USA Today comic attacks Amelia Earhart Society

Although not flattering in its editorial opinion of Bill Prymak’s Amelia Earhart Society, this USA Today cartoon from May 1995 might represent the high point in national publicity for the obscure and selective AES, which counted less than 80 researchers, authors and other Earhart-obsessed individuals among its members at the height of its activities in the late 1980s to mid-1990s.

The piece was reproduced in the July 1995 issue of the AES Newsletter.

Since we’re on the subject, some might be interested in reading about the beginning of the once vibrant but now basically defunct AES, which was solely the brainchild of its founder and first president, Bill Prymak.  Bringing together such a disparate group of humans as Earhart researcherswas like herding cats, but Prymak was able to befriend and network with the many strange and weird characters that made up the original plank owners of the AES

In the early pages of Volume I (of two) of Bill Prymak’s An Assemblage of Amelia Earhart Newsletters, following a list of all articles from the May 1991 issue through the final edition of June 2002, we find what might be described as AES’s founding principles,or even its constitution, for want of a better term. 

Like Prymak himself, the brief, page-and-a-half statement was succinct and to the point, and was presented under two major headings: Statement of Purpose and Preliminary AES Charter Principles.  Herewith, for your information and entertainment, is the original AES Constitution, so to speak.  All boldface emphasis except headings is mine. 

The summer of 1990 saw invitations extended to some of the world’s most respected and dedicated Amelia Earhart researchers to meet on a remote mountaintop in the White River National Forest near Aspen, Colorado.  Many attended; those unable were there in spirit to support us.

Statement of Purpose

1.  To officially announce the cessation of our participation from the Amelia Earhart Research Consortium (AERC).

2.  To give birth to a new organization embracing principles and objectives dedicated to the collection, substantiation, collation, recording, and appropriate dissemination of all contributed materials relating to the Amelia Earhart disappearance July 2, 1937.

3.  To name this new organization Amelia Earhart Society (AES).

4.  To obtain the support of serious scholars and technical researchers of the verifiable events of the flight, correlated with the political, military, and world history of the era, as well as individuals who wish to engage in or gain knowledge of the Amelia Earhart phenomenon as a hobbyist.

Why the need for AES?  The preponderance of evidence overwhelmingly suggests that something covert did occur prior to, during, and after the final flight.  Literally hundreds of people — GIs, island natives, government employees, even the man on the street — all have their individual thread.  The thread might be a personal experience, a photograph, a recounter by a buddy on the front lines, or a curious letter.  These are threads which, individually, stand meaningless, unconfirmed, isolated, without support, and in desperate need of a collective union with other threads.

Bilimon Amaron, whose eyewitness account is widely considered to be the most important of the Marshall Islands witnesses, relaxes in the recreation room of his home in the Marshalls capital of Majuro, circa 1989, with his guest Bill Prymak.  As a Japanese hospital corpsman in 1937 Jaluit, Amaron’s shipboard treatment of an injured white man, surely Fred Noonan, accompanied by an American woman the crewmen called “Meel-ya,” is legendary among the Marshallese.  (Courtesy Bill Prymak.)

It is AES’s principal objective to weave these loose and isolated threads into a meaningful mosaic, bringing us ever closer to the final solution.

Preliminary AES Charter Principles

1.  An Advisory Council will be formed, consisting of persons actively performing Amelia Earhart (AE) research, and willing to assimilate fragments of information into a more comprehensive and credible reference source.

2.  The Advisory Council shall be responsible for distributing the quarterly newsletter and organizing semi-annual or annual AES conferences.

3.  The Advisory Council will be the central recipient and depository for new and old AE data.  Information received and stored shall be distributed only upon the concurrence of the contributing AES member.

4.  There shall be no salary structure for the Advisory Council; operating costs, including telephone, mailings, and printing shall be covered by the AES membership contributions.

5.  The Advisory Council shall move towards formatting and distributing an anthology of all contributed materials.  Only responsible media exposure will be sought to encourage the sharing of fresh material from untapped sources, and to encourage new membership.

6.  AES will avoid sensationalism and irresponsible reporting of frivolous theories.

The associate membership of the AES shall consist of those seriously interested in the Earhart enigma, possibly having a thread to contribute, but who are unable to actively take part in the chores and responsibilities borne by the Advisory Council.  These associate members will assume a more passive role, but are expected to attend AES meetings, contribute to funding needs, and solicit other Earhart scholars and enthusiasts to join this new organization.

Signed by its editor and creator, the late Bill Prymak, this is the cover of Volume I of two “Assemblages” of Prymak’s incomparable Amelia Earhart Society Newsletters, in which this and many other articles and posts presented in this blog were originally presented.

These associate members will be the heart and soul of AES, for somewhere out there, from the most unexpected source, may well be the crucial thread that will tie our mosaic together.

Every person receiving this letter has been selected as a candidate for the AES, and is urged to respond with comments, suggestions, and extent of anticipated participation.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AND PARTICIPATION.

A Must Date: November 7, 1990 on prime time Unsolved Mysteries, Robert Stack will feature our Colonel Rollin Reineck on the Earhart Mystery.  Colonel Reineck will have fascinating new data on AE, including his latest efforts towards the final solution.”  Other scheduled guests are:

•  Tom Devine, author of Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident.
•  Fred Goerner, author of Search for Amelia Earhart.
•  Robert Wallack, finder of the leather attaché case on Saipan.
•  Elgen Long, esteemed researcher on his special theory.
•  T.C. “Buddy” Brennan, author of Witness to the Execution.

Get your VCR cranked! You won’t want to miss this vital piece of AE history.

We tried to get a commercial spot on the program expounding our new AES but $150,000 for the slot didn’t fit our budget this time–maybe next year.

Summation: AES has the potential to gather together the greatest group of Earhart researchers ever put together, and as one body we will solve the mystery.

Everyone is encouraged to contact us if they have even the slightest thread on the following:

•  Lockheed’s involvement not publicly stated.
•  U.S. Government’s involvement.
•  Irene Bolam connection.
•  Knowledge of other people’s experiences.
•  Any documentation or identifiable photographic evidence applicable.

Please respond to:
Bill Prymak, Broomfield, Colo.

17 responses

  1. A really fascinating piece of history, Mike-thanks. I take it nothing like that exists today-it’s so difficult to bring together disparate ideas for a common cause, i.e. check egos at the door, and try to get to the truth.


    1. “Nothing like that exists today”?

      You’ve got that right, Dave. This blog, for all intents and purposes, is what’s left of the Amelia Earhart Society. And most certainly, it’s nothing at all like the AES once was. For better or worse, this is it if you want the Truth.



  2. Mike,

    In many ways Bill Prymak’s Amelia Earhart Society is reconstituted right here by you, your blog, and everyone who thoughtfully and meaningfully contributes to it.

    All best,



    1. I am very much in agreement!


  3. Mike;

    I agree with William; I always look forward to reading past AES newsletters and the commentary that follows. At the other end of the spectrum, last night I clicked on the AHC channel and the episode was about Air & Sea Myths, and sure enough there was a segment on AE (from 2014); it included some of Mike’s favorite characters including Gillespie, Tom Crouch and Susan Butler, who stated the Japanese capture theory is “hogwash”. The only positive thing was no mention at all of Gardner Island (which is surprising given Ric was involved).



  4. I think I saw that show was going to be on, if I did, I automatically knew what the format would be and I didn’t bother watching, it’s just too irritating for me. Despite the criticism of the famous picture at Jaluit TV special as being a setup (which it probably was) it came about as close to the truth as we are going to see in our now brief remaining lifetimes. I certainly was unaware of the AE story back in 1995, I had heard the name, that’s all.

    It’s interesting to see that the thought police were busy then, even with such a small detail as the AES. It was only when I discovered Ric’s Forum maybe 10 years ago that I gave AE any thought. Before long, some independent thinking on my part brought me to conclude that Ric’s Niku theory and the whole forum were merely a scam. How stupid I felt that I had bought the story initially. Then I read TTAL which I grasped as the realism of te AE story. Even if not every detail is accurate (but I have not found any inaccuracies) the preponderance of the book is true. As a secondary effect of the book, I learned that the “official” story is propaganda and not only that, most other assassination and “terror” stories are just a part of the systematic propaganda we citizens have been subject to in order to justify every government excess and program and war there ever was.

    I remember as a youth back in the 50s that we were taught that the USA had a free press and free speech and we were just wonderful compared to Russia and Germany and Japan and all our enemies. Well, ignorance is bliss. Or was bliss. I can’t decide if the AE disinformation mechanism is merely our government policy to squash any criticism of official propaganda, that is, to stick a finger in any small hole in the dike lest the land be flooded with the truth? Was there some outrageous failed strategy on the part of FDR in the AE affair which would “stagger our imagination?” Or was it just the coverup of an embarrassing bungle? Probably the latter.

    Did the war enrich the bankers and industrialists? Of course it did. Does the wealthy and connected and powerful contingent care if this country turns into a facsimile of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia? No, that contingent endorses it, if we open our eyes we are able to see it happening. It’s remarkable to me that not only most of my acquaintances not see this (of course they think my opinions on AE are the product of conspiratorial and discredited mode of thinking produced by approaching senility, no doubt) but they heartily favor all new crackdowns on “wrong think.” They know freedom is dangerous.

    I’m just sort of glad I lived most of my life under the illusion I lived in such a noble and enlightened country as the USA. It kind of was. Sometimes, the ability to think independently and tune out propaganda can be a curse. But at least we have this forum to share our woe.

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  5. We met in Oakland up to 2004, until the original members started passing, Joe Gervais was the first to go in 2005. I was lucky to go to a half dozen meeting from 2000 to 2004 at the Oakland Aviation Museum. Always a fascinating meeting happening.


  6. I’m not sure what James Forrestal was doing in 1937, but I just noticed something I never knew, but why would I, I didn’t read his biographies. I found that he was in charge of Operation High Jump to the Antarctic in 1946. What does that have to do with AE? well, obviously probably nothing. So according to some reports, High Jump had to contend with alien interference. The Nazis probably had bases there where they may have interacted with aliens. Rubbish, you say?

    The other night I happened to catch a “Unexplained Mysteries” program about the UFO crash in Roswell in 1947. The program went into great detail about the incident with interviews with old locals who remembered how real the crash was until the Army decided to cover it all up and gathered all the pieces to disappear them. The Army made it clear to the locals that they were not to talk about it, and the show noted that in those days, everyone obeyed. Not hearing any rebuttal yet from a Japanese with a Palau tourist book, the program is almost a clear admission that aliens crashed at Roswell. Perhaps the gov’t is beginning its long anticipated revelation that aliens are here, and this is one of the first helpings of the truth to break the citizens in gradually so they won’t panic.

    I speculate that Forrestal may have been murdered because he knew too much about the Nazi/alien connection and other similar matters as he was one of Truman’s committee to investigate UFOs, wasn’t he?

    So what has that to do with AE? I have long thought that FDR’s reputation and devious politicians’ actions leading up to the war just aren’t enough cause for this ongoing disinfo campaign about Amelia. Most of us sophisticated readers know enough about politics that no excess really shocks us anymore. What if there was alien involvement? That would stagger your imagination all right. I have read tales of airplanes’ disappearances and their getting thoroughly lost. Flight 19 comes to mind, but there have been others where paranormal causes are suspected.

    I have heard tales of radio calls from planes long disappeared. Maybe that Flight 370? This is just my opportunity to reveal another fantastic theory of mine. Has anybody else on here ever had such thoughts? No? I just hope this idea doesn’t get shot down in flames.

    All Best,


    1. David,

      Nothing you mention is off the board as far as Forrestal’s death. David Martin’s “The Assassination of James Forrestal” (2019) has done fairly well for a book that has also been totally blacked out by the mainstream. But he doesn’t even discuss Majestic 12 or Operation High Jump. A recent Ancient Aliens program presented an enlisted Navy eyewitness to an underground complex in Antartica that could only have been built by otherworldly beings, and his account was mind blowing but totally believable.

      “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” — (Hamlet, I.5)

      Quite so.



    2. Richard Black was heavily involved in U.S. activities in Antarctica both before and after WWII. Wonder how well he knew Forrestal. Black was also a beach master during the invasion of Saipan. Could he have wanted to be one of the first in so he could look for Amelia and Fred?

      As far as the so-called “Roswell Incident” is concerned, the family of the mother of one of my best friends in h.s. had a ranch going back several generations in SE New Mexico. His mother’s older sister and his grandfather were peripherally involved in the unusual events ofJuly ’47. They also knew all those local people you’ve seen on all those programs for all these years. He told another friend and I what he had been told by his family or at least the most salient bits. That was over the 4th of July weekend of 1962, just 15 years after the events and 18 years before the book by Charles Berlitz brought it again to public attention.
      Very long and titillating story short, both the civilians and military people who were directly involved firmly believed what crashed was an extraterrestial vehicle.


  7. I don’t post much but I read everything. Stay in the game everyone. Enjoy the passion and frustration of our efforts. Be ambassadors for the truth. Most of all, in this very tough year, stay safe and enjoy your holiday.


  8. Mike, I thought you took a dim view of History Channel, surprised you took a liking to the program about Antarctica. I have been listening to Linda Mouton Howe for a few years and she is good. I took a trip to Antarctica 3 years ago and didn’t see any aliens, but then again all those trips follow a set itinerary into the warmer section of Antarctica. I did get some pictures of “ghosts” at an old British weather station, but it means nothing.

    Linda has stories about such subjects as horse & cattle mutilations mainly at Western ranches, and then there is the Russian Dyatlov Pass incident which, to me, indicates the work of aliens. Your Shakespeare quote, which I had forgotten, sums up my views almost perfectly. I have visited Easter Island twice and as another tourist and I agreed upon taking in the sights there, that there was things going on back when the statues were produced that we, in our present perspective, can’t even conceive of. Not only did someone produce 900+ of those statues for no known reason, but there are other artifacts with no explanation, not just the statues.

    Yet, as I experienced listening to one of the officially supplied local guides, the conventional mainstream view is strictly adhered to, that is, about 1000-1500 years ago the Polynesians arrived on Easter Island and being a little bored decided to produce those 900 statues. My belief is that the statues are 10-15,0000 years old, produced by a lost civilization before the 12,000 years ago apocalypse that is believed by many to have occurred. In fact, there are many unexplained ancient ruins on other Pacific Islands. Not so much in the Marshalls, but certainly in FSM where Truk is. (The old Carolines)

    So in my speculations the old Pacific mysteries are wrapped up with the AE story, that’s why I sometimes wonder about her flight’s connection, if any, to remnants of old civilizations and/or aliens. Or even compass problems or disorientations a la Flight 19 in Florida, 1945. I don’t have any answers yet, butI am working on it.
    All Best,


    1. Dave,

      The History Channel is being used to gradually get viewers used to the idea of the reality of the Alien presence, so that real government disclosure — to a certain point — can be achieved, maybe within our lifetimes, which is not too far into the future.

      The Earhart disappearance is an entirely different matter and it will remain a sacred cow indefinitely, and certainly no disclosure will come within our lives. We don’t want to offend the Japs, after all, not to mention tarnish the legacy of the father of the modern Democrap Party.



  9. Greetings to All:

    In 1937, James V. Forrestal was president of William A. Read and Company (later renamed Dillion, Read & Co.), a Wall St. bond brokerage and investment banking firm. Forrestal was also active in the Democratic Party in Dutchess County, NY where he gained the attention of FDR. Source: Wikipedia

    All best,



    1. Haven’t been receiving the mobile version of the site for several days on the phone. Have to use a magnifier to read it now.


      1. CDA,

        Fortunately, I don’t have that problem. I have and old “flip phone” that I use strictly as a telephone — when I use the thing at all. My home is located in a cellphone “dead spot.” Most of the time it’s turned off.

        All best,



  10. Thanks, William for that info on Forrestal. I now recall having read that before, but had forgot. I just Googled: How did Japan finance the war? Apparently financed it with Japanese War Bonds which they completely defaulted on after their defeat. Now, I recall that in the Russo-Japanese War, Japan got a large cash infusion from Jacob Schiff and the “New York Bankers”.

    I never really read up on it, but was Jacob Schiff associated with William A. REad Co. in any way? Were they possibly able to work together? The defeat of Russians in the war with Japan was, I believe, very influential in the fall of the Russian Czar. Was Jacob Schiff’s family from Russia? Was he related to Lenin or other Bolsheviks?

    I say this because the quote sticks in my mind, and I forget who said it. “All wars are banker’s wars.” Was Forrestal favorable to Japan because of his associates support of Japan in previous years? Did he have some kind of investments in Japan? I am unable to produce any kind of coherent theory from my musings. So much for that.

    Last night I watched more of “Unexplained Mysteries” and found that at some point at the UFO crash site there were genuine aliens running around. No explanation of what happened to them, but I did read years ago that the aliens conferred with Eisenhower and said they would not cause any trouble and would not take over Earth, but they were going to have to abduct a certain number of humans regularly for experiments on a regular basis.

    If the TV program can be believed, this truce does sound a little more plausible. I just today noticed a reply from Mike which I missed, agreeing with my speculation that now is the time the deep state is introducing the sheeple bit by bit to the reality of aliens’ presence. My late wife used to say she had been abducted when she was young, and I took her word for it.



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