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Mike Campbell, 72, served as an award-winning print and broadcast journalist while on active duty and as a civilian with the U.S. Mike in WichitaNavy from 1977 to 1999, and as a public affairs officer with Air Force from 1999 to 2008.

As a result of an assignment to write a newspaper overview story about the so-called Earhart “mystery” for the Navy, Mike began seriously studying the history of research into the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.  In 1988 he began a long-term correspondence with Thomas E. Devine, author of the 1987 classic, Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident, and soon became convinced that Devine, Fred Goerner, Paul Briand Jr., Vincent V. Loomis and Bill Prymak were correct when they claimed that Earhart and Fred Noonan died on Saipan at an undetermined date after they failed to reach Howland Island on July 2, 1937.  After 14 years of collaboration with Devine, With Our Own Eyes: Eyewitnesses to the Final Days of Amelia Earhart, was published in 2002 by a small Ohio company.

Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, published in 2012 by Sunbury Press, with an expanded, far more comprehensive second edition in 2016, represents over 20 years of research and presents the most compelling and complete case for the presence and deaths of Earhart and Noonan on Saipan, as well as their initial landing at Mili Atoll in the Marshall Islands, ever penned.

The book has been completely blacked out by the mainstream media, because the establishment remains heavily invested in protecting the legacy of Franklin D. Roosevelt, considered to be the father of the modern Democratic party by many.  Were it ever to become known that FDR refused to lift a finger to help Amelia when she was on Saipan in Japanese custody, his already checkered reputation would be reduced to ashes.  Make no mistake, the Truth can be found here by those who seek it, and the old canard that Amelia’s disappearance remains a “great aviation mystery” is clearly and emphatically exposed for the lie that is it.

In 2005, he co-wrote “The Atchison Report,” an extensive debunking of the notorious and false Amelia Earhart-as-Irene Bolam theory.  This theory was first presented in the 1970 book, Amelia Earhart Lives. “The Atchison Report” was distributed to researchers at the 2005 Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchison, Kansas, Earhart’s birthplace.

He retired in October 2008 after 30 years of combined military and civilian service, and lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife, Nee, and their cats. 

You can contact him at mbcampbell29@aol.com.

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  1. Robert D. "Bob" Kelly | Reply

    Just finished “The truth at Last”, “The Lost Flight”, “The Search For AE”, and “Eyewitness” after being turned on to the Saipan angle by Dr. White Wallenhorn’s somewhat disjointed 86 minute video presented on C-Span3. The video and all of the books pretty well sew it up for me…and Mike Campbell’s book ties it all together. I was born in April 1937 and I hope this all becomes public before I,too, am gone. I think the case has been well made for Jap capture, killing of AE and FN, and destruction of the AE plane…probably in ’37 or ’38. I want to be kept updated. Is this the best site for that? I do have a couple of questions. If AE crash-landed anywhere…how did the plane become flyable again (as Devine and others witnessed?) And…I sure wish Devine could have plucked a part off that plane that had a trace-able serial number before or after they burned it. Any other sites I can check for up-dated information? I’m also interested because I spent 4 years aboard a Fletcher Class Destroyer as a Gun Fire Control Technician from 1957-1961. We traveled all over the Pacific stopping in Midway, Guam, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Australia, Tasmania and many places in Japan…but never in Saipan.


    1. Bob,
      Thanks for your comment. You’re not alone in questioning some of the logistical problems that present when considering the Electra’s wheels-up landing in the Mili Lagoon. The plane was winched about the Koshu, as the native witness Joro told Bill Prymak, and probably within two days of its arrival on Mili. On the Koshu, it could have easily been hosed with fresh water to keep the salt water from corrupting the plane’s inner workings, and from Mili it was taken to Saipan. The Japanese would have considered the Electra a great prize and likely went to extreme lengths to repair it on Saipan, if Devine and others are to be believed. Rollin Reineck, the noted researcher who spent much of late 1944 and early 1945 on Saipan as a B-29 navigator, told me the Japanese would have had the facilities to make the Electra airworthy in 1937.

      There’s plenty of other sites that deal with various aspects of the Earhart matter, but you won’t find any more honest, current or accurate that deal with the presence and death of Amelia and Fred Noonan on Saipan.

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  2. David Barber | Reply

    I think I will order this book. Two things were on my mind about the Amelia Earhart “mystery”. Why hasn’t their back-up plan or emergency plan been discussed? I found it finally in the last pages of Fred’s book. Approaching the end of Goerner’s book, which is copyrighted 1966, I thought, “what did he leave out of the book or learn afterwords”? Looks like your book covers that.
    P.S. I never thought much of Amelia, but as time goes by, I like this lady.




  3. Saipan??? Noonan & Earhart captured by the Japanese??? Hardly…. I think the latest anthropological evidence points otherwise to the Howland Island area. Physical evidence always trumps the theoretical. JDL

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  4. Ex-Navy JO – leave your HEAD burried in the SAND…………………..along with your comments! Anthropological evidence – YOUR JOKING – RIGHT? What anthropological evidence????????? Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan were MURDERED on Saipan by the Japanese (DEVILS).
    Wake – up and READ the evidence, testimonies and *FACTS of WW 2 Marines, soldiers & villagers on Saipan. Obviously YOU DON’T KNOW how to READ? or you wouldn’t leave such a comment as the above. Shame on YOUR *IGNORANCE and *STUPIDITY!

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  5. I have followed this since 1966,with the reading of Goerner’s book.I’ve never been a fan of “expose” type books,but,I have a theory abt. them. If you only believe half of it, make your opinion based on the other half.
    WELLLL…I’ve read Goerner, Devine & Mike Campbell,& did just that. Even if you only believe half,you know what the truth is. It also makes a bs’er out of Gillespie & TIGHAR.
    I’ve kept in touch with Mike Campbell since reading “Eyes”, & I’m as sure,now, as I was in 1966 that this theory is actual & true.I re-read these bks. every so often,& I’ve never wavered,in my belief.
    I congratulate Mike & all those just like him,for all their work,& dedication. Re: our gov’t. stand on this—–SHAME ON YOU!!

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  6. I found it curious that your book list does not have “Amelia Earhart – Cased Closed?” by Walter Roessler and Leo Gomez. They conclude that Earhart simply ran out of gas and crashed into the sea. As an aviator I found their evidence compelling. The lack of this counter evidence does not strengthen your case–even though you may be closest to the truth. Good website. I am going to get your book.

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    1. Ted,

      I’m not sure what “book list” you mean, since you apparently aren’t referring to the bibliography in Truth at Last.

      When you get Truth at Last, you’ll see that I do address the vapid crashed-and-sank theory — for which no real evidence exists, only assumption and speculation — but I don’t refer to the Roessler-Gomez book to do it. I’ve rarely if ever heard this book mentioned during many years in the Earhart community, and if you check its Amazon sales rank and ratings, you’ll find it wasn’t well received. By far the best-known work to advance the crashed-and-sank case is Elgen Long’s 1999 book, Amelia Earhart: The Mystery Solved, which didn’t sell very well either, but which was thoroughly and quickly debunked by former Saipan B-29 navigator Rollin Reineck and several others. I spent as much space on Long’s book as I felt necessary in Truth at Last, and did the same with the current Nikumaroro falsehood. Please get back to us when you’ve read Truth at Last, and thanks for your interest.



  7. Michael Wholley | Reply

    HI Mike,

    I find your research absolutely fascinating. My question is if the Japanese themselves have ever acknowledged any knowledge of AE”s disappearance. I know that in the ww2 years they would probably have denied any involvment,but today they possibly would be more forthcoming.

    Thank you for your wonderful research.
    Mike Wholley

    Haverhill, Massachusetts


    1. Mike,
      Thanks for your kind message and interest. No way the Japanese have ever come close to acknowledging their role in the murders of Amelia and Fred. Why would they? What would they have to gain? One of their own, Michiko Sugita, a woman too brave for her own good, came forward in the early 1970s to tell of her firsthand knowledge, gained in Saipan in 1937 as the daughter of the civilian chief of police there. She disappeared not too long after her story was published in the Japan Times.

      Welcome to the Earhart saga.


  8. There are as many unanswered questions to Amelia’s disappearance as there were miles flown. If she & Fred were captured, if their plane was later found but destroyed, if she was instead flying to gather intelligence and executed for do so by the Japanese, and if all of that can be proven you have quite the story. Why the US government covered it up during the time of her disappearance is understandable, if she was indeed a “spy.” But if FDR wanted to get into a WAR he didn’t have to wait for Pearl Harbor.

    Could you imagine the public outcry had he claimed the Japanese murdered America’s Sweetheart! Pearl Harbor never would’ve happened because we would’ve bombed them first! To conceal the truth 80 years later, based on the year of her disappearance, serves no purpose other than to add to the cloak n’ dagger mysteries of the world. They died one of two ways. By their own hands due to aeronautical mistakes /plane failure or they were captured. If they were captured by the Japanese Army they would’ve paraded her about, and one would assume based on their ruthless interrogation methods would’ve cracked her or Noonan to tell the truth about their “mission,” or being so weakened would’ve agreed to admit to spying even if they weren’t. She was the John Wayne and Rita Hayworth of her day and the Japanese government would’ve profited by her capture politically.


    1. The last thing FDR wanted was a war with the Japanese in 1937. The US were ill prepared for a war.
      There is evidence that AE crashed on Mili Atoll, and together with FN were picked up by a Japanese fishing boat, arrested by the military and eventually transported to Saipan, where they both died in captivity. This is no theory, but fact supported by witnesses.
      For whatever reason the Japanese chose not to admit that they had AE and FN. Despite admitting it in a Tokyo paper, and subsequently retracted. Right arm not knowing what the left arm was doing.
      But history shows to FDR’s detrement, he did nothing to recover Amelia and Fred from the Japanese. The US were able to decode all of the Japanese signals. So they new eventually that AE and FN were in Japanese captivity. Probably they also new when the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbour, but were unable to prevent it, lest the Japanese would find out that the US had racked their codes.


  9. The subject matter of Earhart possibly gathering intel for the U.S. at the time sounds quite like the tragic KAL flight 007 collecting intel from the Soviets.
    Throughout our history, I wonder how often civilians were “enlisted” to rather information for a greater covert government need for intel due to national security.
    Interesting topic. You are an American treasure.

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  10. Gene F. Danforth | Reply

    Several years a go My wife and I met a retired Army colonel. Who told us he was a Lt. Marine in world war 2. He said he served on Saipan. We visited him and his wife often and would get bits and pieces of his experience. He said two Marines brought him a brief case with A.E. embossed on it a long with papers taken from a Japanese office. He radioed one of the Navy ships and very soon a motorized boat came ashore with two Navy officers dressed in whites. they retrieved the briefcase and headed back to the ship. he said he had written many letters to the government and never received a reply.

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    1. Extremely interesting, Gene. It sounds like the briefcase found by Pfc. Robert E. Wallack in a blown safe in Garapan after the island was secured. Wallack always said he gave it to a Navy officer “on the beach” and never saw it again. It’s possible the officer then turned it over to your old friend, who then gave it to the Navy officers you describe. What a chain of custody! Another little mystery. We do know that Pfc. Erskine Nabers said he saw the briefcase at HQ 8th Marines, 2nd Marine DIvision on the “beach at Saipan.” See TAL p. 216 for more.

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  11. What does the Japanese government say about this today? I wonder if there are any former Japanese soldiers left from the prison that would be willing to talk?


  12. The 1939 report on possible sightings in Marshall islands is now posted at https://www.archives.gov/news/topics/earhart


  13. Mike, I have a meeting schedules with Mary Wallack Smith, the daughter of Robert scheduled for the 18th of this month. Let me know if you have any specific questions you would like me to ask her. Robert


  14. Mike, I have just just found out about your wonderful work lately and it is fascinating to say the least. Thank you for your service. Have you ever been on C-Span? Would you consider going on C-Span 2 further the story of Earhart in Noonan?


    1. Thanks Barbara. C-Span 2 is among the last places on earth that I would be welcome.

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    2. Oops, I actually meant C-SPAN book TV but maybe they wouldn’t be any better. I purchased a copy of your book today and I am going to pass it on to a relative who is retired history teacher


  15. Mike I just ordered your book and look forward to reading it.
    I have a question…
    Do you believe any of the stories about Amelia’s radio Transmissions after she landed at Milli??
    Didn’t some navy vessel report hearing her and also some civilians claimed to have heard her, also bettys notebook? Is that all nonsense? The written transcripts?


    1. Joey,
      Thanks for your kind support. Please come back after you’ve read Truth at Last and share your opinion with us. Re your Qs: I suppose it’s possible she sent a few messages out from the Mili reef before her battery ran down, but that would have been the extent of it. Not sure what Navy ship reported any receptions after 0844 July 2. See page 124 of TAL for more on Goerner’s report of seeing the notation in Navy files he was shown in 1965:

      Near the bottom of the thick folder another piece of evidence had been added. A terse, U.S. Navy message with no heading stated, “At 1030, the morning of the disappearance, Nauru Island radio station picked up Earhart on 6210 kcs saying, “Land in sight ahead.”

      I blinked my eyes. Nearly two hours after Amelia had supposedly run out of gas, a radio station in the British-controlled Gilbert Islands had received her voice. Why was that message not included as part of the 1937 search? What had she sighted? Was that the extent of the message?

      Betty’s notebook is another absurd claim from TIGHAR, so you can throw that out immediately. The civilian reception reports are interesting but not definitive. It’s not terribly relevant, either, with all the other evidence we do have that is solid and supports the Marshalls-Saipan truth.

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      1. Thanks for your response mike, listening to your youtube interview from a few years back as I type, again looking forward to your book. In awe of all your research.


  16. Hey Mike,
    Another question here, as I await the arrival of your book and listen to your interviews, could her transmission of “running north and south” mean that she was perhaps circling ? or something like that? maybe thinking she was “on them” as she stated?


    1. Joey,
      You are clearly new to the Earhart story, and you will think of this and hundreds of other questions now and even after you read Truth at Last. One of the nagging little mysteries is what she meant by “running north and south.” I’ve never heard a coherent explanation as to what she really meant. We know she landed at Mili, but how she got there and by what route is still a huge question.


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  17. Fair enough sir, I’ll hold off on any more questions, but i thank you for answering me. This story has fascinated me over the years, so many blind alleys that have frustrated me as a reader of a couple of the other books, maybe not blind alleys but pieces to the puzzle that just never seem to fully fit. And then along comes another documentary bringing it to life once again,80 years gone by and yet it seems like she’s still out there somewhere. I have no doubts hearing your interviews of what the World War II servicemen heard and saw, those men had absolutely no reason to lie. What a horrific ending for her and Fred and what a huge disgrace to our country if we did indeed leave her for dead so to speak.


  18. Dear Mike,
    I just finished TAL(downloaded it from Amazon) and want to congratulate you on it. I couldn’t put it down!

    I’m a WWII era history buff and have followed the EA story since I was a teenager in the 60’s. I’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1961, and the chapter on the radio communications between AE and the Itaska is really interesting. AE failure to transmit a CW or MCW tone for the radio ops to get a good RDF fix on her is a real mystery. She also had the RDF loop antenna and apparently never used it. After flying around the world and landing at 20 plus airports, one would assume that she was familiar with radio communication protocols, Q codes, RST signal reporting and how to operate her radio equipment.

    Her brief radio transmissions to Itaska are somewhat inexplainable i.e. She was using a push to talk or a toggle switched mike and could easily have had longer transmissions communicating more details as to her position, exact fuel status, and visibility. Why she didn’t have a 500 KC crystal and have used that frequency (ground wave) when she was near Howland to connect with the Itaska is another mystery. 1937 was the peak of that sunset cycle and short and long wave radio transmissions would have propagated well at night on 80 and 40 meters.

    If she landed intact on Mili and had enough battery to transmit a SOS/Mayday, her radio antenna over the salt water would have been effective. The reports by several amateur and commercial radio stations copying KHAQQ on 40 meters were probably valid.

    It would be interesting to find AE ‘s logbooks from other long haul flights to see if she used her radios and communicated in short transmissions as she did on her last ill fated flight.



  19. Hi Mike and all,

    I am a big fan of your website and the comments of my fellow contributors. As we say here in Blighty, “the Devil’s in the detail” and it seems like someone has gone to a lot of trouble to conceal the detail …

    I love detective stories and this is certainly up there with anything Agatha Christie or Jeffery Deaver has to offer. I confess to having sucked up a lot of information (and misinformation) from the web and think I have a plausible explanation for ‘how it went down…’

    Where do I stand? I am in the conspiracy camp; she crashed on Mili Atoll; was taken to Saipan and executed after interrogation. So far, so good. I have no time for TIGHAR or theories that she overran Howland Island and crashed into the sea. I have a lot of time for David Billings’ theory and believe that there is a ‘nugget of truth’ in there that is very suggestive – as others have said, the discovery of the ‘original plane’ would raise a lot of questions (to which I think I have an answer…). I do not accept that she flew all the way out to Howland Island, couldn’t find it, and flew all the way back. The story of the switch of plane in Miami and first-hand testimony to work being carried out on the Daily Express plane under the assumption that it had to be done ‘for Amelia’, I find fascinating, but initially had to disregard as I could not fit it into any of the known facts, and there was the issue of not having the paint scheme of Amelia’s plane.

    Now, however, I think it is again suggestive of what was intended and what Amelia must have been privy to. Okay, enough with the teasing …

    From the outset, plausible deniability was the order of the day. We are informed that Lockheed technicians cut two 16-18 inch diameter holes in the belly of the plane to install the spy cameras and performed a host of other mods detailed in the ‘closed file’ held by your military. This, allegedly, was done when her plane was being repaired after the first abortive attempt to take off. Good folks have reasonably questioned how she could go two thirds of the way around the world without running the risk of discovery – especially as the nations she was visiting had been promised that no cameras were on board. Then, there was the weight issue that cameras might cause.

    Now let us consider the intriguing anecdotal evidence relating to the meeting up with the Daily Express long range Electra at Miami and how a Bendix range finder was installed and its aerial shortened to accomodate it, and how it was done quickly ‘for Amelia’. At the time of reading, I could not see why this would be done or how it might fit into the wider picture. Besides, anyone doing such a mod would know it was NOT for Amelia because of the difference in paint scheme, registration etc.

    Explanation? ‘For Amelia’ was said tongue-in-cheek as those in the know knew it would later be her plane in the sleight of hand magic trick the powers that be had planned for her – yes, I know it sounds fantastical and have trouble believing it myself sometimes! And why this plane? It was already equipped for super long range (possibly even longer than Amelia’s existing plane which would make it ideal for carrying the additional weight of spy cameras). Also, it helps that not a lot is known about what happened to this plane – some rumour it went to the Soviet Union… My opinion is that it was taken back to Lockheed for further outfitting. When we talk about mods made to Amelia’s plane, we naturally (as we are supposed to) think about them being made to the plane she is circumnavigating the world in. It’s a classic ‘misdirection’ that any halfway decent magician will be able to pull off.

    Eventually, she reaches Lae airfield and the final leg of her circumnavigation. She already knows what she is being asked to do, i.e. be a patriot and do what she does best – fly, albeit in an area where she is not supposed to. We possibly will never know her exact orders or whether they were even written as a matter of record. But here, and I don’t know how, THE PLANES WERE SWITCHED – the spy plane for her famed one. Most probably, it was flown in in plane sight with a different registration and then ‘doctored’ in secret to look like the one she landed in.

    However it was done, she and Noonan took off in it and barely got off the ground due to the enormous weight of fuel (and camera equipment…). I can only speculate but it was probably intended to give Earhart’s original plane the same registration / appearance as the incoming spy plane – but circumstances overtook these careful plans forcing a hasty tidying up.

    Once it was known that Amelia and Fred were in the hands of the Japanese (numerous eye-witness accounts, her transmission ‘Oh, I think he’s an admiral’, destruction of her plane on Saipan, decoding of the message to destroy her plane, and dumping into the harbour only to be dredged up in the 1990’s, disposal of her brief case, photo album found in a military house on Saipan, possible photo of her under guard etc. etc.), the word went out to get rid of all trace of her. I mean, it wouldn’t do for the world to be told that she was at the bottom of the Pacific and yet the very plane she took off in was found in a hangar on the airfield she took off from!

    So now we have the scenario where her plane (still hidden in its hangar) has to be disposed of – and quickly. This is where David Billing’s excellent research (take a bow, David) comes in. Someone was tasked with flying her plane late at night when it could not be recognised. This accounts for so-and-so’s grandfather hearing a plane flying where they did not normally go BEFORE THE BIG FIGHT, and at night. Whoever flew that plane HAD TO DIE as dead men tell not tales. My guess would be a bomb – a bit dramatic, I know, but I find it difficult to believe anyone would volunteer to crash a plane into the jungle at night or parachute down into the jungle to be picked up (if they survived the jump) by the native cannibals known to inhabit that area! Either way, even if the pilot survived, they would have been disposed of by executive order!

    In other words, we are talking about a loose end. This explains why, in 1945, two American servicemen were immediately dispatched to check out any sighting of Amelia’s plane “where it should not be”. The cover up was already in full swing and the President (just re-elected?) wanted anything counter to the official view of Amelia’s demise buried or risk being buries with her. Most likely, they wished to tell the platoon commander to keep quiet about the discovery as it was a matter of ‘National Security’. Naturally, the repair tags found inconveniently attached to the engine mount had to be made to ‘disappear’.

    Nimitz, who knew like the rest of them about Amelia’s demise in the Marshall Islands, called it right when he said ‘keep at it, you are on the right track’. It’s just that we could not conceive the lengths they had gone to. After all, if you are providing a runway on Howland Island for her to land on (so you can check the film) and a spy plane with which to take that film, why should we be surprised at a plane switch?

    The Secretary of State (or the Treasury – I forget which) cryptically said that she ‘disobeyed all instructions’. Could mean anything, of course. My suspicion is that she may have been told to ditch the plane at sea if her mission was compromised but being a pilot first and a spy second, she opted for the dry land option. Eye witness accounts suggest that she and Fred came ashore in a yellow inflatable and buried something in an aluminium box. Possibly, illicit charts? Camera film? I should have thought the cameras themselves (which required 16-18 inch apertures) would be too bulky to dismantle and hide. Either way, it seems like there was enough evidence left on board the plane for the Japanese to accuse them of spying.

    Some will say that this was a time of hyper tension. However, I find their retention (if true) of her briefcase, photo album, plane etc. strangely touching and, perhaps, testimony to the fact that her execution was not a foregone conclusion and must have been based on incontrovertible proof.

    Researchers may get lucky and be able to dig up part of an Electra that has been left on Asilto Field (Saipan). I doubt very much that anything is allowed to remain of the wing allegedly dredged up from the harbour on Saipan during dredging operations as reported in the Saipan Tribune.

    I have a fond notion that in somebody’s attic in a box labelled ‘Great Granddad’s Things’ there might be a packet of photos or undeveloped film that proves incontrovertibly what many of us suspect…



    1. Eddie Williams | Reply

      Exactly Phil- Ibeen on saipan for 14 years now& very interesting indeed. Also AE’s body may have been moved to Tinian & burned, I have heard this from Locals who talked to visiting Marines in 1984


  20. After watching the History Channel Amelia Earhart production, I’ve become an EA junkie.

    I’m finishing your “Amelia Earhart: The Truth At Last”.


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    1. Eddie Williams | Reply

      Me 3 JIM



  21. Interesting articles found at National Library Board, Singapore
    AMELIA EARHART: MURDER THEORY, Malaya Tribune, 29 July 1938, Page 2
    Did Japan execute Amelia Earhart?, The Singapore Free Press, 6 July 1960, Page 1
    AMELIA EARHART MYSTERY, The Straits Times, 22 May 1947, Page 3


  22. http://trove.nla.gov.au/article/

    Search “Earhart” and decade 1930 to 1939…also try decade 1940 to 1949

    Pacific Islands monthly 25 August 1937… Japan has look at Howland

    Pacific islands monthly 25 May 1938.. Postal Mystery, Amelia Earhart letter at post office in Jaluit

    Pacific islands monthly 19 July 1944… Article about Earhart related material found in Saipan (not sure why this is not found in USA searches)

    Pacific islands monthly 17 May 1944… Article on Marshall Islanders reports of female white flier being capture by Japanese… References two un-named Navy Lieutenants…

    Pretty clear the Australian newspapers had a better idea of what was going on…


  23. Stella L Garrison | Reply

    I have just read your book. When the man contacted Eleanor Roosevelt and the one sided conversation with the secretary, what did he mean by what she did would “ruin” her if those radio logs were released?


    1. Stella,
      See pages 280-282 in Second Edition for the discussion on the infamous Henry Morgenthau Jr. Transcript. I suspect that the only reputation Morgenthau was concerned about being ruined was that of his boss, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Without having the other side of the conversation, it’s all speculation now.


      1. Stella L Garrison

        Thank you for responding. I have recently retired and all I read and watch is about Amelia. Thank you for your hard work and putting things together.


      2. Reading, Writing, Rhythm & Blues

        What if there was another, separate set of radio logs. Ordering her to land earlier on another island, off the official record, and she did not. Just a thought.


  24. Maybe now is the time to get the government to release their secret files on Amelia Earhart with Donald Trump in the White House.


  25. My name is Carla J. Henson and am the proud daughter of WWII Marine, Everett Henson, Jr., who was stationed on Saipan, with the 2nd Marine Division, in 1944. It was my father, along with Billy Burks, who were ordered to “dig,” which came to light through Fred Goerner, his book; “The Search for Amelia Earhart” and the Napa Press in 1966. I kept in contact with Fred after my father’s passing, as he was working on the release of his second book, along with thousands of additional pages released by the military since his first publication. In my many years of keeping up with the latest best seller and deep dive, beach combing research, I still believe that everything we know today, which is actually quite a bit, all began with Fred’s extensive and first hand research, directly with the military as well as the Saipanese. I was sucker punched, but in a good way, when I saw The “Lost Evidence” on the History Channel recently, along with my father’s story and photo, which I had sent to Fred for his publication many years ago. Decades later, you can imagine my surprise. I believe we do know what happened and have even figured out most of the details, we just don’t have those bones…someone else does.


    1. Mike has there been any news on that wheel cover that dick spinks found on milli?


      1. Joey,
        Nothing has changed. No serial number was on the wheel cover, thus no definitive, sole connection can be claimed. Same for the rest of the little parts that were found at Mili.


    2. Gene F. Danforth | Reply

      As I have left a comment before. Lieutenant Gibbs, U.S.M.C. served on Saipan. they found the Briefcase they believe belonged to Amelia. One day while visiting him he brought out a cardboard box filled with letters. some were letters he received from fellow Marines who served on Saipan. he allowed me to read them. According to these letters, these marines were convinced that Amelia was a prisoner on the island. Also Mr. Gibbs had a large collection of letters he received from Government Departments. None appeared interested in his knowledge or they disagreed with him. Mr. Gibbs always believed there was a big coverup.

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  26. Attention Mike Campbell, I have not yet read your book and intend finding a copy of the internet with great interest, why ? I am the very proud owner with my wife Robyn of a 1935 Packard Super 8 x 3 window Coupe, which I believe was specially built and presented to AE in Feb 1935, at the same time she was announcing the latest Packard release with the President of Packard Car Company.

    I have recently completed the restoration having obtained Amelia from a Retired US Supreme Court Judge in Dallas Tx some 10 years ago. He had owned the car since the early “50’s and believed her ownership to be true.
    I have a lot more to say are, IF you interested in talking with me?

    It is our intention to ship Amelia to New Zealand NEXT January (’18 )by invitation, to compete in two major events over the following 3 months, which we are most excited about.

    I look forward to your response,
    kind regards Ross Marshall ,

    Stargate Park, Tallebudgera


  27. I am a professional pilot with almost 12,000 hours flying experience. During the fall of 1966 I was a freshman at Denison University near Columbus Ohio and a trainer with the football team. I happened to come across an Argosy Magazine that contained an overview of Fred Goerner’s book about Amelia Earhart. Fast forward to 1971 and I was stationed at Travis AFB. I read his book and called him on the phone. We had a great conversation and I’ve been following the story ever since. I don’t believe she was on a spy mission as most of her flight was at night and I don’t believe there were WW2 cameras that would photograph at night with any usable detail, but I do believe she ended up on the Mili Atoll and was captured by the Japanese and was executed as a spy. If you ever go back to Mili or I’d sure like to go with you.


  28. PS. I own a 1937 Fairchild 24 aircraft that was made the exact year and month that AE disappeared. I’ve always called her “Amelia” as I would think that the craftsmen at Fairchild Aviation were talking about the disappearance on the shop floor while she was being built and some of that carries on with this aircraft.


  29. My wife and I lived on Guam from November 1967 until 1972. We got a copy of Goener’s book and read it non stop with much interest. While on Guam we went to Saipan a couple times and saw the ruins of the Japanese prison and hospital where Amelia was imprisoned. We have read with interest your book “The Truth At Last” both 1st and 2nd editions. I am convinced that Goener was right and that your book is also right. It would be nice if the records that the U,S. government has on this situation could be released now so many years after the fact. Maybe President Trump could be persuaded to do that.

    Jerry Wiggle
    Lincoln, NE


  30. Hello, Mike!

    I just finished reading “The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton – An Investigation,” an excellent book. Can I assume that the Mike Campbell acknowledged is indeed you?

    Ann Zakelj
    Willoughby Hills OH


    1. Yes Ann, you have caught me out! I’ve known Dave Martin since about 2005, and have learned much from him. Sometimes we’re lucky enough on this blog to be the benefactors of one or two of his commentaries, as he did during the recent TIGHAR “bones” flap, and in July 2017 during the History Channel’s Earhart abomination.

      I have Dave’s book on my reading stack, and I’m sure I’ll give it 5 stars on Amazon when I read it.



  31. Grant Showalter | Reply

    Greetings. I have once again been looking into the AE story and have been impressed with a number of podcast/YouTube interviews that you’ve done. I just ordered your book and am looking forward to reading it. At this point I would certainly have to agree that nothing else makes much sense. I have one question that may be answered in your book, if so please forgive my ignorance. The question concerns the ship that took the Electra away. Have you looked into finding that ships logbook from the time? As this was classified info it might only place the ship in the correct places at the correct times, but that would at least be additional evidence, and you never know, the logs might actually reference the aircraft or it’s passengers specifically. Just a thought. Thanks for all your hard work


    1. Grant,

      Vincent V. Loomis and the Japanese “journalist” Fukiko Aoki both located the logs of the Koshu, but they don’t reflect the presence of the Electra, nor of the fliers. Neither has shared these logs publicly, as far as I know, but both agreed about the contents in respect to Koshu. All the details can be found in Truth at Last. Thanks so much for your interest and support.



  32. Dear Mike: In my studies about the Pearl Harbor cover-up and FDR’s culpability, I came across a book entitled:

    Earhart’s Flight into Yesterday: The Facts Without the Fiction by Laurance F. Safford with Cameron A. Warren & Robert R. Payne (c2003, Paladwr Press, McLean VA USA) ISBN 1-888962-20-8

    I know who Safford was, he seems to be a man of integrity, at least concerning the Pearl Harbor experience. What do you know about his position on Earhart?


    1. Dion, you give yourself away that you don’t have Truth at Last, which contains several references to Safford, who was no friend of the truth.


      1. Ha. I have to buy it. As an English teacher in Japan, budget is tight. But will see what I can do.


      2. Dion,

        I see that you can order it from Amazon Japan, believe it or not! Considering Japan’s involvement in the death of the fliers, and their policy of flat-out denial of their war atrocities, the book is naturally not popular there, but I’m surprised it’s available at all.

        Thanks for supporting the Truth!


  33. Jeremy Carroll (NZ) | Reply

    Hello Mike. I’ve only found your site now following up a recent News report here,:


    Having only loosely followed the Amelia Earhart phenonium… it was refreshing to come across your trove of, “alternative facts”, that on a cursitory review clearly stand up to scrutiny!

    I intend to read your Blog further. But in anticipation … are you able to briefly elaborate and/or shed any light on this recent announcment? (if in fact that’s the case)

    Regards JC


    1. Jeremy Carroll (NZ) | Reply

      Whatever Next!



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      1. primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.

      synonyms: money-oriented, grasping, greedy, acquisitive, avaricious, covetous, rapacious, bribable, venal, materialistic; informal money-grubbing

      Would appear an email to http://www.betchartexpeditions.com/index.htm is timely!


  34. […] For further reading, see Mike Campbell’s WordPress pages AE Info […]


  35. Mike,

    I think in order to put the true facts of what happened to Amelia Earhart firmly into the mainstream media and history, we need to tap a too little used resource: the Japanese themselves.
    Many 10s of 1000s Japanese served at Saipan and in the rest of the Marianas; Both in 1937, and up until the end of the war. They know the truth. They saw it…or heard about it. These Japanese witnesses didn’t all perish with the invasion of Saipan. But we are running out of time; they are elderly.

    We have to get Japanese witnesses on the record. They won’t be dismissed like islanders and U.S. GIs are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michael,

      You’re thinking out the box, which is good, but you’re forgetting that the few Japanese who may still be living with knowledge of Earhart and Noonan on Saipan have no motivation to come forward at this late date. Recall the likely fate of Michiko Sugita, the Japanese woman who told Tom Devine that in1937 as a 12-year-old on Saipan her father’s civilian policemen — and military policemen as well — told her what a shame it was to execute the American woman pilot. Michiko disappeared not long after she and Devine had established a cordial pen pal relationship. She was an anomaly in Japan, and her like hasn’t been seen again.

      But please feel free to launch your Earhart Truth campaign in Japan. I wish you the best of luck!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The truth will not ever gain traction unless alot of folks outside the control of the U.S. government come forward.
        Japan has basically acknowledged their wartime and pre wartime atrocities. The Japanese government is not going to persecute witnesses at this point.
        The mainstream media looks on the U.S. military witnesses as crackpots and charletons; and they view islanders as unsophisticated bumpkins. We need Japanese nationals.
        Its the only way.
        As for me. I spent 28 yrs as a police officer, supervisor and investigator……but I got zero access to Japan. I’m engaged in my own investigations.

        To uplift the truth from a conspiracy theory to actual accepted fact we need the Japanese.

        If not, then all the work, research, islanders statements are just a footnote to the OFFICIAL VERSION of how Amelia met her demise.


      2. Michael,

        I beg to differ with your assertion that “Japan basically acknowledged their wartime and pre-wartime wartime atrocities.” I refer you to pages 287, 288 of Truth at Last, wherein author Gavin Daws, whose 1994 book, Prisoners of the Japanese: POWs of World War II in the Pacific, is discussed in all its gruesome details. Here’s a snippet:

        “Japan’s education system continues to perpetuate the myth of that nation’s innocence in World War II, and only its oldest and best-educated citizens are even vaguely aware of their forebears’ bloody legacy of incalculable wartime criminality. ‘Typically, Japanese school and college
        textbooks gave only half a dozen or so pages to the war in its entirety, phrased in sanitized language officially enforced by the Ministry of Education,’ Daws explained. “In the orthodox teaching of the Japanese national tribe, Japan was the victim of white aggression, and the atrocities of the war began and ended with the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. World-scale atrocities like the Rape of Nanking were reduced to incidents, and POW camps were cleansed out of existence altogether.” (End of quote.)

        Japan has yet to fully admit and apologize for most of their horrific depredations of the war, and Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan would be last on their list if they ever really embarked on such a campaign.

        The only answer to the Earhart problem is full U.S. government disclosure, which also is not likely to happen in any of our lifetimes. Too many reputations would be shattered, history books would have to be rewritten, and the media would have to report on its own 81-year campaign of lies.

        Mike C.


  36. Mike,

    Agreed, the Japanese are soft peddling and revising their own World War 2 history. Same is going on here; but our own revisionists are arguing that we were at fault…we should have come to a conditional peace with Japan…we should not have insisted on unconditional surrender…we should not have used saturation bombing and then nuclear bombing. As the greatest generation dies off, I’m sure these ideas will grow. Yup, I could see some of these new congress members standing up in congress and insisting we apologize to Japan.

    But throughout the 1980s and 1990s I clearly remember Japanese outreaches to China and Korea; acknowledging their atrocities.

    I don’t expect the Japanese government to admit anything regarding AE; but wouldn’t a couple hundred statements by elderly former Japanese soldiers help? Wouldn’t that re-focus some attention onto her execution? Who knows, maybe her jailers are still alive. The USA media wouldn’t ignore that…..they would be fighting over online “clicks”


    1. No way, Michael, are there “a couple hundred” living Japanese who were on Saipan and witnessed Earhart and Noonan there. In 1937, the military presence on Japan wasn’t anything compared to 1944 when they had 30,000 to defend the island, most of whom were wiped out or committed suicide, with a few hundred “disgracing” themselves in surrendering. Even granting your assumption, the extremely nationalistic nature of the Japanese culture, which still hasn’t significantly changed when it comes to their approach to their own history, would prevent most if not all former Japanese soldiers with knowledge from coming forward.

      If I had to bet on it, I would wager that not even a handful of living Japanese witnesses exist today; we certainly have no evidence of it. You also completely misunderstand the nature of the U.S. media in relation to the truth about the Earhart disappearance, which tells me you have not been paying any attention at all to this blog or to the two recent exceptions to the rule — the revised History Channel special and the Travel Channel program, both of which are rare exceptions to the media’s longstanding aversion and denial of the Marshalls-Saipan truth. Note that nobody else in our vast media collective have rushed to embrace or even report on the compelling evidence presented in HC/TC presentations.

      This blog is brimming full of discussions and evidence of our media’s longstanding malfeasance and deceit in the Earhart case. Not only would 99 percent of our media thoroughly ignore any Japanese admissions in the Earhart case; ANY evidence that revealed the truth would be denied and ignored, just as the mountains of witness testimony and documents have been ignored. See my lengthy discussion of the ONI Report in Truth at Last if you doubt.



  37. […] around for someone reputable to talk to about this topic, I immediately came across the writings of Mike Campbell at his blog Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last. That’s because, unlike other Amelia Earhart […]


  38. Thank you for your hard work. It’s all hiding in pretty much plain sight. Not on Gardner. Peace.


  39. Dear Mike,

    I’m sure we’re all open to suggestions about Earhart and Noonan’s fate, and your theory is as valid as anyone’s. However, those “Mountains of Evidence” cited in your letter to the Smithsonian will erode your credibility. There is evidence of Earhart being on Saipan, but you’ll need to update and edit mountains of anecdotal and unreliable recollections, rumors and propaganda. The same could be said about ‘evidence’ collected from former Nikumaroro inhabitants who claimed they saw pieces of the Lockheed at various locations around the island. No one is more interested than I am about Earhart’s final resting place. But the molehill of evidence that will prove what happened to her and Noonan will be verifiable pieces of the plane, clear photos of the plane/wreckage, or remains of the crew positively identified. You don’t need much more than those exhibits to convince me.


  40. Linda Pedersen | Reply

    I’m thrilled to have found this site! I read your book,TAL, several years ago and followed that by getting Devine’s Eyewitness and . Having always been fascinated by unsolved mysteries I had purchased Finding Amelia as a gift for my son, a professional pilot. I read the book before gifting it and was confused and saddened by Gillespie’s conclusion.

    My husband is also a pro-pilot, but not a reader so I would relay everything to him. On a trip to Texas he found a book at a flea market entitled “The Earhart Disappearance, The British Connection by J.A. Donahue.” This book, though meandering and difficult for my untechnical brain to wrap up neatly, claims Amelia was gathering information about the possible Japanese Military expansion in the Marshall Islands. After reading this I exclaimed to my husband that she should have been recognized as a hero, not a 2nd rate pilot! My curiosity peaked I searched for other information which led me to your book. Your thorough research and assemblage of the material convinced me of the truth. I was stunned that after all these years and FIA the truth was still hidden. However your explanation blaming the liberal media makes perfect sense knowing they only print what is beneficial for the left.

    How can I listen to any broadcasts on this subject? Whenever I try to start a conversation about this subject people look at me like I’m speaking Swahili!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Linda,

      Thanks for your kind message; it’s always nice to hear such supportive words. I’ve done some radio over the years, most are still linked on my Media Page. My two-hour and three-hour podcasts with Deanna Spingola are probably still available. Let me know if you have a problem.

      All Best,


  41. There is a long running discussion concerning the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan at the following website:


    Mike, we spoke on the phone back in 1988 when I was on active duty with the Navy about a World War II Navy plane crash and the recovery of the bodies of its three man aircrew from Palau. You wrote a story about it in “All Hands”.


    1. Richard,

      I well recall doing that story for All Hands, because as the assistant editor of Navy Editor Service, I did so few for All Hands, the far more prestigious “Magazine of the Navy.” Not only did I call you, I visited you at your office in the Navy Annex in Arlington, as you were the primary source for the story. The public affairs regime at the Annex was not pleased about this, and made a weak effort to get the story canned. One woman officer in particular, forgot her name, called you a “loose cannnon.” The story was done nonetheless, and was a minor hit with the All Hands cabal.

      I see you are a major contributor to the website you reference, and that until just recently, the entire discussion focused on the two popular lies about the Earhart disappearance. Now that you’ve finally found the truth, perhaps you can refocus this severely erroneous site on the truth. I also strongly urge you to get Truth at Last. If you find anything lacking in it, I will personally send you a check to defray all costs.

      It took you a long time to find us, Richard, but better late than never. Welcome to the Truth, at last.



  42. The disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, certainly is an interesting subject. There are a number of theories which have been put forward and discussed over the years some mentioned here and on other websites as well.

    I believe that there was an excellent chance that Amelia and Fred were able to land or ditch the aircraft successfully whether on Gardiner Atoll, Milli, or any other small island. Amelia and Fred were both accomplished pilots and certainly would have done everything possible to bring the aircraft down successfully somewhere if landing at Howland was not going to be possible.

    Initial news stories about Amelia’s disappearance included stories about radio signals believed to have come from her AFTER the plane would have no longer been airborne. These signals would tend to prove that she survived the landing, that the plane was somewhat intact on LAND (necessary to transmit on the radio).


    1. Richard,

      Is this the best you can do? I’ve read better Earhart summaries from 8th graders. We don’t need to hear about “theories” from the uninformed, retired Navy or not. Have you lost the ability to think critically, or even spell correctly, given your misspelling of Gardner Island and Mili Atoll, as you approach your Golden Years?

      You don’t see fit to acknowledge anything that I cordially wrote to you below in my initial reply to your message, and you don’t seem capable of even writing the word “Saipan.” This isn’t the Navy commander that I recall working with on the Palau story so many years ago.

      With all due respect, I suggest you put down the TIGHAR propaganda and pick up a copy of Truth at Last, or just try reading some of the posts on this blog — it’s all free! Otherwise you will remain woefully ignorant about the truth in the Earhart disappearance. My offer about the book still stands.



  43. I did not comment on your book in my post because I have not yet obtained a copy of it. When I do, be assured, I will read it with an open and critical mind.

    I have just located my first edition (1966) copy of Fred Goerner’s book, “The Search for Amelia Earhart” which I read many years ago and am now re-reading.

    I have been to many of the Pacific islands and countries which are discussed and mentioned in the literature about Amelia’s disappearance, and as a long range, celestial Navigator have about two thousand hours of flight time over the Pacific. Those hours were in a Lockheed P-3 Orion. I have an equal amount of time in the Lockheed C-130.

    Besides the 1988 WW II remains recovery mission that you wrote about, I participated in the recovery of nine Navy airmen who perished in the 1948 crash of their P2V Neptune patrol plane in Canada. I was team leader of the first mission and onsite Aircraft Historian on the second.

    The woman naval officer you mention pretty much hit the nail on the head in describing me as a “loose cannon” – at least as far as my attitude toward lazy bureaucrats who do nothing, given everything they need to successfully recover missing aviators. They spend more time thinking of ways to get out of doing their jobs than it would take to accomplish something worthwhile.

    Sorry I offended you with my misspelling of Gardner Island. I was thinking of a fellow Naval Aviator who spells his name “Gardiner”. He flew the admiral’s plane on Guam when I was there, and he knew all the islands like his own backyard. He would land on an island, take off his flight suit and do a “run” in his gym shorts and t-shirt. He knew the location of every Jap Zero, and every bit of aircraft wreckage and military artifact in the area. If you showed him any kind of aircraft part, no matter how obscure, he could tell you all about it.


    1. Richard,

      Thanks for your kind reply. I hear you about “lazy bureaucrats,” loud and clear. My nine years as an active duty Navy print and broadcast journalist, constantly working to do my best for the troops, did not put me in good stead with the Air Force at Bolling AFB in Washington, D.C., where I was forced to take a job as a public affairs officer from 1999-2008. The more stories I wrote to bolster troop morale, the more I was despised, not only by the lazy management, but even those who were supposed to do that kind of work. The Air Force slogan, “Excellence in All We Do,” was an abject lie, at least in my own experience. Far more accurate would have been, “Mediocrity in All We Do.” I was quite happy to finally leave Bolling, where I never felt welcome or wanted.

      Reading Goerner’s Search is the best way to begin to learn the truth about the Earhart case. I will look forward to hearing from you after you complete Truth at Last.



  44. Mike:
    Just a SWAG….. Have you ever thought of writing the Emperor. You know….. Cough up the truth or you won’t join your Imperial ancestors in Heaven ? Hell ! A couple of bucks to mail. Of course, you’d have to be far more diplomatic than my comments above. You know: ” The U.S and Japan = Friends for Life, will open the doors for far more trade, a new era of openness, etc, etc.”
    Best Regards, and keep up the great work!


  45. Mike,

    TAL was a great read and it boils down to common sense. Your book offers the most sensible explanations for the actions of AE and FN disappearance. It must have been a terrible feeling for those two to except that fact that they would never see their loved ones again.

    The U.S. government and media are guilty of so many things. It is sad to know that most people in important government and media positions were taught the same thing you and I were taught growing up. TELL THE TRUTH but sadly most of them don’t.

    Keep up the good work and best wishes!


  46. Mike,

    One more thing. Do you think her files will ever be released? I seen somewhere that maybe 2037. That would be 100 years but I don’t know how that government stuff works.


    1. Kenneth,

      Thanks for your kind message and welcome aboard. I don’t anticipate full government disclosure in my lifetime, but perhaps someday, way down the road, under an administration that isn’t being attacked by the media every day for four years and isn’t busy implementing their evil agendas, it might happen. Pigs might fly at that time as well. The Earhart truth has been at is at or near the top of Washington’s Sacred Cows since the earliest days. It’s about as sacrosanct as any Sacred Cow can get.



  47. Mike, I came across this site after a Google search for “Archival Safekeeping Depository”. I had come across that term while reading Clive Cussler’s book ‘Sahara’. The three paragraphs you list under “Bits and Pieces” are a direct quote from that book (see page 443).
    The book is copyrighted 1992.
    I hope this clears up at least a part of that mystery!

    Jimmy White


  48. Mike ,

    Have enjoyed reading your book can hardly put it down . I don’ know if you have seen this before on YouTube its called Ward and Kimie receive an Amelia Earhart / Saipan treat ! They are shown around the island then brought into the office of Uncle Dave Sablan who announces to them essentially they were spying . He says the president didn’t want to get involved so we dropped the whole damn thing . First time I heard the word spying .



    1. Eddie Williams | Reply

      Good one Mike!

      On Sat, Jun 4, 2022 at 6:32 AM Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last < comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote:

      Bill Doll commented: “Mike , Have enjoyed reading your book can hardly put > it down . I don’ know if you have seen this before on YouTube its called > Ward and Kimie receive an Amelia Earhart / Saipan treat ! They are shown > around the island then brought into the office of Unc” >


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