“Truth at Last” now an Amazon Audible Audiobook

I’m pleased to announce that thanks to Larry Knorr’s Sunbury Press, Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last has been published as an Amazon Audible Audiobook and is now available to all. 

Narrated by Bill Hemberger and published by Beacon Audiobooks, the Truth at Last Audible Audiobook was released on Jan. 12, 2021.  In our current iPhone-addled culture, Truth at Last continues to be blacked out by the entire media, including so-called conservative and alternative media.  Moreover, with an increasingly illiterate populace adverse to reading anything more complex than their latest text messages, Amazon’s Audible Audiobook, with its uncompromising presentation of the truth, can reach many who would otherwise never hear a whisper of the truth about one of our establishment’s most protected sacred cows.  

Book Cover

Along with Amazon’s publication of the Truth at LastAudible Audiobook, we were pleasantly surprised that it’s been the #1 New Release in Aviation History and Aviation & Nautical Biographies for several days since its Jan. 12 debut.

Perhaps you know someone who doesn’t like reading books but has expressed interest in the Earhart disappearance, falsely called “The Earhart Mystery” by virtually the entire world.  They’ve seen more than one of the galaxy of phony Earhart documentaries and specials that pretend to have a new slant on the Greatest Aviation Mystery of the 20th Century,but offered more of the same old crashed-and-sank and Nikumaroro lies.  Or maybe your friend or relative enjoys listening as they drive, or being read to sleep.  What could be a better gift, to that special someone or even to yourself?

Any way you choose to support Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last and this blog is greatly appreciated. 

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  1. Congratulations. This will make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for those who commute to and from work.


  2. This is great news. I hope I can persuade a friend or two to get the audiobook or I will give it to them. I just want to relate this story whether you post it or not.

    About 5 years ago or whenever the 2nd edition came out, I got motivated and tried to get the local (actually private ) library to stock the new book. The shelves were filled with Hillary Clinton and pro-war type of books. The head librarian said she wasn’t interested, so I said then I will buy the book and donate a copy. So I did and proudly presented it to her. Mike said they won’t put it on the shelves. So, a few days later I came back to view it and it wasn’t there. So I asked her if it had been checked out already. She said, Oh No, it’s in with the $1 book pile. (The pile where people donate old used books) I asked her how come? She said she had no interest the book wasn’t on the state approved list (In NH?) and she couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t know the state ad an “approved” list for what was technically a private funded library. So I asked her to give it back to me, which she did. Mike was right.



    1. Dave,

      Thanks so much for this perfectly illustrative anecdote. It matters not whether it’s New Hampshire, Maryland or any other state, the same outcome as you experienced when you tried to enhance the quality of reading material at your local library can be reliably expected to occur to anyone else who does the same thing. Since the STATE hates the truth about the Earhart disappearance, the good little slaves of the state can be relied upon to express that aversion, with very few exceptions. I’ve found this to be true so often with libraries that I stopped sending them information about TAL and my blog.



      1. Number one should tell the other researchers something.


  3. Actually it was the Library Director who put the kibosh on TTAL for me. The sneaky way it was done, not telling me that she wasn’t going to display it, was like a rude message to me to not get too uppity with my enthusiasm for the anti-MSM truth. There are two libraries in Conway NH, this private one and the public one which I have never been into. This private one just got a $million plus donation from a local philanthropist which enabled them to build a new wing.

    Now I’ll be better able to peruse their books which lean heavily toward hagiographies of our crooked and war criminal presidents and politicians. This as part of my re-education. I better get with the program. I can’t help but think that this major contribution might come from the same source as the funding for Ballard’s Nikumaroro boondoggles. What would make me think that? Shame on me.
    All Best,


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