Game letter suggests possible Earhart burial site

When it comes to the Amelia Earhart saga, even most of the well informed go blank when Ross Game’s name is mentioned.  But Game, a close friend of Fred Goerner and a well-known and highly respected editor at the Napa (Calif.) Register during the late 1960s and ’70s, was among the smartest people in the world about the Earhart disappearance.  At one point, Goerner and Game were within arm’s length of breaking through the stone wall that continues to separate us from official disclosure of the truth that’s been lying in plain sight for over 80 years.  (Boldface emphasis mine throughout.)

Unknown to everyone at the time, sometime in the early 1960s, President John F. Kennedy allowed Goerner and Game to have a special, up-close look at the top-secret Earhart files, which revealed the long-suppressed truth about Amelia’s sad fate that Goerner had found on Saipan.

Nobody has ever had a similar opportunity, and as things stand now, it will never happen again.  With JFK’s stunning, world-changing demise on Nov. 22, 1963, all the doors to the forbidden truth were slammed shut and have stayed that way.  The Deep State murdered JFK for many reasons, and I have no doubt that Amelia Earhart was among them.

Vice President Richard Nixon meets with Napa Register editor Ross Game, right, and Register St. Helena Bureau Chief Jerry Cornell, sometime in the 1950s. (Courtesy Napa Register.)

I never had the opportunity to meet Fred Goerner, who died of cancer in 1994 at age 69, but was privileged to talk briefly to Game in 2007, two years before his death at age 80 from Lou Gehrig’s disease.  

During our September 2007 conversation, Game said he and Goerner were given unprecedented access to top-secret Navy and State Department records by the JFK administration, because “JFK was a great Earhart fan and wanted the truth to finally come out.”  Kennedy’s problem was that his hands were tied by a “secret executive order” issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, according to Game, that prohibited release of any Earhart information that would expose FDR’s culpability “for abandoning her.” 

This order applied to all subsequent U.S. presidents, Game said.  The idea that FDR could prevent all future presidents from exposing his betrayal of Earhart on 1937 Saipan with an executive order doesn’t quite compute here.  Kennedy’s solution, as it were, was to grant Goerner access to the secret files—but without cameras or recording devices of any kind, although pencils were allowed, Game said. 

For more on Game’s involvement and contributions, please see Truth at Last, where a search on Game’s name will produce multiple pages and threads.

In 1998, Game wrote the following letter to Bob Ross, whose fanciful claim about finding the Earhart plane as a Marine during the Battle of Saipan in July 1944 was the subject of my most recent post.  Apparently Game wasn’t quite up to speed about Ross at the time, but the letter nonetheless presents an intriguing possibility.

Ross P. Game
Post Office Box 176
Napa, CA 94559-0176

October 9, 1998

Dear Bob,

A friend happened to hear one of your recent discussions about your efforts to solve the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart’s disappearance.

When she told me of your presentation I was particularly interested she recalled your indication that Amelia’s remains are in an unmarked grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

I am a bit curious about this matter because I worked closely with the late Fred Goerner, a long-time friend and media associate, from his earliest involvement in hissearch” until his death after a long battle with cancer.

I travelled with Fred to the Pacific, Washington and other places through the years.  Until the death of John F. Kennedy we had the assistance of the White House (JFK was fascinated with our work) and until Lyndon [B. Johnson] eliminated that support we had access to classified files and vital federal sources, including the CIA.

Fred authored The Search for Amelia Earhart at my Napa home; a majority of the photos were either taken by me or obtained by me; the Associated Press provided other help.

Just before the CIA assistance was cut off I pleaded with our contact to tell me where the Earhart remains had been placed after being brought from Saipan.  The reply: I can’t be specific, but why don’t you look in the most obvious place.

In this September 1962 photo, California newspaperman Ross Game, who accompanied Fred Goerner during some of his early 1960s investigations, is flanked on Saipan by Guam Detective Edward Camacho (left), and Capt. Jose Quintanilla, Guam police chief.

Fred and I immediately focused our attention on Arlington National Cemetery.  We spent a considerable amount of time there going through records and other data.  Every burial for the period in question could be documented and we felt assured nothing was over-looked.  Thus, my interest in what I’m told you said.

Perhaps sometime we can get together and discuss this.  I’m retired after almost 60 years in the media business.  Early this year I underwent cancer surgery and my health limits my movements.  But I would like to chat with you if possible.


Ross P. Game

I don’t have Ross’ response to Game’s letter, if he did reply, but it probably contained little if anything substantial, based on what we already know about Ross.  I don’t buy the idea that the fliers were buried at Arlington, as it would be far easier and less complicated to either destroy the bones or bury them at some secret, isolated location where the chances of discovery would be far more minimal than at Arlington. 

Some have suggested that Amy Otis Earhart, Amelia’s mother, and/or Muriel Earhart Morrissey, her sister, may have been told the truth by the U.S. government about Amelia’s wretched demise on Saipan, as well as her burial site, in exchange for their sworn oaths of secrecy.  Muriel’s relative silence over the decades until her death at age 98 in March 1998 is particularly curious.  It’s possible, I suppose, but we’ll probably never know for sure.

Born in Chicago on July 29, 1929, Game died Oct. 18 in Napa, succumbing to ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease,Napa Valley Register staff writer Carlos Villatoro wrote in Game’s Nov. 4, 2009 obituary:

Game had a long and varied career that included serving as Register editor and holding top positions at other papers, including those in Lake Tahoe and Petaluma.  He wrote a book about the disappearance of famed aviator Amelia Earhart*, served on the boards of various political and journalism organizations, wrote for the Associated Press, created international bonds that led to the sister city relationship between Napa and Launceston, Australia, and covered the war in Vietnam for the Scripps League chain of papers, of which the Register was once one.  He was editor of the Register in the late 1960s and 1970s.

To read the complete story, please click here.

* I seriously doubt this, as I’ve never heard of an Earhart book by Ross Game, though he worked closely with Fred Goerner on many aspects of The Search For Amelia Earhart.

Update: On Dec. 25, our good friend Marie Castro on Saipan wrote in an email: “After reading “Game’s letter suggests possible burial site,” I wonder if he read your TAL.  I think people should consider reading the booklet [or the whole book!].  To me this is the conclusion of her saga.  Saipan is the end of her story.  Matilde [F. Arriola], Joaquina [Cabrera] and [Jose] Tomokane were the closest connection who witnessed the evidence of Amelia’s presence on Saipan.  Mike, I believe you have the authority to end AE’s saga on TALLet’s put her to rest on Saipan.

Marie’s confidence is greatly appreciated, but I have no power when it comes to declaring the true last resting place of Amelia Earhart.  I certainly wish we could be certain that the fliers were buried on Saipan, or cremated there, as has strongly been suggested by certain witnesses, but we just don’t have enough evidence to establish that fact.  To read more about the witnesses Marie cites in her message, please see my May 18, 2018 post, “Marie Castro, a treasure chest of Saipan history, Reveals previously unpublished witness accounts.”

In 1998, Ross Game knew little or nothing of the evidence for Amelia’s cremation.  Game was the first media member to be notified in 1965 by former Marine Pvt. Everett Henson Jr., who along with Pvt. Billy Burks, was ordered by Marine Capt. Tracy Griswold to excavate a gravesite several feet outside of the Liyang Cemetery on Saipan in late July or early August 1944.  This incident is chronicled in detail in Chapter 13 of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, titled “Griswold, Henson, and Burks.”

In late October of 2017, Ms. Carla Henson, daughter of the late Everett Henson Jr., contacted me, completely out of the blue about her father’s experience on Saipan.  To read more about Carla, her father and the Saipan gravesite incident in 1944, please see my Dec. 26, 2017 post, KCBS 1966 release a rare treasure in Earhart saga.”


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  1. Nothing new here. Idle speculation at best . If she died in Japanese hands they would have disposed of her body at sea. If the people of Saipan want to build a memorial to her that’s wonderful. But the evidence is that she died at sea near Howland. She never had the fuel to reach Mili Atoll or Gardner Island. The speculation seems to always come from people who don’t know much about aerial navigation in the 1930s and never flew a Lockheed Electra.⚓️


  2. From what is said here by Mr Klika, it’s pretty clear that he has not read many of your newsletters. It’s OK that he is a skeptic, but from what he says here, he is an uniformed one.

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    1. Thanks Ken. Not the first time this character has left no doubt as to his abject ignorance.

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  3. I guess we should not be surprised by this long standing gag order from FDR, as the Japanese themselves have never owned up to their part in this tragedy. It’s hard to believe after all these years that someone in authority has not basically said “enough is enough- let’s come out with the truth.” Everyone involved is long gone.”

    On the other hand, look at JFK, he wanted the truth to come out and we know what happened to him. I was encouraged by your assessment of the “Deep State” authors of JFK’s assassination, as only the uninformed still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone(in fact, he didn’t fire at anyone that day, and has been proven to be an intelligence asset). The media has done it’s part in both cases to make sure the public is misdirected and taught never to question. Sad state of affairs. Thanks for keeping at this.

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    1. Exactly right, Dave. Oswald never fired a shot. Sylvia Meagher’s “Accessories After the Fact” (1967) remains among the best of all JFK books. She absolutely destroys the countless Warren Commission lies, leaving no doubt that their report was a complete whitewash and everyone involved was part of the cover-up.


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  4. Stuart R Brownstein | Reply

    Keep up the superb work you are doing, Mike !
    Your friend, Stuart

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  5. Who was it that went to visit Muriel in Medford and was apparently tailed and maybe even mildly intimidated in the process? I must have read it here, but I forget who the investigator was. Since I once lived in the next city over, Somerville, I know the area well. It made the account very believable as the details of his trip were all accurate. We might like to read how closely our government protects these secrets.


  6. Thanks, Mike.


  7. “…Unknown to everyone at the time, sometime in the early 1960s, President John F. Kennedy allowed Goerner and Game to have a special, up-close look at the top-secret Earhart files, which revealed the long-suppressed truth about Amelia’s sad fate that Goerner had found on Saipan…”

    Are these the same [official Navy] documents that Paul Briand examined in 1966 (reference blog “Paul Briand Jr’s ‘Requiem for Amelia’ Part I”)?

    It is mind boggling that the Government files on Earhart/Noonan were sanitized and classified as “Top Secret” to disavow any knowledge of their true fate. Even more that FDR issued a directive suppressing access to said files.

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    1. Hal,

      The files Briand viewed were not the ones Goerner and Game saw, but were clearly the sanitized files that were publicly released in 1967, which contained the ONI Report that was thoroughly ignored by the entire media. See TAL for extensive discussion of the 1967 release, see pages 259-264 TAL.


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  8. Mike, this is the first time I have heard of the possibility of Amelia being interred at Arlington National Cemetery. I completely understand (and agree somewhat with) your statements that there is no evidence that she is buried at ANC, but consider this, if you will: If FDR wanted to hide her away so she would never be found, as I am sure he would have liked, what better place to inter her bones than ANC? Hiding in plain sight, much like the Purloined Letter, has long been an accepted excellent means of hiding something. She would certainly NOT be interred under her own name, but a pseudonym and a false date. Just a thought for your consideration, Mike. Keep the faith and keep up the good fight, my friend.


    1. Sonny,
      Thanks for your thoughts. Sure it’s possible AE is buried somewhere at Arlington, but it’s also possible that the alleged eyewitness account of Mr. Jose Sadao Tomokane, as reported by Marie Casto in the below post is based in fact:

      Marie Castro, a treasure chest of Saipan history, Reveals previously unpublished witness accounts

      We simply do not know for certain, but Marine Capt. Tracy Griswold sure seemed intent on his mission in July 1944 when he ordered Privates Everett Henson Jr. and Billy Burks to dig up those two skeletons!

      All Best for 2020!

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  9. This is so interesting. Do you think the people in Japan can read any of this? (sorry I am not good with words if this sounds weird) If anybody is still alive in Japan that was in their military and was stationed there they might have some photos still or could have passed them down to children. It would be interesting to know if they have a Veterans of WW2 over there like we do over here. And our Vets could ask their Vets if they have any info or photos of AE and FN and could share on facebook. Not many WW2 Vets left but they might have told their kids. Sorry if this is worded weird.


    1. Juanita,

      Your question is not weird and is one we occasionally discuss. I would guess that you’re new to this blog and the truth in the Earhart story. There weren’t a lot of military personnel on Saipan in 1937 when Amelia arrived, and few survived the war. To our knowledge only one Japanese national, Mrs. Michiko Sugita, ever stepped forward to reveal her knowledge of Earhart on Saipan. Sugita was the 12-year-old daughter of the civilian chief of police on Saipan in 1937, and heard from several civilian and military police of Earhart’s confinement and death there. For more, see pages 107-111 of Truth at Last.

      Mike Campbell


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