AE’s last flight anniversary arrives without change

Another anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s last flight is upon us, this one the 82nd, and once again we have nothing but lies and silence from our media.

Instead of absolutely nothing, I awoke to an email from a faithful reader informing me of the latest propaganda broadside from our reliably dishonest establishment, this one from National Geographic.  Predictably titled, “Missing: The Unsolved Mystery of Amelia Earhart’s last flight,” it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect, more absurd genuflecting to TIGHAR’s falsehoods and delusions.  Here are the two sentences that National Geographic spared for the truth:

Some believe that Earhart and Noonan, flew north, toward the Marshall Islands, where they crashed and were captured by Japan, who controlled that area.  Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen Earhart in a prison camp on Saipan, but physical evidence supporting their testimony is scarce.

Prison camp? Where did this never-before-heard red herring come from, if not from the mendacious minds of the National Geographic writer or editors?  They also made sure to include another loser, the infamous, thoroughly discredited ONI photo from the July 2017 History Channel disinformation operation, apparently to ensure that their clueless readers remain as ignorant and misinformed as they did before they began reading the article. It’s pathetic and worse than nothing.  Better silence and dead air than more of the same old lies after 82 years.

Members and officers of the Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument Committee gather at Saipan’s Fiesta Resort & Spa July 2.  From left, Allen K. Castro, technologist; Herman Cabrera, architect; Ambrose Bennett, member;  Ed Williams, member; Oscar Camacho, site planning;, Avelyna Yamagata, member; President Marie S. Castro; Carlos A. Shoda, member; Evelyna E. Shoda, secretary;  Vice President Frances M. Sablan.

Only on Saipan and in the Marianas Variety can we find any semblance of truth and hope in the Earhart caseOn July 1, the local newspaper published “Committee to commemorate anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance” by reporter Junhan B. Todiño, who has consistently supported the good cause.  Todiño’s story begins:

THE Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument Committee will meet on Tuesday to commemorate the 82nd anniversary of the famous aviator’s disappearance while attempting to make a circumnavigational flight of the globe.

Committee president Marie S. C. Castro said members and friends of the memorial monument committee will meet at Fiesta Resort & Spa.

She said they are hoping that their friends on the U.S. mainland could join their meeting at least in spirit as we honor the memory of the two great aviators, referring to Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan.

Mike Campbell, author ofAmelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, told Castro in an email: “I truly believe Amelia and Fred know and appreciate the love and respect you’ve given them throughout your life and especially in these past few years.”

He added,Whether or not we succeed in our goal of erecting a memorial monument to Amelia and Fred on Saipan — and if we are not, it won’t be because you have not done everything in your power.

To read the rest of the story, please click here.

Of course the comments at the bottom of the story, as always, reflect the “militantly ignorant” status of most of the benighted population of Saipan.  “Ambrose Bennett came to me before we all departed and encourage me not to bother by the negative comments,” Marie wrote me in a July 1 email.

On July 2, Marie told me, “Mike, I plan to dedicate the month of July to put piece by piece of the AE story if possible two or three times a week what happened here on Saipan in 1937. This is one way of educating the locals.”

Hope springs eternal, even in the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.



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  1. William H. Trail | Reply

    Greetings to All:

    I’ve just finished reading what passes for commentary following the latest article in Marianas Variety. Yes, “militantly ignorant” is an apt description.

    I also checked today’s programing schedule for Direct TV. I couldn’t find anything AE related. You’d think that TCM would at least run RKO’s 1943 “Flight for Freedom” with Rosalind Russell and Fred MacMurray!

    All best,


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  2. Today, July 2, on the 82nd anniversary of Amelia’s and Fred’s disappearance into a world unknown to them, I celebrated their memory by studying again the details of the Itasca crew Logs of their last flight.

    Re-living the many details available of that last leg of hers and Fred’s flight across the Pacific in adverse weather with adverse winds facing adverse circumstances with an unexpected and adverse ending creates a sense of compassion and regret for 2 lives lost away from the people they loved and who loved them.

    This team of 2 professionals were far away from friendly consolation by those who were denied knowledge and understanding about those who were beyond their reach. Awaiting Fred was a newly-wedded wife, frantic with grief and uncertainty about their future. Awaiting Amelia was an adoring husband who pulled out all the stops, and a mother and sister and millions of admiring friends who didn’t know what to do.

    Alone! Thinking of them alone on a small Atoll in the Marshall Islands, unable to make confirmed radio contact with those who were trying frantically to reach them, as the Log records illustrate, is a special kind of sadness. Good plans gone wrong by some events beyond their control tugs at one’s heart.

    The sense of helplessness by aerial conquerors must have been excruciating when they realized the reality which had unfolded for them. And then, being in the custody of Japanese warlords in Saipan on the eve of war with China, with no one coming to their rescue, must have been the ultimate indignity, with everything which that and extreme dysentery implies. One cringes when putting visual images to a nightmare which this elegant team were forced to face.

    The best in the world, in a matter of a few days, had gone from fame to shame. The emotions it creates never go away. We admire, and appreciate who they were, and what they were trying to do. Such courage and talent … and class … will never be forgotten. She would be 122 this month. I bow in recognition and appreciation that such people graced our national history.


  3. I made up the prison camp story, Mike, just to piss you off. Happy 4th of July.


    (PS: I’m lying) Thomas F. King PhD 410 Windsor Street, Silver Spring MD 20910 01-240-475-0595, *Blogs:* & *Books: * *Check my new novel, Amelia Earhart UNRESCUED, on Amazon and elsewhere.*

    On Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 11:21 AM Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last wrote:

    > earharttruth posted: “Another anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s last flight > is upon us, this one the 82nd, and once again we have nothing but lies and > silence from our media. Instead of absolutely nothing, I awoke to an email > from a faithful reader informing me of the latest ” >


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