Goerner’s ’68 appeal to House members, conclusion

We continue with the conclusion of Fred Goerner’s July 1968 presentation to a group of Republican House members, which was, inexplicably, chaired by Kentucky Governor Louie Broady Nunn.

During his four-page presentation, “Crisis in Credibility—Truth in Government,” Goerner succinctly laid out the facts that revealed the presence and deaths of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan that he’d found during his four investigative forays to Saipan during the early 1960s, a remarkable story that made The Search for Amelia Earhart a bestseller.  Goerner did his all he could to win the assembled Congressmen, most of whose names remain unknown, to the cause of securing justice for the doomed fliers.  It remains the closest thing to a fair hearing the truth in the Earhart disappearance has ever received by a U.S. government group of any kind. 

We continue with Fred Goerner’s transcript:

With a copy of that memorandum in hand, I polled the members of the Government information Subcommittee, and found shock and disbelief.  Not one of the Congressmen or any member of their staffs had communicated or even intimated such an attitude to the Navy Department.  The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld of Illinois and The Honorable John E. Moss of California, Chairman of the Committee, vowed to get an answer.

Donald Rumsfeld, now 88 and retired, served as Secretary of Defense from 1975 to 1977 under Gerald Ford, and again from January 2001 to December 2006 under George W. Bush.  He is both the youngest and the second-oldest person to have served as Secretary of Defense.  He also knew much about Fred Goerner’s work on the Earhart case, and was intimately involved with 9-11, another Big Lie and sacred cow in America’s history.  

Three months ago the matter reached a confrontation in the office of the Secretary of the Navy where apologies were issued to me and to the members of the Government Information Subcommittee and the offending memorandum was withdrawn from the file.  During the process two Navy officers accused each other of being the source of the wretched character assassination.

How and why such a spurious document reached the head of a file being declassified after thirty years for the edification of my fellow journalists still has not been explained.  I am now considering a legal suit to be filed in Federal District Court in San Francisco to determine that fact.

But what of the justice of truth for Miss Earhart and Captain Noonan.  At this moment two high-ranking former military officers and two highly-placed civilians (the names are in the hands of Congressman Rumsfeld) stand ready to reveal the truth if long-standing security restrictions which bind them can be removed.  In spite of this testimony, the Navy Department maintains there are NO restrictions; however, the Navy’s cognizant authority will not issue a letter to that effect to free the men.   Why such deception after thirty-one years?  What possibly about Earhart and Noonan could be that important?

The following quote is from a man who a dozen years ago served in one of the highest and most responsible positions in this country/is top intelligence gathering department: “It was well known within high ranking intelligence circles that Miss Earhart, at the time of her disappearances was under government instructions to fly over and observe suspected Japanese military developments in the islands of the Pacific.  There were some serious blunders made by the Navy in their attempt to provide Miss Earhart with proper guidance following the completion of her observations and the Navy was determined to conceal their participation and failure in this part of the operation.  The concealment of errors is congenital with the armed services and particularly so in connection with any covert type of operation such as this was.  The mission was not specifically for the United States Navy, but rather was ordered at the request of the highest echelons in the government.”

Fred Goerner, right, with the talk show host Art Linkletter, circa 1966, shortly before the establishment media, beginning with Time magazine, turned on Goerner and panned his findings, telling readers, in essence, “Move along, Sheeple, nothing to see here.”

In other words, when the full truth regarding Earhart and Noonan is known, a new view of the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the years before Pearl Harbor will emerge.

Should that be classified because of national security?  I believe not.

I would like to ask you to make the obtaining of justice for Miss Earhart and Captain Noonan the business of the Republican Party this year, but I will not be that foolish.  I do ask, however, (The Scripps League of Newspapers joins me) that the Republican platform reflect a constructive concern for the American public’s right to know.

Listen to our youngsters cry, Tell it like it is.”  They have seen our hypocrisies and they want better from us.  There is a great yearning in our country for a clean, emancipating wind of truth.  And the political party that first fully realizes that fact will, in the vernacular, have it made!  Continually one hears today the question, “What has happened to patriotism in America?”

Trust, belief and confidence are at the heart of patriotism, and those American strengths have been severely shaken in recent years by literally hundreds of incidents of news manipulation, deception, double-talking and double-dealing by the executive branch of our government.  The spirit of patriotism must be restored in this country, but it cannot be rekindled by propaganda or simply by telling Americans they should be patriotic because it’s the thing to do.  It will only be regenerated when Americans are convinced their government is making every effort to truthfully inform them in every area of national concern and when they once again believe their national leaders are pursuing with dedication the principles of human behavior upon which the Constitution of The United States was created.

Foul! many will cry.  My God, what about secrets of state and national security.  If we have to tell everything we know, you might as well hand the country over to our enemies.

Nonsense,  is the answer to that.

Two men who knew plenty more than they ever revealed about the fate of Amelia Earhart: Secretary of the Interior Henry Mogenthau, Jr. (left) and President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1934. Neither man ever revealed his knowledge nor was called to account for his role in the Earhart disappearance, her death on Saipan or the subsequent cover-up that continues to this day.

The protection of information vital to national security must be maintained.  What must be eliminated is the temptation to use “national security” as a cover to manipulate facts or hide information in the interest of vague political and diplomatic pragmatisms which are intended to protect individuals or organizations from the consequences of responsibility.

What can be done to diminish the gap and improve relations between government and the public?

Increase the purview and investigatory ability and authority of the Foreign Relations and Government  Information Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations of The House of Representatives.

Insure [sic] by legislation that control of that Committee always remains in the hands of the Minority,  so the ability to investigate cannot be frustrated by partisanship.  Plug the loopholes in the Freedom of Information law by establishing a board with a representation of security-cleared journalists who can determine what is and is not being served by the label, national security.

(These suggestions and many more are contained in a new book titled, CRISIS IN CREDIBILITY, written by Bruce Ladd, Jr., of Washington, D.C.  It should be read by every person who seeks public office.)

My appearance before this committee is a clear tribute to the degree of freedom we enjoy in America and I am grateful.  The best way we can protect that freedom is to make sure we are told the truth.  All of it.

Thank you.  (End of Goerner presentation.)

Goerner’s riveting presentation to the lawmakers produced nothing of significance; the sacred cow was sacrosanct, then and now.  None of his suggestions were ever acted upon and the serious allegations he made about the Navy’s key role in Earhart’s alleged secret mission remain unproven but quite possible.  

4 responses

  1. William H. Trail | Reply

    Greetings to All:

    Fred Goerner certainly made the gallant attempt. I don’t think anyone could have done more at the time.

    84 years ago today (20 June) on Legs #22 and #23 of their R-T-W flight, AE and FN flew 300 sm from Rangoon, Burma to Bangkok, Siam (now Thailand), refueled, and then flew an additional 904 sm to the British Crown Colony of Singapore (now the independent Republic of Singapore).

    All best,



  2. Mike –

    *Great piece & well written by you, on Goerner’s *Truth in Government. What possible harm could come, in releasing 84 year old documents, of Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan’s deaths on Saipan. Are they afraid, this will upset school children? Dash their HOPES and ADMIRATION for her? At least, the kids will know the *truth and not left wondering what happened to Amelia?
    The media’s deception all these years, is an embarrassment to their trade and *honesty, if we can call it that? Today we experience the harshest realities on the news, no holds barred, why would this be any different. Our media networks need to come clean on this one, once and for all……………………………



    1. Doug,

      Our media has never been honest, but today’s media is far worse than that of the 1960s, when Goerner was doing his best work. Even then the fix was in on the Earhart case, and Goerner never really had a chance to gain justice for the fliers.

      Today’s media has no interest in the Earhart case at all, unless it’s to push the false Nikumaroro or Crashed-and Sank narratives, which is becoming less frequent over time. Now it’s full-scale commie propaganda all the time, wherever you look. Nothing but lies everywhere, without exceptions. I try to keep the other politics out of this blog, because no one out there is doing what we do here.



  3. David Atchason | Reply

    When I was a kid, 70 years ago, and not generally listening to adult conversations, I heard the remarks maybe several times, that FDR had got into the war to help end the depression, that he allowed Pearl Harbor attack to happen, very strange to me at the time because I could not quire make sense of them with what I had always been told about the popular war at the time. The remarks must have come from the “isolationists” or from people who were as cynical then as I have slowly become. I believe that the full story of Amelia Earhart would disclose certain facts that would call into question the motivations of FDR and the ruling elite at the time.

    Of course nowadays and perhaps always the enemies of the USA were as evil as humans could possibly be. I suspect the AE operation was more sinister than just a case of her doing a little innocent spying, if it were, we would have heard the whole story by now. Maybe it was meant as a provocation to the Japanese, maybe it was so poorly planned that the Japanese outsmarted the Americans and it would make the US Navy command look like fools. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Amelia was tricked into this escapade. That she was put into harms way intentionally, possibly the planners were aware that the Kaga lurked around the Marshalls at the time. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the records of IJN ships’ movements were tampered with. Or that the logbook of the Itasca was largely fiction. I imagine that much of Amelia’s final radio transmissions were simply removed from the record. I guess that makes me cynical. Of course I could be wrong.
    All Best,


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