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Paul Briand’s “Requiem for Amelia” Conclusion

Today we present the conclusion of Paul Briand Jr.’s “Requiem for Amelia,” perhaps the best early synopsis of the accounts presented by the original Saipan and Marshall Islands witnesses, based on the interviews done by Fred Goerner and the “Operation Earhart” duo of Air Force officers Joe Gervais and Robert Dinger on Guam and Saipan in […]

Paul Briand Jr.’s “Requiem for Amelia,” Part I

Today we take another look at the pioneering work of author Paul L. Briand Jr., whose findings revealed in his 1960 book, Daughter of the Sky, sparked the true modern search for Amelia Earhart.  Written in 1966, as far as I know, “Requiem for Amelia” is Briand’s last published piece; it’s an excellent summary of everything […]

Smithsonian rejection letters to Briand Jr., others: Classics of sophistry in the Amelia Earhart saga

In an April 3 comment  Les Kinney sent in response to my post of that same day, “Revisiting the ’82 Smithsonian Earhart Symposium,” Les wrote: “Joe Gervais, Don Kothera, and Vincent Loomis all asked to speak at [the 1982] symposium.  All were denied.  Only Fred Goerner represented the Japanese capture theory.”  (Boldface and italic emphasis […]

Paul Rafford Jr., “Elder Statesman” of Earhart researchers, dies in Florida hospice at 97

Paul Rafford Jr., the “Elder Statesman” of Earhart research and the last of the original members of Bill Prymak’s Amelia Earhart Society of Researchers, passed away on Dec. 10 in a hospice in Rockledge, Fla., at 97.  Michael Betteridge, Paul’s nephew and general manager of WTHU AM 1450, a talk radio station in Thurmont, Md., said […]

Did Kenyon own last piece of Earhart Electra?

In my Oct. 31, 2020 post, we saw the July 1998 letter from former Lockheed specialist David Kenyon to Amelia Earhart Society President Bill Prymak.  In his letter, Kenyon suggests that the Earhart Electra was not outfitted with the spy cameras, souped-up engines or other special features that would have enabled it to operate at a […]