Second Truth Cover

The Second Edition of “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last,” is a large 7″ by 10″ paperback offering 370 pages at the same low retail price of $19.95, and significantly less at The book adds two chapters, a new foreword, several new subsections, the most recent discoveries, rare photos and a near-total rewrite to the mountain of overwhelming witness testimony and documentation presented in the first edition of “Truth at Last. ”

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  1. Okay, your comment section closed while,I was typing and left my comment somewhat disjointed. Those are the places closest to his base of operations that had large readership.


    1. Thanks Woody. The dates are quite simple: They would probably begin with Linwood Day’s first story in the San Mateo Times, which was May 23, 1960, and from there you can just go forward. No digital search has ever produced anything from the Chronicle or the Tribune, and I’d be surprised if these big papers have not digitized their archives, that you would have to actually go through them manually.

      Please let us know if you find anything or not.



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