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Oct. 24: Rossella Lorenzi, TIGHAR’s best friend

The establishment’s latest fusillade against the truth in the Earhart disappearance appeared in the Discovery News online news site on Oct. 11, and was soon picked up by other outlets including FOX News.  Ironically filed under the heading “U.S. History,” the story, headlined “Amelia Earhart Plane Search to Resume Next Year,” was an update to the May 29 story, “Amelia Earhart’s Plane Revealed in Sonar,” by Discovery News senior correspondent Rossella Lorenzi, which I discussed in my June 2 post.

Lorenzi, whose enthusiastic shilling for Ric Gillespie and TIGHAR dates back to at least 2009, has penned a wide assortment of propaganda pieces for TIGHAR and become perhaps its leading apologist.  Among her recent stories in support of this farcical Earhart search are such gems as “Earhart’s Final Resting Place Believed Found,” “Amelia Earhart’s Plane? New Sonar Imagery Raises Hopes,” and “Pieces of Amelia Earhart’s plane located?”

Rosella Lorenzi

        Rosella Lorenzi

In her Oct. 11 story, the TIGHAR mouthpiece breathlessly announced, The search for Amelia Earhart’s long-lost aircraft will resume next year in the waters off Nikumaroro, an uninhabited island in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati where the legendary pilot may have died as a castaway. . . . Called Niku VIII, the new expedition is expected to cost as much as $3 million. It will rely on two Hawaiian Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL) manned submersibles, Pisces IV and Pisces V, each carrying a pilot and two TIGHAR observers. The effort is planned to span 30 days, beginning in mid-August 2014, Lorenzi added.

Will someone please tell me, after 10 fruitless trips to Nikumaroro and millions of wasted dollars, just precisely WHO in their ever-loving right minds is going to fork over $3 million so that Gillespie can return to Nikumaroro for yet another monumental waste of time and treasure?  Is anyone out there really stupid and well heeled enough to invest in this ridiculous project?  Did I hear someone whisper, U.S. government?

Is Rossella Lorenzi really unaware of the massive and overwhelming evidence that’s been collected since Fred Goerner’s first trip to Saipan in June 1960, and presented in such books as Goerner’s The Search for Amelia Earhart; Vincent V. Loomis’ Amelia Earhart: The Final Story;  Thomas E. Devine’s Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident; and Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last?  We can’t really know, since she never mentions Saipan as even a remotely possible  solution to the apparently irresolvable Earhart conundrum.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to write to this woman, whose name is becoming a familiar piece of TIGHAR’s ongoing Earhart charade, to see if she might respond to a small dose of common sense.  Here is my email missive of Oct. 14:

       Dear Rossella,

I just saw your Oct. 14 Discovery News piece promoting TIGHAR’s next installment in their longstanding disinformation campaign in the Amelia Earhart matter.  How many times does Gillespie have to return to Nikumororo and find nothing before you will decide to stop writing about this ridiculous charade, or is there no limit to your propaganda efforts?  Your constant advocacy of TIGHAR either betrays your total lack of knowledge or your utter dishonesty, in either event the result is the same — your readers are badly misinformed and misled.

If you are truly interested in the truth about the Earhart case, I encourage you to go to my website below and begin your real education, but first read this piece, which continues its run on Veterans News Now as one of its most popular stories ever:                                                                             

The truth in the Earhart “mystery” is a sacred cow

Rossella, there is no excuse for such mendacity in our media, and someday all of us will answer for every false utterance of our lives.  The truth about what happened to Amelia on Saipan is obvious to all but the agenda driven and the ignorant, which unfortunately outnumber those of us who can actually read. You have made yourself part of what appears to be a permanent problem in the Earhart search, and I hope you’re satisfied that thanks to you and others of your ilk, the truth about Amelia’s fate is now considered to be an irresolvable historical puzzle.  That way people like Gillespie can continue their phony searches and make a nice living along the way.  Truth be damned.

Predictably, Lorenzi didn’t reply.  A few days later, after a friend and Earhart enthusiast in Pennsylvania also wrote to her to take a small shot, and incorrectly stated that she worked for FOX News, Lorenzi corrected him and told him she didn’t take his or my attacks personally, copying me on her reply.  Of course I couldn’t miss this opportunity to add another log to the fire, which I did Oct. 18:

Dear Rosella,

I never thought you worked for FOX, and my email to you was not meant as a personal attack, but to inform you about the truth in the Earhart case.  This truth, easily found and discerned in many books including Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, isn’t a matter of opinion, but has been the subject of a massive government disinformation effort practically since the day she was lost

Ric Gillespie and TIGHAR, whether or not they actually believe the third-hand, long-debunked ideas they propagate with the help of a compliant media, have been the government-media establishment’s selected agents of disinformation since 1989, when they first began to make their false claims, claims that were accepted as reasonable by the majority of a gullible, uninformed American public. 

You must know this, but if you don’t, I ask that you do some homework and READ the information provided to you in the link I sent, and by reading my book as well, which is attached gratis in PDF format that can be easily downloaded into a kindle.  The overwhelming evidence that places Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in the Marshalls and Saipan cannot simply be rejected out of hand as simple folklore as Gillespie has so nonchalantly suggested.  For all reasonable people I’ve met, the big picture truth in the Earhart disappearance isn’t even debatable.

Now that she has a PDF copy of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, Rossella has no more excuses, and cannot say she didn’t know any better in her reportage of the Earhart case.  The use of lawyerly wriggle words designed to impart an image of objectivity in news stories doesn’t excuse the blatant, incredibly slanted approach to TIGHAR’s 25-year Earhart fundraising campaign taken by Lorenzi and many other so-called journalists in the establishment media.  I await Rossella’s response, but not with bated breath.

July 11: Another Amelia Earhart anniversary passes

I suppose it’s about time I posted something here, if only to justify the existence of this blog, so far out on the fringe of obscurity, much like the object of its focus.  Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last marked its first birthday on June 21, a few weeks before the arrival of the 76th anniversary of Amelia’s last flight, on July 2, 1937.  Since nothing memorable happened on the “platinum” anniversary, when one might reasonably expect something of significance to occur, we shouldn’t be surprised when the 76th anniversary would pass quietly.

All wasn’t entirely calm on the media front, as Ric Gillespie of TIGHAR was promoting another of his bi-annual schemes to collect prodigious sums of money from the stupid for the ostensible purpose of returning to Nikumaroro and searching for Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and their lost plane.  Gillespie has done this 10 times already and found many curious “artifacts” among the island’s buried garbage that he’s brazenly attempted to connect to the lost flyers or the Electra, never successfully of course, because they were never on Nikumaroro.

No need to provide the details of Gillespie’s latest scheme here; it’s possibly the most absurd of all his ridiculous offerings to date, and would be hilarious if it wasn’t such an outrageous affront to all common sense and decency. Regardless, Gillespie need only utter his latest fantasy to Discovery News, which publishes his newest excuse to fundraise, and the monkeys and stenographers in the entire major media fall in line with their always-predictable press releases and breathless broadcasts, once again hyping a delusion as the Second Coming.

Many can attest to the fact that the American flyers never visited the atoll once known as Gardner Island, including Henry Maude and Eric Bevington of the British Colonial Service, who was there just 100 days after Earhart vanished. Ninety-odd days earlier, Lieutenant John Lambrecht and two other pilots from the USS Colorado, whose planes were launched by the battleship to search Gardner mere days after the flyers went missing, saw nothing amiss.  The hundreds of Gilbertese settlers who lived there from 1940 until the early 1960s, as well as the dozens of U.S. Coast Guardsmen who manned the LORAN Station in 1944-’45, would say the same thing — no trace of the missing American pair was ever seen on the island.

Meanwhile the major media blackout of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, continues unceasingly.  Good people such as Deanna Spignola, Michael Betteridge and Jessica Renshaw were willing to offer their support, stand up for the truth and have me on their radio shows and write about this on their blogs.  Thanks to great support from Debbie Menon of Veterans News Now, my long commentary, “The truth in the Earhart ‘mystery’ is a sacred cow” reached No. 1 on that news site, with many thousands of reads (please see “Media” at www.EarhartTruth.com).

Otherwise, the entire lame-stream media vehemently opposes and ignores this book and its message; their longtime investment in perpetuating Gillespie’s falsehoods is obvious to any rational observer. If the publication of Truth at Last has proven anything, it’s that the Earhart cover-up is alive, well and more real today than everHow else can one explain the media’s unbridled, never-ending enthusiasm for the so-called Nikumaroro “hypothesis,” which is nothing more than long-debunked, thirdhand, unmitigated crap, while completely ignoring Truth at Last and its uncompromising presentation of the overwhelming eyewitness, witness and documentary evidence that places Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and their Electra 10E on Saipan in the weeks and months following their loss?

Want more evidence?  Hollywood director Rich Martini and associates recently spent months on Saipan vainly digging at the old Aslito Airfield in search of Amelia’s Electra, as well as interviewing aging Chamorros in search of new eyewitnesses to the prewar presence and deaths of Earhart and Noonan. Naturally, Martini’s activities were big news on Saipan, and were covered extensively in the two newspapers there, Marianas Variety and Saipan TribuneBut one could search forever without finding a single media organization in America – not one newspaper, radio or TV station, or even a single blog – that contained a whisper of Martini’s Saipan excursion.  Enough said for now.  I continue my efforts, for whatever that’s worth.

June 2: Gillespie and TIGHAR — Again

Two months have passed since I posted an entry on this virtually invisible blog, where only a scant few intrepid souls dare to tread.  Just as I was beginning to wonder why we haven’t lately heard from Ric Gillespie and TIGHAR (which has also become an acronym for deceit and misdirection in the Earhart disappearance), they turn up in the headlines once again, like the bad pennies they are.

Apparently it took nearly a full year before Gillespie could conjure up a new reason to fleece the unwary and justify yet another trip back to  godforsaken Nikumaroro Atoll, where he insists he can find Amelia Earhart’s Electra, if only he’s given enough OPM (other people’s money).  How many times have we seen this despicable song and dance?  I’ve lost count.

 “Amelia Earhart’s Plane Revealed in Sonar?” Discovery News asks its uninformed  readers to consider in its May 29 edition.  A grainy sonar image captured off an uninhabited tropical island in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati might represent the remains of the Electra, the two-engine aircraft legendary aviator Amelia Earhart was piloting when she vanished on July 2, 1937 in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator, Discovery News reporter Rossella Lorenzi writes.

 Released by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), which has long been investigating Earhart’s last, fateful flight, the images show an anomaly resting at the depth of about 600 feet in the waters off Nikumaroro island, some 350 miles southeast of Earhart’s target destination, Howland Island.

. . .  We currently project that it will take nearly $3,000,000 to put together an expedition that can do what needs to be done. It’s a lot of money, but it’s a small price to pay for finding Amelia,” Gillespie said.

Loathe to miss another golden opportunity to keep its readers across the pond as stupid as possible, the UK’s Daily Mail echoed the Discovery News story two days later in its Mail Online edition, asking Is this Amelia Earhart’s plane? Sonar image from uninhabited Pacific island could show remains of aviator’s aircraft Electra that disappeared in 1937.  The extensive high-tech photo and graphic layouts in both articles are hugely overdone, as if both publications are trying to force-feed Gillespie’s latest red herring to their readers.  For anyone remotely informed about the Earhart matter, to label these stories and Gillespie’s claims utterly ridiculous is an exercise in abject understatement.

Pouring gasoline on a roaring fire of mendacity, Lorenzi reports that a number of artifacts recovered by TIGHAR during 10 expeditions have suggested that Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, made a forced landing on the island’s smooth, flat coral reef.  What Lorenzi fails to tell readers is that NONE of the artifacts Gillespie has dug up on the trampled-over island has ever been connected to Earhart or Noonan, that hundreds of U.S. Coast Guard LORAN Station personnel and Gilbertese settlers lived on Nikumaroro for over 20 years between 1940 and the early 1960s, and that the media’s continuing embrace of Gillespie’s third-hand, long-debunked theory is pure disinformation, meant to keep the public ignorant about the facts in the Earhart matter.

This time Gillespie wants $3 million to seek out the source of this sonarhit or whatever.  It’s getting very difficult to read this crap anymore.  With Gillespie, TIGHAR and their media accomplices, it’s just the same hag dressed up in different clothes.  What it does show, beyond a doubt, is how alive and well the Earhart cover-up is, and how heavily invested the establishment is in keeping the masses in the dark about the truth. 

No observers in their right minds would give Gillespie a dime after 10 trips to Nikumaroro and nothing to show for it, so why would an objective media, without an agenda, spend two lines in promoting Gillespie’s constant failures?  Once again, Gillespie has proven Amelia Earhart was never on Nikumaroro, and once again, he’s going to be rewarded for it with a fat payday.  Don’t ask me where I think the money to fund these unending Pacific cruises comes from.

The Mail Online article saved the worst for last, dismissing the truth in two sentences, which actually is more than mostnews organizationswill spend.  A few theorists reckon that she Earhart was spying on Japan and had been captured and executed, the unnamed Daily Mail reporter wrote.  This theory has been discounted by the American authorities and press.  Just WHY American authorities and the press have discounted this “theory,” of course, is not mentioned, nor is the location of Earhart and Noonan’s deaths — SAIPAN.

 If you’re curious, and you’ve somehow stumbled upon this blog, I suggest that the truth about these and other questions about the so-calledEarhart Mystery can be found in my book, Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last.

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