July 24, ’20: Happy 123rd Birthday, Amelia!

Today’s post is an extension of my July 11 article, as we recognize, if not celebrate, another Amelia Earhart birthday, her 123rd.  I can’t imagine that America’s First Lady of Flight would still be with us at 123, even in a perfect world, though the chances are excellent that she would have reached the century mark had fate not so cruelly intervened. 

Amelia came from hardy genes indeed, if her mother and sister were any indications.  Grace Muriel Earhart Morrissey, of West Medford, Massachusetts, two-and-a-half-years younger than Amelia, died in her sleep on March 2, 1998 at the age of 98.  Amy Otis Earhart was born in 1869 and died in 1962 at 93.  Amelia’s father, Edwin, was an entirely different story, dying at 63 in 1930.  Reportedly he liked his booze, and his longevity genes, or lack of them, likely weren’t dominant in Amelia, nor with Muriel.  Thanks to Edwin, Amelia was a devoted teetotaler.    

In Boston in late June 1932, Amelia and her mother, Amy Otis Earhart, enjoy the acclaim that her May 23, 1932 solo Atlantic crossing bestowed, when she became the first woman and second person to accomplish the feat, at a reception attended by the mayor and other luminaries.  In the background, not easily seen, is Amelia’s Lockheed Vega, in which she overflew the Atlantic, landing in a field in Londonderry, Ireland. 

So we pause again to pay our respects to this truly great American, regardless of the fact that nothing positive in Amelia’s cause has happened during the past year, at least media-wise.  For more background, I invite you to see July 2, 2018: 81 years of lies in the Earhart case; AE’s last flight anniversary arrives without change (July 2, 2019); last year’s July 24 post, For Amelia Earhart, it’s Happy Birthday No. 122! or my recent July 11 post, July 2020: Earhart forgotten amid nation’s chaos.

As usual, one has to go a long way to find any mention of Amelia’s 123rd birthday in the media — all the way to Saipan, in fact, where the indomitable Marie S. Castro, 87, and her long-suffering friends of the Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument Inc. (AEMMI) group did their best to put on good faces behind the masks they were forced wear at the Northern Marianas Museum, where they had a little party for Amelia today.

On May 23, 1932, after a harrowing flight featuring violent storms, icy conditions and a damaged exhaust manifold, Amelia was forced to land her Lockheed Vega in a pasture near Londonderry, Ireland, 200 miles north of her original target in the British Isles.  “After scaring most of the cows in the neighborhood,” she said, “I pulled up in a farmer’s back yard.”  Amelia became the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo and only the second person in history to accomplish the feat.  Amelia Earhart’s star was ascendant.

Earlier this week, reporter Sophia Perez of the Marianas Variety announced today’s modest festivities with a July 21 story, Amelia Earhart birthday to be celebrated at NMI Museum.” 

According to the event’s chair . . . committee board member Remi Sablan, Perez wrote, the celebration is open to the public and will offer guests the opportunity to check out the NMI [Northern Mariana Islands] Museum’s new additions to its Amelia Earhart exhibit, including photos and testimonies of three key witnesses who claim to have seen Earhart on Saipan shortly after her Lockheed Model 10 Electra disappeared in the Central Pacific en route to Howland Island.” 

Saipan TV’s KSPN2 News also did a small piece on the AEMMI event, as reporter Ashley McDowell briefly interviewed Vice President Frances Sablan before turning to the group’s beating heart, Marie, now its official president, for a few words.  McDowell, whose tone tells us that she’s no supporter of the truth, makes sure viewers understand that Amelia’s disappearance remains “a mystery.”  She emphasizes the “M” word more than once, lest she also be classified among the true believers, better known to establishment types as conspiracy nuts, and worse.  Even so, Saipan TV does more for the truth in its coverage of the AEMMI’s Earhart birthday event than everyone else in any media, anywhere, where only crickets can be heard. 

To view the KSPN2 video, please click here.

AEMMI President Marie S. Castro, center right, Vice President and Acting Secretary Frances Sablan, to Marie’s immediate left (our viewpoint), and other members of the AEMMI celebrate Amelia Earhart’s 123rd Birthday at the Northern Marianas Museum on Saipan July 24. 

I want to thank a very special person, Mike Campbell, author of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last who has become my driving force in this worthy cause, who became my mentor and adviser,Marie wrote in a July 19 email.  His continued support gave me the great courage along the rough and sometimes apparently hopeless road ahead.

I decided to commit myself and organized a group called the Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument, AEMMI in 2017, she continued.  “With courage I followed my gut, walking through the unknown for a long overdue worthy cause of Amelia Earhart, to honor the sacrifice of this brave woman and her navigator Fred Noonan and for her valuable and indelible connection on Saipan.”

Please consider contributing to this extremely worthy cause.  I should remind everyone who reads this why the Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument is so strongly opposed, both on Saipan and by the American establishment: Those who hate the truth know that if the monument is ever erected on Saipan, it would be a major step closer to eventual U.S. government disclosure of the awful facts that we know so well.  The memorial monument’s success is 100 percent dependent on private donations, and everyone who gives will receive a personal letter of appreciation from AEMMI President Marie S. Castro. 

In any event, Happy Birthday, Amelia!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Amelia! I hope the truth will finally come out so you and Fred can rest in peace.

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  2. Happy Birthday Amelia!

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  3. William H. Trail | Reply

    Greetings to All:

    I’d be nice if this time next year, we were not only commemorating what would be Amelia Earhart’s 124th birthday, but celebrating the full disclosure of the truth regarding her and Fred Noonan’s loss. It’s long overdue.

    All best,


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  4. An excerpt from Fred Goerner’s book, “She wore boots and khaki pants, with a scarf wrapped around her throat and folded inside a knee-length, leather flying jacket which had been properly “aged” with the right amount of grease and simulated wear. A leather helmet with goggles completed the uniform…..The image was daring, courageous, independent. In short, Amelia Earhart found her identity as a flier, and she never relinquished it.”

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