Doug Mills’ Earhart sketches, balsa plane available

Doug Mills initially contacted me in March 2010 via email, full of questions and enthusiasm for the Earhart story, having read my 2002 book written with Thomas E. Devine, the little-known With Our Own Eyes: Eyewitnesses to the Final Days of Amelia Earhart.  

Doug, 55, lives in small-town Bellaire, in northern Michigan, works as a manager at the spectacular Shanty Creek Resort and regularly paddles his kayak on nearby Torch Lake, not far from Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan.  He’s also an artist, and I think some of his Earhart-related work is worthy of posting here, in case anyone might be interested in purchasing any or all of these one-of-a-kind pieces at a very inexpensive price.  They’re all framed in my office.

Doug Mills can reached at, and will work with anyone interested.  I won’t list prices here, but these pieces are far below what would be considered “market price” for such sketches.  In other words, they are dirt cheap!  He’s not set up for credit cards, but your check will be much appreciated.  The sketches and plane below speak for themselves, are great conversation pieces and are worthy of your attention.

Doug Mills, 55, of Bellaire, Michigan, Amelia Earhart artist and longtime contributor to the Truth at Last Blog.



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  1. I never understood why they needed tracks unless a wheel or two was broken off.


  2. Mike –

    Thank *You for displaying my artwork for this *GREAT CAUSE, that you yourself have led, pioneered and brought into the conscience of the American Public.

    It’s my contribution to the *Truth and for all to see what happened to Amelia & Fred in the Marshall islands/*Barre Island, Mili Atoll. It’s also a tribute to Amelia & Fred, their steadfast work, endurance and dream to make long distance flight possible.

    I want our government officials & the media, who’s blatant refusal to address this matter once & for all, to know that the *TRUTH exists and isn’t going away. These two pioneer aviators risk life & limb for America and should be given the *RESPECT they DESERVE.


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  3. William H. Trail | Reply


    Nice profile of Doug and his art work!

    All best,


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  4. Stuart R. Brownstein | Reply

    Number one fan here ! Words can not express Mikes awesomeness !
    World class ! Yours truly, Stuart !


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