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“Amelia Didn’t Know Radio” — Almon Gray

Once again I’m privileged to offer yet another erudite presentation on radio and Amelia Earhart by the late Almon A. Gray, this one titled “Amelia Didn’t Know Radio.” This article initially appeared in the November 1993 edition of U.S. Naval Institute History magazine before Bill Prymak presented it in the December 1993 issue of his […]

Almon Gray’s “Amelia Didn’t Know Radio,” Part II

We continue with Part II of Almon Gray’s comprehensive analysis of Amelia Earhart’s radio communications and lack of same during her final flight.  Bill Prymak, Amelia Earhart Society founder and president, has called Gray’s analysis of Earhart’s radio problems during her last flight “one of the finest pieces of work ever presented on this subject.”  “Amelia […]

Almon Gray: “Earhart landed in the Marshalls”

Almon A. Gray was a pioneer in aeronautical communications, a Navy Reserve captain, flew with Fred Noonan in the 1930s and was an important figure in the development of the Marshall Islands landing scenario.   Upon expiration of his Navy enlistment he signed on with Pan American Airways, in 1935 Gray helped build the bases to […]

Gray’s thoughts nearing death: AE on a mission?

Regular readers of this blog are familiar with Almon Gray and his extensive analysis of the radio problems Amelia Earhart encountered on her last flight. A pioneer in aeronautical communications, Gray enlisted in the Navy in 1930, where he was a radioman and gunner aboard cruiser-based aircraft.  He went on to attain the rank of […]

Did Kenyon own last piece of Earhart Electra?

In my Oct. 31, 2020 post, we saw the July 1998 letter from former Lockheed specialist David Kenyon to Amelia Earhart Society President Bill Prymak.  In his letter, Kenyon suggests that the Earhart Electra was not outfitted with the spy cameras, souped-up engines or other special features that would have enabled it to operate at a […]