the meantime, lets all stand together, united and resolute, to get this done.

    All best,



  5. I think it’s a *WONDEFUL tribute Amelia Earhart, but the statue is all WRONG.
    There should be a sculpture of Amelia & Fred standing TOGETHER and a small Lockheed Electra incorporated into the circumference.
    I’m TIRED of the blatant LIES, MASKS and SUGAR COATING of Amelia & Fred’s tragic deaths on Saipan. The *TRUTH must begin here and the sooner the BETTER!
    Mike has stood up to the media with all it’s roadblocks, obstacles & contradictions and WON. It’s time we did the same and with this memorial.


    1. William H. Trail | Reply


      Your point is well taken, my friend. I too share your concern for Noonan’s recognition. Absolutely! But the reality is, nothing is perfect and we don’t always get everything we want exactly the way we want it. Sometimes we just have to be grateful and satisfied with things as they come to us. We also do not want to risk “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” on this by squabbling. Please keep in mind that this monument is not a done deal, not by a long shot. The opponents of this monument are many and powerful and will be quick to exploit any perceived weakness or divisiveness among us. Remember, they don’t want this memorial at all, period. I suspect that what we have heard so far if you are following the commentaries in The Marianas Variety is just the sporadic, opening shots of what I suspect will develop into a major engagement. I agree about the aircraft. As currently depicted in the artist’s rendering, it looks to be a Lockheed Vega. It most definitely should be the Electra 10E. That can be fixed quite easily without a major, costly, time-consuming redesign of the entire monument.

      All best,



      1. Well said, William. Doug gets a bit hot under the collar sometimes!

        As for the plane depicted with Amelia, who says it has to be an Electra 10E, the plane she was flying when she disappeared? What’s wrong the Vega, the plane she soloed the Atlantic in and became the greatest female aviator of all time, The First Lady of Flight and Lady Lindy? I have no squabble with that, as by far the most important thing is that the memorial be build, period, Vega or Electra, I couldn’t care less.


  6. A different mechanism for payments need to be set up for people outside of Saipan, and the USA. Such as PAYPAL. Then, the whole world is open to make donations.
    I can’t wait to see it built.


    1. Ivan,
      Thus far you are the “whole world” of interest in seeing the successful completion of the monument. I strongly suggest that if you want to help that you write a check and send it via your post to Saipan. It might take a few more days getting there, but it will be there long before anything else is set up. The bank in Hawaii where their account is will have little problem communicating with your bank and all accounts will be balanced.

      Thank you, Sir!



  7. What did Ric Gillespie do before TIGHAR? Seems like a low-level three-letter agency type to me . Maybe an “asset?”


  8. Does anyone know if this monument is being built on “government land”, or “private land”…. is it going to be on airport property or adjacent to the airport?…..also, just another thought about donations, it might be easier/more efficient to just send a cashier’s check.


    1. Sandy,
      The Saipan International Airport is providing the land, so I assume it’s not federal land, but that part of the initiative has been decided. What is most definitely not decided is whether this memorial will ever see the light of day. Early returns are pathetic, and almost nobody has contributed yet. They can handle any kind of check, as their account is at a reputable Hawaii bank.

      I’m constantly sending emails to people who have vowed their love for Amelia, yet have yet to send a dime in her behalf!



  9. […] Now an architect in Saipan has designed a monument to Amelia Earhart, giving additional validation to the overwhelming evidence that she was there, and is raising money to build it. Saipan architect unveils planned Earhart memorial […]


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