Marshalls stamps1

The independent Republic of the Marshalls Islands issued these four postage stamps to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s landing at Mili Atoll and pickup by the Japanese survey ship Koshu in July 1937. To the Marshallese people, the Earhart disappearance is not a mystery, but an accepted fact.

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  1. I think Amelia was a beautiful fantastic brave woman. I was so happy to be a little part of her search. I was a watchmaker on Kwajalein in 1984 and the military police came to me and asked me if I can identify the year of a watch they found on a body that they thought might be Amelias. I was thrilled. A few weeks later, they told me they found out that the body the found turned out to be a murder victim. They said the bra that the woman was wearing had a metal shaped heart holding the cups together. They did not do this type of thing back in her days. End of story.


    1. Jackie,

      Thanks for your most interesting message. This is a new one for me, and the fact that in 1984 military personnel on Kwajalein were told to look for evidence of Amelia Earhart on Kwajalein nearly 50 years earlier tells us the feds didn’t have all the hard evidence thought might be available that indicated AE and Fred Noonan’s presence there. But they knew she had been there, which speaks volumes, does it not?



  2. I WAS on Kwajalein in the 1960’s and find not find any even dense about Amelia.

    Harold Kosola


    1. Harold,

      What is a “dense”? Does that describe your failure to understand the truth?



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