84th anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight

July is Amelia Earhart’s month, for those of us who still honor the memory of this great American, and we don’t forget Fred Noonan, Amelia’s intrepid navigator whose sad destiny was inextricably bound to her own. 

July 2 is the 84th anniversary of Earhart and Noonan’s fateful takeoff from Lae, New Guinea in 1937, officially bound for Howland Island, 2,556 miles distant, a tiny speck in the Pacific, never flown before and the most difficult leg of their world-flight attempt.  What happened that compelled the fliers to land their Electra 10E off Barre Island at Mili Atoll, about 850 miles to the north-northwest, twenty-some hours later, remains the true mystery in the Earhart disappearance.  All else is smoke, mirrors and endless lies.

Guinea Airways employee Alan Board is credited with this photo of the Electra just before leaving the ground on its takeoff from Lae, New Guinea on the morning of July 2, 1937. This is the last known photo of the Earhart Electra.

No missing-persons case has ever been as misreported and misunderstood.  As I’ve said and written countless times, the widely accepted canard that the Earhart disappearance remains among the 20th century’s greatest mysteries is a vile, abject lie, the result of eight decades of government-media propaganda aimed at perpetuating public ignorance about the fliers’ wretched ends at the hands of the pre-war Japanese military on Saipan.  Considering the lengths to which the U.S. government has gone to obscure, cover-up and deny the truth, it appears this state of affairs will persist until the Last Day.  At that time, many will have much to answer for. 

To review some of the anniversary articles posted here in past Julys, please see my 77th anniversary post of June 24, 2014;July 2, ’17: 80 years of lies in the Earhart ‘Mystery’ ”; or last year’s story, July 2020: Earhart forgotten amid nation’s chaos.”

As for any Earhart news, this year is among the quietest in memory — virtually nothing is happening, at least to my knowledge.  A pair of pathetic cranks are claiming they’ve found the Earhart plane just off Nikumaroro and have even started a website with strange, inscrutable photos and nonsensical gibberish. 

View of group posed in front of Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Model 10-E Electra (NR 16020) at Lae, New Guinea, July 1937. Second and fourth from left are identified as Mr. and Mrs. Joubert (manager of Bulolo Gold Dredging and his wife), while Mrs. Chater (wife of the Manager of Guinea Airways) is seen third from left. Amelia Earhart can be seen third from right, and Fred Noonan is at far right.

No one in the mainstream media — or anywhere else — has paid a gnat’s worth of attention to the latest crap, and I won’t dignify this absurd, backhanded swipe at TIGHAR’s 30-plus years of propagandizing and fruitless searching off and on Nikumaroro by linking it here.  You certainly don’t need to know about it, but if you insist, you can search under “Road to Amelia Earhart” and you’ll find it unless it’s already been circular filed under “lies no one will believe.”  I only mention it because things are so currently comatose in Earhartland, and this latest is more proof that nature abhors a vacuum. 

The below cartoon from the Kansas City Star goes back to early 1994, but its misplaced humor perfectly captures the zeitgeist that’s always defined the Earhart matter.  Far from being one of history’s “most perplexing questions,” as an angel explains to a newly arrived soul, the truth about the loss of Amelia Earhart is well-known and one of the most precious sacred cows in the corrupt archives of the U.S. national security apparatus. 

On a rare positive note, Polish author and publisher Sławomir M. Kozak recently informed me about his forthcoming book, Requiem for Amelia Earhart, which will introduce the Polish people to the truth about the Earhart disappearance.  Requiem is scheduled for publication on Sept. 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of possibly America’s greatest betrayal, another sacred cow whose truth has eluded as many Americans as the Earhart cover-up, and another subject that the erudite Slawomir has studied closely.  His website is www.oficyna-aurora.pl.

On July 24, Marie Castro and the Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument Inc. (AEMMI) will get together on Saipan to celebrate Amelia’s 124th Birthday, and I’ll have photos and comments when that time rolls around.

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  1. I read with a sense of great disheartening, this new post. I’m very sorry that this year has been one of less than favorable leanings towards the truth. What makes me very angry is that if the government has finally declassified all of the files they had on Tesla and his “death ray,” which he never referred to it as, then why not Amelia’s files. I’m sorry that I don’t know exactly how much pressure has been put to the government to declassify their records about Amelia by people that you know, but I truly believe that if no one has tried to do that in the last 10 years or 5 years that perhaps it’s time to start that rolling.

    I believe that the fact that they won’t declassify her files then it’s because the powers that be back then had a hand in her death and do not want it to be divulged. There can be no other reason in my mind. The Tesla Files and Tesla: A Murder Declassified are two investigative reality shows with historians, forensic experts and military investigators who gain access to files never before seen both in the US and Serbia. This is the type of thing that needs to be done with Amelia. It needs more media, and someone to pitch it to netflix or amazon to get it to happen. My best to everyone and especially to darling Amelia. I know she is watching over us and truly wanting the truth and the story told.

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  2. KUDOS and CONGRATLATIONS, Mike, for your stellar work and dedication to the Truth about an otherwise abused and mutilated story. Your book and research are Amelia and Fred’s greatest tribute to two lives whose talents and accomplishments were so sadly soiled by their shameless government.

    On this 84th anniversary of their final flight, I salute you for your amazing persistence in making this Truth available for those who care.

    As I approach my own final flight, I treasure my association with you and your professional touch to things you do so well. Amelia would be proud. No one has ever had a better friend, and for that, I respect you greatly.

    On her behalf, and Fred’s, and her various friends whom I personally knew, I say Thank You. Even now I’m looking at a personal letter which I received several years ago from one of her dearest friends, Fay Gillis Wells.

    The fact that I carried Amelia’s Thermos around the world, along with the warmth of her friends that I knew — you being among the best — makes me feel close to the story into which you have spent so many hours bringing new life.

    And to Marie Castro, so close to this story, I tip my hat in appreciation. 84 thank you’s to your family of readers who love the work of Mike Campbell on behalf of Amelia Earhart.

    Calvin, Jul 2, 2021

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    1. Calvin,

      I’m moved and humbled by your extremely kind and generous words. If I could choose one person from whom to receive such glowing praise, it would indeed be you, my friend, whose lifetime of accomplishments far outstrips mine. I’ll continue to do the best I can to live up to your standards, knowing I’ll always fall short. I treasure your friendship and pray for your health and well being daily.


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      1. To AB AULD Jr: And you also made my day by wanting another posting. I’m working on it, but 5 operations and hospital visits have slowed me down at 87. But I’m still putting it together as I have the energy.

        Also, appreciated your posted link re: Howard Hughes. As a young man, I was a Flight Instructor in Santa Monica, CA where Hughes kept his huge Constellation triple-tail plane. I would walk past it daily, and sometimes stand under its wings while thinking of his exploits. At my age then, I did not appreciate the history as I should have.

        But after my own ’81 RTW flight, I met and became close friends with Ernie Shults, Wiley Post’s mechanic in Bartlesville, OK who, when he moved to Burbank, CA, became Hughes’ Spruce Goose mechanic caring for the continued integrity of those fabulous engines.

        Together one day, with his wife, Marie, we drove to Long Beach, and he gave me a personal tour of the Spruce Goose. Needless to say, it gave me my own Goose Bumps to be that close to history. Ernie was also a personal friend of Amelia, and would talk about her and other friends like Jimmy Doolittle. Those were experiences like a little kid with a big ice cream cone, always wanting more.

        Forgive me for this brief look backwards in my life. But your posting triggered the memories. Thanks, Calvin

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  3. It’s a sad anniversary but Amelia and Fred will never be forgotten nor their contribution to this great Country of ours and a special “thank you” to you Mike whose tireless quest to get the truth “out there” will not be forgotten either.

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  4. Thanks Mike- I would like to say this is a “victimless” crime, but that is not the case. Earhart and Noonan certainly are the victims of this long standing coverup. A true shame.

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  5. William H. Trail | Reply

    Greetings to All:

    Unfortunately, given the current geo-political situation in the Pacific vis-a-vis a bellicose Communist China’s goal of conquering the Republic of China on Taiwan and the vital necessity of our maintaining Japan as a strategic ally in the region, I don’t hold out any realistic hope that our government will lift the veil of secrecy to make a full disclosure of the true circumstances of the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan.

    As for that other website (I won’t mention it’s name either), it’s nonsensical rubbish that flies in the face of truth.

    All best,


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  6. I googled AE to see if there were any references to today’s anniversary…I did see one; a
    story in West Virginia’s News about a lecture she gave at Glenville State College in 1936; interesting with several quotes from her. The end of the story, however, mentions only two “theories” regarding her disappearance……crashed and sank and Gardner Island.


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    1. William H. Trail | Reply


      Many thanks for the link. I read the article. Too bad they only mentioned “splashed and sank” and “Gardner Island” (as if they were viable theories) and totally ignored the overwhelming evidence of Japanese Capture/Death on Saipan. I’m not surprised however. They are either woefully ignorant, or truth adverse — the result is the same. A year or so ago, I tried to encourage a certain semi-monthly aviation publication (name withheld) to do an article on this very topic. At first, the person with whom I was dealing seemed open and receptive. But, after a meeting of that publication’s editorial board, there was a decided change in attitude, as if I’d tried to hand them a live rattlesnake.

      All best,


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    2. I learned something from this post. I’d never heard of Glenville State College before.

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  7. Today is truly another momentous anniversary that will come and go again, without our government revealing the Truth they continue to hide from the American public. How very sad. Thank you, Mike, for continuing in the good fight daily and all of your work to keep the Truth about Amelia and Fred alive. God bless you on this anniversary, Mike. Be well, my old friend.

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  8. To Calvin Pitts: I see you have placed a LIKE on my comment above and I am truly flattered that someone of your stature and experience would take the time to do so. I can only express my sincere appreciation to you for doing so, Sir. You have definitely made my day today by honoring my meager comment with your approval. I eagerly look forward to more of your posts and comments here. Be well, Sir, and take good care of yourself. — A Fan

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  9. As I mentioned earlier in this space, what we do here on this planet is probably viewed differently when we get to “the other side.” We get to see then how much difference we made in the world–how much better off the world was because of our contribution. Whether the government comes clean and begins telling the truth on this story won’t change whatever positive/negative things AE did while she was here. Her soul knows that.

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  10. What is interesting about her trip to Glenville, WV is that the newspaper said the next day she drove herself home in a Franklin car, not an airplane.

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  11. *Great posts everyone! I stopped holding my breath, a long time ago, that our government would finally reveal, what actually happened to Amelia Earhart & Fred Nonan. Mike’s already done this and more. We all have made a difference, by spreading the *TRUTH, to friends, family & the younger generations. Only they can teach the *TRUTH to their children and educate them with the *FACTS; warning them of the [ government’s secret veil ] which covers Amelia’s & Fred’s deaths on Saipan…………..

    We know the charlatan’s that exist out there, from Rick Gillespie, Bob Ballard, Tom Crouch and so many other’s. Let them continue, to make absolute FOOLS of themselves. They’re PRO’s at this! I sleep better at nights, knowing I helped in this *GREAT CRUSADE of the *TRUTH and all THANKS to *Mike and all of *You’s.


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  12. Today is Saturday, July 10, 2021, and the 83rd anniversary of another famous flight: the around-the-world flight by entrepreneur Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes and his navigator, US Army Air Corps Lieutenant Thomas L. Thurlow, took off from Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field on July 10, 1938. It is ironic that Howard Hughes launched his flight almost one year to the day after American aviatrix Amelia Earhart and her navigator disappeared over the Pacific on July 2, 1937.

    Hughes was determined to circumnavigate the globe in his twin-engine Lockheed 14 Super Electra. His jumps from point-to-point around the world would not be without thrills, chills, and terror. He and his navigator would face scary mountain ranges and mechanical problems to overcome before finally landing back in New York a little more than 91 hours after leaving there.

    The photo included in the link below is of Hughes’ twin engine Lockheed Super 14 Electra during a stop over in Fairbanks, Alaska.

    A description of that flight 83 years ago from author and historian Tara Ross is included in this same link:


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  13. To Mr. Calvin Pitts:

    I just read your comment above you posted on July 16, 2021, at 0953.

    Again, for a second time, I am flattered by your comments of mine about the anniversary of Howard Hughes, but I am more astounded by your recollections of such famous personages and aircraft.

    I cannot imagine your brushes with greatness with Mr. Hughes and his and Wiley Post’s mechanic, Ernie Shults, and to be able to see, tour, and touch the Spruce Goose. I can readily see how these instances would influence a young man with aviation stars in his eyes. I truly envy you and your own accomplishments and your round-the-world flight and I revere someone with your experiences and contributions to our Nation and to flight.

    I look forward to many more posts of your exploits and tales of acquaintances with our Nation’s flight pioneers. I wish you well, Sir, and pray for your recovery to good health. You are truly a national treasure in my book. At 75 years old myself, I also suffer occasionally with health problems, but we all do at this time in our lives. I appreciate so much my dear old friend, Mike Campbell, introducing me to you via these posts here. Take good care of yourself, Mr. Pitts, and please continue to respond here with your stories of your adventures. I have become a big fan.

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