Below is a partial list of the few independent radio hosts, newspapers and bloggers who have stepped up to support Truth at Last since its publication in June 2012.  Our requests for coverage and radio time have been rejected — more accurately, ignored — by the vast majority of media outlets.  “The Establishment’s Contempt for the Truth,” the title of the last chapter of Truth at Last, continues to describe the media’s hostility to the truth in the Earhart matter.  The longtime policy of the U.S. government, in conjunction with its media allies, that still protects the truth in the Earhart disappearance as a sacred cow, is the major storyline surrounding this book and our mostly futile efforts to inform the public about this American travesty, the very definition of frustration.  To those who have helped in this effort, we extend our heartfelt thanks.

“A brief look at the Earhart GI witnesses on Saipanpublished in the Jan. 26 issue of the Marianas Variety.

“Amelia Earhart eyewitness passes away,a brief rewrite of my Jan. 13 post,Eyewitness Josephine Blanco Akiyama dead at 95, was published in the Marianas Variety on Jan. 14, 2022.

Recent Discovery In The Amelia Earhart Case Sheds Light On The Pilot’s Final Words To Her Husband,a typical MSM Earhart propaganda piece by Claire Harding, appeared on AOL main page under “Twenty Daily” banner on Oct. 30; also appeared on Scribol site on Sept. 29, as well as a few others.  This is rare occasion when Truth at Last has been mentioned in such a story.

On July 26, Saipan TV did a report on the AEMMI’s July 24 Earhart celebration.  To watch, please click here and forward to 16:30.  

On July 26, Saipan’s newspaper Marianas Variety published a story about Marie Castro and the AEMMI’s July 24 event,Group commemorates Amelia Earhart’s 124th birthday,” by reporters Emmanuel T. Erediano and Bryan Manabat.  To read, please click here.

On March 3, the Marianas Variety published story by Bryan Manabat on Marie Castro’s presentation at the 5th Marianas History Conference, Local author discusses Amelia Earhart sighting on Saipan at history conference.”  To read, please click here.

On Feb. 16, the Marianas Variety followed with a story and photos by Bryan Manabat, Amelia Earhart books donated to Historic Preservation Office.”  

On Feb. 9, 2021 Saipan TV reporter Ashley McDowell interviewed Marie Castro about the Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument Inc.’s donation to the CNMI Historic Preservation Office of the seven best books ever written that present various aspects of the truth about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.  To watch, please click here and go to 13:45.

Marie Castro appeared on “1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories and Mysteries” podcast with Jon Hagadorn on Nov. 16.  To listen please click here and scroll down to “The Shocking Truth: Marie Castro Recalls Stories of Amelia Earhart’s 1937 Captivity on Saipan.”

On July 2, 2020, Former Navy Senior Chief Journalist and Navy Recruiting Command Headquarters Senior Writer H.B. “Sonny” Auld reviewed Truth at Last on his blog,  Please seeThe Anniversary of the Disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Truth at Last reviewed by Joseph May on his Travel for Aircraft Blog on Nov. 13.  To read, please click here.

Truth at Last prominently mentioned inThe Undeniable Lure of the Amelia Earhart Disappearance,” a lengthy story posted Aug. 29 by Tiffany Brown on her blog, Fate on a Folded Wing – The True Story of Pioneering Solo Pilot Joan Merriam Smith.

My story,A brief look at the Earhart GI witnesses on Saipan,” with Marie Castro, published Aug. 16 in Marianas Variety

The Good, the Bad (we’ll save Ugly for later)” by Bruce Bateman, published Aug. 2 in the Saipan Tribune.

A brief discussion and presentation of Earhart witnesses” by Marie Castro and myself, published in Marianas Variety on Aug. 2.

Local residents stories are evidence of Earhart’s presence on Saipan, says Marie castro” by Junhan B. Todiño, appeared in the Marianas Variety July 19.  To read, please click here.

“A tale of witnesses,excerpts from the booklet I wrote with Marie Castro, was published in the Saipan Tribune July 19.  To read, please click here.

“Marie Castro saddened by negative comments appeared July 2 in the Marianas Variety.  To read, please click here.

“Committee to commemorate anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance” published July 1 by Marianas Variety.  To read, please click here.

On June 22, rejoined veteran talk-show host Deanna Spingola on her Republic Broadcasting Network program, Spingola Speaks.”  To listen to the podcast, please click here.

Appeared on “1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories and Mysteries” podcast with Jon Hagadorn in a two-part interview totaling about three hours, June 2 and June 5.  To listen, please click here and scrawl down to No. 294 “EARHART: THE TRUTH AT LAST.”

Coast to Coast AM continues as the first American media outlet — other than this blog, of course — to mention the Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument project on Saipan, with its May 17 story,  “Amelia Earhart Group Continues to Push for Massive Statue on Saipan.”  On Feb. 17, 2018, Coast to Coast published Plan for Enormous Amelia Earhart Statue in Saipan Picks up Steam.” 

Amelia Earhart monument to help boost NMI tourism, says local author,” published by Marianas Variety on May 13.

“Amelia Earhart an inspiration for Women’s Month, says Marie Castro published by Marianas Variety on March 15.  (See comments.)

On March 4, Saipan TV’s Ashley McDowell interviewed Marie Castro for a story about our new booklet, Marie Castro: My Life and Amelia Earhart’s Saipan Legacy.  To watch please click here.

Saipan’s Marianas Variety newspaper published story about the new booklet I did with Marie Castro, New book about Amelia Earhart on Saipan now available,” by reporter Junhan B. Todiño, Feb. 25, 2019.

On Oct. 1, Saipan’s KSPN2 News presented the first-ever TV news interview with Marie S.C. Castro about the proposed Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument on Saipan.  To watch, please click here: KSPN2 News.mp4.

Truth at Last and Marie C.S. Castro’s local Saipan library presentation subject of Sept. 20 Marianas Variety feature story, Local author talks about ‘very important piece’ of Saipan history, by Junhan B. Todiño.

Truth at Last briefly mentioned in Down-Under puff piece promoting David Billings’ East New Britain theory in The Australian Weekend Magazine, Aug. 4, titled Plane Sight.”  Story available only to subscribers to The Australian.

Truth at Last briefly mentioned in July 25 Washington Post propaganda piece on TIGHAR’s latest claims, Amelia Earhart’s last calls: Research suggests dozens heard radioed cries for help.”

My feature story,Marie Castro reveals previously unpublished Earhart eyewitness accounts,” appeared in the June 8 edition of Marianas Variety.  To read, please click here.

“Some thoughts on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her navigator,” by Joseph Diblin, published April 15 in the Daily Item, of Sunbury, Penn.  To read, please click here.

On April 14, I returned to Spingola Speaks on the Republic Broadcasting Network.  To listen, please click here.

Returned to Charles Heller’s Liberty Watch Radio, KVOI AM Tucson, Ariz., with his April 10 essay, After 30 years, Campbell continues to advance Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last.” 

Appeared April 5 with Sunbury Press publisher Larry Knorr on Blog Talk Radio’s Sunbury Press Books Show — Lawrence Knorr w/Mike Campbell.”  To listen, please click here.

My feature story, “Marie Castro: An iron link to Saipan’s forgotten past,” appeared in the March 28 edition of Marianas Variety.  To read, please click here.

David Martin’s ( March 15 commentary, Propaganda Press Flailing over Amelia Earhartpublished in Marianas Variety (Micronesia’s Leading Newspaper Since 1972) March 19.  To read, please click here.

Subject of David Martin’s ( March 15 commentary,  “Propaganda Press Flailing over Amelia Earhart.” 

Mentioned briefly in Washington Post March 7 article, Bones discovered on an island are hers, a new analysis shows.”

My letter to the editor regarding the Feb. 7, 2018 story, “Group to build Amelia Earhart monument on Saipan, in the Marianas Variety (Micronesia’s Leading Newspaper Since 1972) is published under the headline OPINION: Amelia Earhart’s Saipan fate.To read, please click here.

Mentioned prominently in Daily (UK) Nov. 26 story, “Aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart ‘was executed by the Japanese to avoid an international incident – and the US has been lying about her death ever since it collected her body.”  To read, please click here.

Interviewed on Murder, Alaska, a podcast that covers crime, law, and deep state events, by host Leo Helmar, Oct. 9.   To listen, please click here.

The Truth at Last prominent in Joel Freedman’s Guest Appearance column Aug. 13 in the Finger Lakes Times of Geneva, N.Y., No Justice for Amelia Earhart in the New York Times.

Appeared on “The Power Hour Radio Showwith Daniel Brigman (formerly “The Power Hour with Joyce Riley”) Aug. 9. To listen to podcast, please click here.

Subject of news analyst David Martin’s ( July 13 weekly column,Earhart Photo Story Collapses as Expected.

Featured in Washington Post story,A ‘bogus photo,’ decades of obsession and the endless debate over Amelia Earhart,” by Amy Wang and Cleve R. Wootson Jr., July 11.

Returned to “Talkback with Chuck Wilder on CRN July 11.

Subject of July 9 column by Rlene Santos  Steffy, columnist for The Guam Daily Post, “Mike Campbell’s second edition of ‘Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last.'” To read, please click here.

Featured on CBS’s “Inside Edition” story July 6, “Leading Amelia Earhart Researcher Blasts New Evidence: ‘This Photo Is Absurd.’ ” To read story and see video, please click here.

Returned  to Michigan Talk Network’s “Michigan’s Morning Show,” with Steve Gruber, WJIM AM 1240, broadcast to 16 stations in Michigan, July 6.

Joel Freedman’s letter to the editor of the New York Daily News appeared in the June 10 Opinion Page under a section headlined, “Readers sound off on opioid addiction, Donald Trump and free college.” To see Freedman’s letter, please click here  and scrawl down the page to “Earhart’s final landing.”

Appeared in a feature story on the Atlas Obscura web site, titled The Obsessed, Feuding Searchers Still Looking for Amelia Earhart, by Erik Shilling on Dec. 12. This one is a shameless propaganda piece for TIGHAR in the deceitful tradition of the January 2015 Smithsonian magazine cover story, except that its writer is less skilled, and doesn’t even pretend to be fair or honest.  To read please click here.

Joel Freedman’s commentary, “Our next president should disclose Amelia Earhart’s fate,” appeared in the Sept. 21 online edition of the Atchison Globe.

Joel Freedman’s commentary, “Next president should disclose Amelia Earhart’s fate,” appeared in the Aug. 23 online edition of the Daily Messenger, Canandaigua, N.Y.

Appeared on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, on the UK’s national radio station TalkRadio, Aug. 21.

David Martin ( reviewed the Second Edition of Truth at Last on May 6. To read Martin’s review, “Amelia Earhart Truth Versus the Establishment,” please click here.

A photo layout and brief summary of my Feb. 11 presentation to the Florida Aviation and Aerospace Historical Society at the St. Petersburg Museum of History was featured on the front page of the first issue of the group’s new electronic newsletter, the FAAHS Report, published in mid-April 2016 Click here to see the FAAHS Report.

Returned to Deanna Spingola’s program, Spingola Speaks, on the Republic Broadcasting Network, March 18. To listen click here.

Appeared on Expanded Perspectives with hosts Kyle Philson and Cam Hale. The 90-minute interview podcast was posted March 14.  To listen click here.

Returned to The Fringe on KTKK 630 AM, Salt Lake City, “K-Talk, The Independent Voice of  Utah,” with Pat Wilkinson, March 5, 2016.

July 31 blog post,Did Amelia etch her name in prison cell food door? published in Aug. 30 issue of Sunday Variety, the Sunday magazine of Marianas Variety Guam Edition.  To read click here.

Amelia Earhart: the Truth at Last, prominently included in Dave Martin’s Aug. 6 commentary, “Wikipedia’s Greatest Misses.”  To read please click here.  Martin’s website, The Home Page of DC Dave, is among the most informative on the Net.

Appeared with host Henrik Palmgren on Sweden’s Red Ice Radio April 20. The two-hour program, “The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart: FDR’s Cover-Up.” Click here to listen to hour one.

Jan. 20, 2015, appeared with Jay Scott, host of Focus on Montana, Cherry Creek Radio,  950 K-CAP, Your News and Information Station, Helena, Montana.

Dec. 21, 2014 returned to Deanna Spingola’s program, Spingola Speaks, on the Republic Broadcasting Network, with Dick Spink and Les Kinney for a two-hour discussion on a variety of Earhart-related topics including Spink’s recent findings on Mili Atoll’s Endriken Islands. 

A few of the ideas presented in Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last are included in the January 2015 issue of Smithsonian Magazine article, Will the Search for Amelia Earhart Ever End?by Jerry Adler.

Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, subject of Dec. 18 commentary on Freedom Talk Radio/SETV website, “Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane….no, it’s the truth,” by Bill Xam.

Returned to E.P.I.C. Voyagers on the Inception Radio Network, Dec. 15, with host Dr. Laurel B. Tague. Dick Spink and Les Kinney joined the program to discuss Spink’s recent findings of aircraft parts on Mili Atoll that may have come from Amelia Earhart’s Electra 10E.  To listen click here.

Nov. 23 feature in Kansas City Star, Scrap metal from Marshall Islands supports Amelia Earhart theory, group says, included comments from author of Truth at Last supporting the Mili Atoll landing scenario, evidence found at Endrike Islands by Dick Spink, of Bow, Washington.

Returned to Talkback with Chuck Wilder on CRN,” Nov. 7.

Feature article in Kansas City Star, Has the key to Amelia Earhart’s disappearance in the Pacific been found in Kansas? by Brian Burns, Oct. 31, mentioned Franklin D. Roosevelt’s role in Earhart cover-up for first time in mainstream print media, attributed to author of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last.

Returned to WRGA 98.7 FM/1470 AM, Rome, Georgia, “Talk of the Town” with Nelle Reagan, Oct. 2.

My CommentaryFor Amelia Mary Earhart, Another Unhappy Birthday,” published by Veterans News Now on July 25.

Appeared on WRGA 98.7 FM/1470 AM, Rome, Georgia, “Talk of the Town” with Nelle Reagan, July  24.

Returned to Newstalk 1240 KBLL, Helena, Montana, Morning Coffee,” with Jay Scott, June 30. 

My commentary, Amelia Earhart: 77th Anniversary Approaches But Who Cares?published by Veterans News Now on June 25, went to No. 2 on site in four days.  

Appeared on “The Fringe,” on KTKK 630 AM, Salt Lake City, “K-Talk, The Independent Voice of  Utah,” with Pat Wilkinson, May 17.  Click here for podcast.                    

Appeared in David C. Henley’s column, “Henley en route to the Pacific” in the Lahontan Valley News, Fallon, Nevada, May 9. Click here to read.

Returned to “Bob Burns in Your Afternoon,” News Talk 1400 AM WOND, Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 8.

Appeared on “E.P.I.C. Voyagers” (Extraordinary Phenomena Investigations Council), on the Inception Radio Network, April 7.  To listen click here.

The Wings over Kansas website, “a global web resource for Kansas aeronautics, astronautics and more,” posted the contents of the entire Truth at Last blog, beginning with the March 20, 2014 posting, “Comparing mysteries and cover-ups.” Click here to read.

Appeared with Deanna Spingola on “The Spingola Zone,” AFP Radio Network, March 18.

Appeared with Chris and Sheree Geo on “Truth Frequency Radio,” 90.7 KTFRN Denver, March 9.

Truth at Last featured in column by Joe Diblin, “Fact versus myth in the Earhart mystery,” in The Daily Item, Sunbury, Penn., Jan. 26, 2014.

Returned to Dr. Stanley Monteith Program on Radio Liberty, Jan. 7 and Jan. 9, 2014. 

Appeared on the Dr. Stan Monteith Program, KHNC 1360 AM, America News Network, Conservative News Talk Radio, Johnstown, Colorado Dec. 19, 2013.

Subject of Dec. 2 guest column in The Daily Messenger, of Canandaigua, N.Y., by Joel Freedman:  “Public needs truth about Earhart.” 

Appeared on “Talkback with Chuck Wilder on CRN” November 25. To listen click here.

Appeared on “Bill Martinez Live” on the Global American Broadcasting Network, Nov. 1.   

Appeared on Freedom Talk Radio’s “Surrounded by Idiots” with host Bill Xam, Sept. 25. To listen click here.

Appeared on “A Touch of Grey, The Talk Show for Grownups” KTIP 1450 AM, Porterville, Calif., Sept. 1 with Carole Marks.

Appeared on News Talk 1400 AM WOND, Atlantic City, New Jersey, “Bob Burns in Your Afternoon,” August 12. 

Appeared on “To the Point,” with host Michael Betteridge (nephew of noted Earhart researcher  Paul Rafford, Jr.) on WTHU 1450 AM “The Source,” Thurmont, Md., July 6.

Appeared on Katherine Albrecht Show on Genesis Communications Network, July 2.

Jessica Renshaw’s “hiddeninjesus” July 2 blog addresses current media kulturesmog related to the Earhart case: To read click here.

Appeared on “Spingola Speaks” with Deanna Spingola, Republic Broadcasting Network, July 1.

Appeared on “I’m Speaking Plainly,” with Bill Hay on Jacksonville’s Conservative Talk Radio  600 AM WBOB, June 15.  

My commentary, “The truth in the Earhart ‘mystery’ is a sacred cow,” published by Veterans News Now, June 13, 2013, went to No. 1 on site in three days.  Stayed in top 25 for over a year. (No longer available online.)

Appeared on author Cate Master’s TBR Blog April 25. To read click here.

Appeared with Steve Gruber and Jo Ann Paul on the Michigan Talk Network’s “Michigan’s Morning Show” WJIM AM 1240, broadcast to 16 stations in Michigan, March 12.

Subject of “Follow-up on Amelia Earhart interview,” blog post by Jessica Renshaw, March 11, regarding March 8 interview on Jim Bohannon Show. To read, click here.

Appeared on nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon Show March 8, 2013.

Appeared on the Charlie and Ernie and Lisa Show, Newstalk 620 AM, WVMT, Burlington, Vermont, March 1.

Appeared on “Good Morning Hudson Valley” on WBNR 1260 AM, Hudson Valley Talk Radio, with host Bruce Owens, Feb. 6

Appeared on KZIM News Radio 960, KSIM News Radio 1400, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, “Morning News Watch,” with Faune Riggin, Jan. 31. 

Appeared on Newstalk 1240 KBLL, Helena, Montana, “Morning Coffee” with Jay Scott Jan. 25.

Subject of story on Admiral Nimitz Museum’s rejection of Truth at Last, Jan. 18, 2013. To read click here.

Appeared on WOCA 96.7FM & 1370 AM, Ocala, Fla., “The Source” with Larry Willets and Robin McBlane, Jan. 2, 2013.

Appeared on Charles Heller’s “America Armed & Free,” KVOI 1030 AM, Tucson, Ariz., Dec. 30, 2012.

Appeared on Michael Shinabery Show, Alamo AM 1230 Talk in Alamogordo, New Mexico, Dec. 13.

Truth at Last reviewed on Jessica Renshaw’s Hidden in Jesus Blog, Dec. 12. To read click here.

Feature on longtime Earhart researcher Bill Prymak, of Bloomfield, Colo.. published Nov. 21, 2012, and picked up by Denver ABC TV 7,; Craig (Colo.) Daily Press and Boulder (Colo.) Daily Camera. To read click here.

Two stories including a review by Joel Freedman appeared in the Oct. 24, 2012 Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel.  To read click here and here.

Appeared on Knoxville’s Phil Williams Show, WOKI News/Talk 98.7 FM, on Sept. 4.

Appeared on Deanna Spingola’s radio program,”Spingola Speaks,” on the Republic Broadcasting Network, August 20, 2012. 

Joel Freedman’s review, Truth at Last shatters Earhart myths,” August 16, 2012, Books Section of the Finger Lakes Times, Canandaigua, New York.

Dave Martin’s review of Truth at Last, “Hillary Clinton and the Amelia Earhart Cover-Up,” picked up by Veterans News Now, Aug. 9. 2012

Dave Martin ( reviewed the first edition of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, Aug. 7, 2012.  To read his review, “Hillary Clinton and the Amelia Earhart Cover-up,” please click here.

Appeared twice on Firebase Network’s Veterans Hour, an Internet Radio Program also broadcast in Davenport, Iowa, Aug. 5 and Aug. 26.

Truth at Last reviewed by Major Glenn MacDonald (USAR retired) of in late June 2012.


20 responses

  1. Obama_Still_Sucks_2016 | Reply

    What your excellent book does is prove without a doubt that both Wendell L. Wilkie and John L. Lewis were correct about FDR in 1940. The President of the United Mine Workers, Lewis endorsed Republican, Wilkie in a patriotic effort to stop Roosevelt’s move to set a precedent for dishonest power after having dealt with Roosevelt and observing first hand what a backstabber he was!

    Fact is FDR was a ruthless guy who set people up and then let them go down to serve his political needs without remorse or responsibility. Amelia Earhart was an extremely naive woman who failed to realize what she was getting herself into! I listened to the first part of Mike Campbell’s informative interview on Fringe Radio whose second hour I haven’t been able to find!

    Roosevelt wanted war with Japan and his using Earhart who didn’t have the kind of military training such an operation required to engage in espionage without the permission of Congress is telling! Nazi Germany was the focus of evil of the civilized world yet FDR allowed an ocean liner with Jews trying to escape the Holocaust to flounder in the Caribbean when he refused it entry into US ports and discouraged Batista’s Cuba from giving it entry all the while seeking the US Jewish vote! Like Earhart’s situation, these poor Jews were forced to return to Europe where they were murdered by Nazis!

    Roosevelt was an experienced backstabber whose political career was a trail of betrayal of different groups whose support was crucial to him but were all expendable! From the betrayal of Gov Alfred E. Smith of NY to Amelia Earhart, the fact that there hasn’t been more honesty regarding Roosevelt as an individual in politics is not to the media’s credit!
    The Japanese were ruthless but had been allies of the US and British in WWI! The history of Asia to VietNam would have been very different if Roosevelt had been as reasonable with them as he was with Churchill whose British Empire wasn’t always nice and civilized either!

    Fact is Earhart’s tragedy proves that Roosevelt was engaging in acts bordering on war with the Japanese where there was no compelling US interest which should have been to isolate Nazi Germany not gain it an ally in Japan! The fact that Earhart’s first navigator, Manning backed out the way he did, proves that Amelia Earhart’s secret mission was doomed from the beginning from a professional espionage and aeronautics perspective that Manning possessed!

    Amelia Earhart’s situation was that Roosevelt got her involved in a political game to provoke an incident with Japan! When the Japanese captured her instead of shooting her down as Roosevelt probably hoped they would do, it created a potentially damaging political situation for him! Roosevelt’s subsequent actions angered the Japanese who chose not to publicly execute her for political purposes. Roosevelt’s spying allowed him to know the attack on Pearl Harbor in advance so the 2 aircraft carriers weren’t there that the Japanese counted on taking out!

    Of course, like Amelia Earhart, the sailers and civilians killed there whose lives could have been saved, weren’t! It is easy to see where Obama and the modern Democratic Party get their inspiration and why they protect Roosevelt who was so much better than Obama which is scary as the world is a much worse place today for the USA!


    1. Well said, OSS, good to know someone has listened to a link on this site. Recently when I gave a presentation to a group of seniors at an assisted living facility, one loud dissenter was quite upset when I told them about how FDR abandoned AE and that protecting his phony legacy is the reason we have this “mystery” at all. This old cracker accused me writing the book only for money, and the young 30-something activity director scolded me for raising my voice to this guy. She wouldn’t recommend my presentation to others because coming into her “house” and upsetting her people was “unprofessional.”

      My point being that there are still blind and ignorant, old and young among us who believe all the lies and propaganda about the reprobate FDR. And you’re right, Obama is the latest in this perfidious tradition of leftism in America.


  2. If you lived in a small patch of islands and a plane landed on a reef and you saw that, it would be in your memory forever.


  3. America’s Esther: How Amelia Earhart saved her people.

    If the American zombies are ever to wake up, they will have to accept the truth about Amelia Earhart. In the years b4 Pearl Harbor, the enemies of the white race were desperate to rescue Joe Stalin from the Germans.

    The conventional wisdom is that Esther saved her people. I would like it also to be conventional wisdom that Amelia Earhart saved her people. But people have come to accept the notion of “fake news.” Everything about Amelia Earhart on tv or in the newspaper has been false. Accepting the truth about Amelia starts one on the road to accepting what Uncle Sam’s wars are about.



  4. I posted the below comment #56 at

    Amelia Earhart did make it to wikipedia’s greatest misses. Someone there is keeping an eye on what is said about her.

    Please check the link below.



  5. Not all ULTRA intercepts of Japanese radio messages have been locked up. On page 203 of INDIANAPOLIS one of 500 intercepts on July 30, 1945 is a report of 3 torpedoes sinking a large ship.

    Too bad no one was alerted to the sailors floating in the ocean.

    Who was allowed to know what and when back in those days.

    I must say that this book(INDIANAPOLIS) was a lot better than I expected it be. I intend on sending a message to Lynn Vincent.



  6. William Manchester — Amelia Earhart.

    The local library(Sibley IA) sold a number of books for $.25 each. Amelia Earhart appeared in the index of one, Manchester wrote about stories of a Japanese capture.

    Manchester had been chosen by the Kennedys to write a book about the assassination and Jackie sat down with him for ten hours of interviews, fuelled by jugs of daiquiris and packets of cigarettes. She soon regretted the arrangement and sought to stop the book’s publication, insisting that the recordings of the interviews should be deposited in the JFK presidential library, where they will remain under seal until 2067.

    I hope to find out how Manchester came up with his ideas about Amelia Earhart.


  7. expedition-unknown
    A neighbor invited me over to watch

    I do not plan on watching it again. I believe it had NoonAn sitting in the co-pilot seat next to Amelia Earhart. I thought he was in the rear of the airplane.

    There is a rule in the public relations business that it does not matter what people say about you as long as they spell your name right.

    There seems to be some carfully crafted agit-prop when I add Josh Gates’s program to the recent National Geographic special with Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic.

    Can that much bad information be accidental?



  8. Amidst the tidal wave of agit-prop about Amelia Earhart an occasional sliver of truth slips thru.

    A reprint of a 1985 review of the
    Loomis book recently appeared on the internet.
    The enemies of Revilo Oliver have never denied his scholarchip so I am not surprised that Amelia EArhart showed up on Oliver”s radar 35 years ago.

    Most people would say “with friends like Revilo Oliver — I do not need eneimies.”
    His work seems to have mostly got the silent treatment.



    1. Thanks Jerry. Mr. Oliver should fast-forward to 2020. The essay he features is a reprint of a Liberty Magazine piece from 1985! If he really cared about the Earhart story, he would do a bit more research. Just sayin’.

      Thanks anyway for your comment on his site.



  9. Thanks Mike,

    For the record — Revilo Oliver died Aug 20, 1994.

    The first comment of the reprint of the vintage 1985 contains this from:


    Mike Campbell’s work on the Earhart mystery is second to none. He endorses Loomis (and others).
    But his entire blog is very good


    Oliver has his admirers. His vintage 1985 article might get his club to get updated on Amelia Earhart.

    It has occurred to me that you might not want Oliver’s people visiting your blog.

    thanks again,


    1. Thanks Jerry, I did see BuelahMan’s comment, and know him from past contacts.

      I take your last comment to mean that you think “Oliver’s people” wouldn’t approve of my message. That’s OK, at least it’s another source out there, and a few more who wouldn’t have otherwise known about it might appreciate learning the truth.



  10. Hi. This is Robert Grant Wealleans. In August, 2019, I was looking at old aerial photos (1938-42) and found Earhart’s Electra on the reef at Nikumaroro or Gardner Island. See for yourself at my website, or find the photos easily online and enlarge them yourself – especially the 1941 aerial photo of the SS Norwich City. Read my book “Amelia Earhart: Final Days. Note: I must amend my work to exclude the IJN Koshu from picking them up due to its refueling on july 13th on its way to join the search. This leaves only that mysterious story of a Japanese fishing boat picking them up before July 9 in order to get them from Gardner / Nikumaroro to prison at the hands of the Japanese, and before the USS Colorado seaplanes showed up. As for the remains of her airplane today?

    The lagoon entrance is a few hundred meters away from the 1942 position on the reef and this is why Robert Ballard found not one scrap of aircraft aluminum in the ocean. Many native anecdotes of airplane parts washing up on lagoon beaches, the airplane visible on the reef at low tide, etc, lead to this conclusion. We may yet see a part of her airplane recovered. As to their fate? Still mysteries to be solved.


  11. I’m not satisfied with the FB page link I provided above, and thus created a “go-daddy” web page (link below) for some thoughts about Earhart & Noonan, and photo enlargements of the SS Norwich City shipwreck (1938-1942) where, especially the ’41 photo, shows the Lockheed Electra in the shallow water at the surf line, starboard stern of the ship. The 3 photos, especially the ’38 photo, and the so-called “Bevington object” or landing wheel enhanced photo, document the Electra’s journey in the tides over 4.5 years from 440 meters north and port of the wreck (landing wheel estimated location) to starboard of the wreck by June, 1941. In my book, Amelia Earhart: Final Days, I do speak to the Japanese capture theory, and speculate that a Japanese ship, possibly that mystery fishing boat, took the duo off-island (Nikumaroro) before July 9, 1937 and delivered them to the Koshu or to Mili Atoll and eventual imprisonment in Garapan. The Nat’l Archives of the USA do tell us how suspected spies, even those in the yachting crowd, were treated poorly and brutally by the Japanese. One Frenchman was released, I believe, only because he had an American wife. I salute all who toiled to find the truth about Earhart and Noonan’s disappearance. I only ask that this surprise evidence hidden in old aerial photos is given scrutiny and further analysis unlike Ric Gillespie who shut my thread down almost immediately–I resigned! I suppose, I must have spoiled his 30 year lock on the narrative, and the fact that certain groundwork was not done. If you believe in that landing wheel, then you must also believe other photos might show her aircraft debris? My HS friend, Patrick S. served in the 199th as a G-4 in Vietnam. He did photo recon intelligence. He agrees that the “X” shaped object in the ’41 photo is real, no illusion, aluminum or other metal, and fits the general nose configuration of the Lockheed Electra. I am presently hunting for the original photo or negative for a hopeful and better clarity. Any help is welcome as more truth is added to this quest. Robert Grant Wealleans


  12. I gave Richard Frank a copy of your book.

    He seems like a nice and sincere guy.

    At the MN WW 2 roundtable, I was able to ask him about General Vandegrift comment that Earhart died on Saipan after being picked up by the Japanese.

    I see it has 4,000 views.

    You can see me at 1.33.20 in



  13. Jerry,

    Richard Frank is just another establishment toady who parrots the official U.S. government line about Earhart. I’m sure he’s found that it’ s much safer and he sells more books that way. Notice how he quickly answered your question and got away from the Earhart subject. Clearly he’s not comfortable talking about it, because he’s probably aware that he’s repeating lies. Any honest person who looked into the subject, especially a “learned historian” like Frank, would at the very least, express interest in the massive amount of evidence that puts Amelia and Fred on Saipan. Frank has exposed himself as a fraud.

    Thanks for trying, but I’m afraid you’ve wasted a perfectly good copy of TAL by giving it to someone who has no interest in learning the truth about Amelia Earhart. His friends wouldn’t approve!



  14. Hi Guys, a vintage aircraft in pieces revealed itself on Nikumaroro last year after no doubt a storm passing through, there is a 39ft cylindrical section and 110ft behind it to the east is a half exposed radial engine and wheel. The engine measurements were 4.5ft in diameter. Between the fuselage and engine is the exhaust torn off after the engine has detached. There are some other parts there too but I can’t confirm what they are . However, they are definitely not coral. A storm has since passed through Nikumaroro Island and all that now shows is a very small part of what is no doubt a fuselage. I don’t know if this is Amelia’s Electra but what I do know it is wreckage of an old plane that so happens measures exactly the same. I have officially reported the wreckage to the ATSB as it would be there jurisdiction in the Kiribati area.


  15. Justin Myers | Reply

    Hi Guys, here is a link with the latest findings on Nikumaroro Island.

    Best wishes!


    1. Readers should note the several comments below this nonsense, perfectly reflecting the abject ignorance that surrounds the truth in the Earhart disappearance. I hope at last a few of you will add your own comment, perhaps adding a bit of verisimilitude to this crap.



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