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August 11: Dave Martin to the rescue

Just when it seemed things couldn’t get worse for Truth at Last — poor sales, no media reviews, no interest, no visitors to the site or blog — on Aug. 8, Dave Martin (DCDave.com) put up a 4,000-word review of the book on his site.  Titled “Hillary Clinton and the Amelia Earhart Cover-up,” it’s an excellent overview of the book, and includes a reference to the odious Hillary’s connection to the ongoing government lies and propaganda, and quotes longtime New York Times Washington correspondent Turner Catledge, who wrote that President Franklin D. Roosevelt “was a consummate manipulator, a man who misled, deceived, lied outright when it was necessary to gain his ends.”  

We still can’t be certain that FDR sent Amelia on a mission to get lostin the Marshall Islands, and thus knew the Japanese had her in 1937, or whether he didn’t know until much later, possibly as late as June 1944, when the Earhart plane was discovered on Saipan by U.S. military forces.  A researcher told me that at the National Archives in College Park, Md.,  he found large gaps in the records of U.S. radio listening stations that were active in the Pacific area in 1937, stations that would have intercepted and later decoded Japanese transmissions that might have indicated their capture of Earhart and Fred Noonan.

Several years ago Robert Stinnett, author of Day of Deciet: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor (2001), told me in an email that the Earhart story of 1937 involving naval intercepts would be in the [communications intelligence radio] Station H [Heeia,Oahu, Hawaii] Monthly Reports for July 1937, et al, possibly also in Station Baker, Guam and Station Victor, American Samoa.”  Stinett said he saw nothing about Earhart in any of the previously classified World War II material he claimed he forced NARA into releasing to the public through three Freedom of Information Act requests.

Dave Martin is an erudite, veteran news analyst, writer and pundit, and his efforts in dislodging the 1949 Wilcutts Report on the investigation into the alleged suicide of  former Secretary of Defense James V.  Forrestal, after his fatal fall from the 16th story of the Bethesda (Md.) Naval Hospital have all but proven that Forrestal was murdered. I contacted him in 2008 to tell him about Forrestal’s alleged involvement in the Earhart matter per Thomas E. Devine’s claims, and kept in touch. I was extremely gratified when Martin copied me on an email to an associate and recommended Truth at Last, which he called a great book.”  High praise indeed. Recently he thanked me for prodding him to do this important work, i.e.,  writing a fine review of Truth at Last.

“Don’t expect any of our mainstream press to be directing you to Campbell’s book, though,” Martin writes in concluding his review.  “If he is to be ignored, it will not be because the case he makes for the capture of Earhart and Noonan by the Japanese is too weak.  It will be because it is too strong.”

My sincere thanks go out to Dave Martin, a member in good standing of a small group of enlightened persons who ascribe to a set of beliefs my friend Frank Benjamin, a Maryland college teacher, calls “MISH,” for Marshall Islands-Saipan Hypothesis. MISH is a cute acronym, but Frank is incorrect about one detail — Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan’s landing in the Marshalls and deaths on Saipan are not a “hypothesis,” but are empirical facts that scream to be acknowledged by our government, still in thrall to the corrupt FDR and his phony legacy.

Just ask the good people of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, who issued a set of four postage stamps in 1987 that depicted various aspects of the ill-fated fliers’ final flight, including the crash of the Electra at Mili Atoll and its recovery by the Japanese survey ship Koshu, events that are common knowledge in that less-sophisticated area of the world.

July 24, 2012: Happy Birthday, Amelia

Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas, on July 24, 1897, 115 years ago. Sadly, yet another Earhart birthday passes without closure to the world’s most famous “unsolved missing person’s case, an entirely unnecessary state of affairs, made so by an intransigent U.S. government policy of deceit and denial, year after year.

We’ve just learned that TIGHAR’s 10th trip to Nikumaroro in search of evidence that Amelia and Fred Noonan landed there in early July 1937 has ended in yet another predictable failure.  This bi-annual charade is now being openly supported by the corrupt U.S. State Department under the auspices of the despicable Hillary Clinton, so that no one with an ounce of common sense can doubt that the entire enterprise is nothing more than propaganda designed to misdirect and keep the already incurious American people as ignorant about the truth as ever.

The fact that TIGHAR never finds anything that can be linked to Earhart or Noonan makes no difference.  Ric Gillespie will huddle with himself in a remote corner of his Delaware home and come up with a new reason why he and his cronies should return to Nikumaroro as soon as they can raise the money for another trip, which usually means two years.  This disgusting cycle has been repeating itself for over 20 years and shows no signs of abating.

A rarelty seen portrait of Amelia Earhart, circa 1932.

A rarely seen photo portrait of Amelia Earhart, circa 1932.

Meanwhile, my new book continues to be ignored like a bastard stepchild, and I’m treated like a leper by a corrupt media bent on their “see no evil” template in the Earhart case.  A few people I’ve met over the years who share my love of the truth will do their best, but without some kind of a breakthrough the book is doomed to be a sales failure.

People will buy any book the media tell them to buy, no matter how bad; conversely, the masses won’t buy a book that they don’t know exists, regardless of its quality.  So Truth at Last withers and languishes, virtually unknown, while the TIGHAR express steams ahead in anticipation of yet another lucrative payday and international headlines.  

I knew what I was signing on for with this project many years ago, but I held out the belief that if I could write the most comprehensive and compelling proof ever for Amelia and Fred’s presence and death on Saipan, that we might come to the point where the truth might begin to be  mentioned in so-called “polite conversation.”  That hope is beginning to look like a pipe dream. 

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