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Almost everything the American public has heard, read and seen in the media for several decades about the so-called Amelia Earhart mystery is false and purposely misleading. Moreover, the popular and widely accepted idea that the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in the Central Pacific during their ill-fated world-flight attempt in July 1937 remains among the 20th century’s greatest mysteries is also false, the result of a decades-long U.S. government disinformation program that continues to this day.

The second edition of my second book on the Earhart disappearance, Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, published by Sunbury Press in March 2016, presents many stunning new findings, eyewitness accounts and analysis, and never-before-published revelations from unimpeachable sources including famed U.S. military flag officers and noted San Francisco newsman and author Fred Goerner’s files that reveal the truth about Amelia Earhart’s death on Saipan, as well as the sacred-cow status of this matter within the U.S. government.

Truth at Last explodes the popular myths that Amelia Earhart’s Electra, NR 16020 crashed and sank in the waters off Howland Island on July 2, 1937, or landed on  the reef of Nikumaroro Atoll, where the hapless fliers perished soon thereafter of thirst and/or starvation. Unlike many Earhart treatments, Truth at Last is a serious book, thoroughly researched and documented to stand up to all the scrutiny and  skepticism the critics throw at it.

You can purchase the Second Edition of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last at

The new book, a large 7″ by 10″ paperback offering 370 pages at the same low retail price of $19.95, and far less for used copies, adds two chapters, a new foreword, several new subsections, the most recent discoveries, rare photos and a near-total rewrite to the mountain of overwhelming witness testimony and documentation presented in the first edition of Truth at Last.  

With your help and support for this most worthy cause, Truth at Last can become the definitive work on the disappearance of America’s First Lady of Flight.  

This headline, from the San Mateo Times of July 1, 1960, is as true today as it was then.

This headline, from the San Mateo Times of July 1, 1960, is as true today as it was then.


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  1. Excellent book, I have done a lot of armchair research, and this really ties a lot of things together. Have some comments about your post about the Daily Mail and some questions, but would like your email if possible.

    Lee Earhart


  2. Hi Mike! Love all your books! Was wondering… with a new Man in the White House, one who hates deception anywhere, especially in the press…might not there be a chance for The Truth to be investigated and told At Last?


    1. Sally,

      A few others have asked the same question, so I think it’s appropriate to post this here. In my view, President Trump, among all presidents in history, would be the most likely to break through the wall of silence that has surrounded the truth in the Earhart case for so long. But there are so many other issues on his plate, countless more pressing matters to fix in order to get this nation back to some semblance of sanity, that the Earhart problem isn’t something that we can expect any action for in the near future. Perhaps after several years, if we’re lucky enough to reach someone close to him who has his ear, he might be informed about the truth. Once he knows the real story, I believe he would do whatever he could to put this sacred cow to rest. But don’t expect anything anytime soon.


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      1. What we instead got was openly altered-results elections, and no Trump any more.


  3. I saw the documentary on the History Channel….excellent overview of the Truth about Amelia Earhart


  4. Joseph A Sullivan | Reply

    I heard the podcast Amelia Earhart: The truth at last on YouTube

    And I am now a firm believer of the real truth Mike has written
    About what happened to her and Fred
    I can’t wait to read the book


  5. Could of what Fred Noonan buried the day they landed at the atol by that Breadfruit tree in his metal box been film of pictures they took of Japanise Base at Truk ?

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    1. If they overflew Truk, which in the opinion of Fred Goerner was very likely, they did so to take photos. It would have been logical to hide the photos upon their landfall in the face of almost certain Japanese interference. The the metallurgical analysis of the mass that Oliver Knaggs brought back to South Africa indicated high grade steel that could have certainly been Noonan’s “silver container” referenced by Jororo and Lijon to Ralph Middle and later to researcher and author Vincent V. Loomis. Nothing was mentioned about film, which would may have degraded beyond recognition, or a camera, which should not have.


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  6. There are people out there trying to discredit the photo on the dock at Jaluit because the Japanese Travel book had a publication date of 1935. Les Kinney had an theory that the book had later versions or renditions but the date of the book might not of been updated.
    Explaining why the photo was in this version of this book. Has this been authenticated by Les Kinney?


    1. On July 15, 2017, the Marshallese Government issued a release that stated in part:

      “Jabor Dock was built in 1936. The events of this period are still recalled by our eldest citizens. The claim that Jabor dock was already built in 1935 does not match the historical record. Therefore, it would not have been possible for any photos to have been taken of the Jabor dock in 1935. The dock simply did not exist. The elders who confirmed that Amelia and her navigator were brought to Jabor are of the highest standing and reputation in our community.”

      Therefore the claims made by the alleged Japanese blogger are highly suspect, if not altogether irrelevant. For more this, see my post of July 28, 2017, “Marshalls release is latest twist in photo travesty.”



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