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July 11: Another Amelia Earhart anniversary passes

I suppose it’s about time I posted something here, if only to justify the existence of this blog, so far out on the fringe of obscurity, much like the object of its focus. Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last marked its first birthday on June 21, a few weeks before the arrival of the 76th anniversary of Amelia’s last flight, on July 2, 1937.  Since nothing memorable happened on the “platinum” anniversary, when one might reasonably expect something of significance to occur, we shouldn’t be surprised when the 76th anniversary would pass quietly.

All wasn’t entirely calm on the media front, as Ric Gillespie of TIGHAR was promoting another of his bi-annual schemes to collect prodigious sums of money from the stupid for the ostensible purpose of returning to Nikumaroro and searching for Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and their lost plane. Gillespie has done this 10 times already and found many curious “artifacts” among the island’s buried garbage that he’s brazenly attempted to connect to the lost flyers or the Electra, never successfully of course, because they were never on Nikumaroro.

No need to provide the details of Gillespie’s latest scheme here; it’s possibly the most absurd of all his ridiculous offerings to date, and would be hilarious if it wasn’t such an outrageous affront to all common sense and decency. Regardless, Gillespie need only utter his latest fantasy to Discovery News, which publishes his newest excuse to fundraise, and the monkeys and stenographers in the entire major media fall in line with their always-predictable press releases and breathless broadcasts, once again hyping a delusion as the Second Coming.

Many can attest to the fact that the American flyers never visited the atoll once known as Gardner Island, including Henry Maude and Eric Bevington of the British Colonial Service, who was there just 100 days after Earhart vanished. Ninety-odd days earlier, Lieutenant John Lambrecht and two other pilots from the USS Colorado, whose planes were launched by the battleship to search Gardner mere days after the flyers went missing, saw nothing amiss. The hundreds of Gilbertese settlers who lived there from 1940 until the early 1960s, as well as the dozens of U.S. Coast Guardsmen who manned the LORAN Station in 1944-’45, would say the same thing — no trace of the missing American pair was ever seen on the island.

Meanwhile the major media blackout of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, continues unceasingly.  Good people such as Deanna Spignola, Michael Betteridge and Jessica Renshaw were willing to offer their support, stand up for the truth and have me on their radio shows and write about this on their blogs. Thanks to great support from Debbie Menon of Veterans News Now, my long commentary, “The truth in the Earhart ‘mystery’ is a sacred cow” reached No. 1 on that news site, with many thousands of reads (please see “Media” at www.EarhartTruth.com).

Otherwise, the entire lame-stream media vehemently opposes and ignores this book and its message; their longtime investment in perpetuating Gillespie’s falsehoods is obvious to any rational observer. If the publication of Truth at Last has proven anything, it’s that the Earhart cover-up is alive, well and more real today than everHow else can one explain the media’s unbridled, never-ending enthusiasm for the so-called Nikumaroro “hypothesis,” which is nothing more than long-debunked, thirdhand, unmitigated crap, while completely ignoring Truth at Last and its uncompromising presentation of the overwhelming eyewitness, witness and documentary evidence that places Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and their Electra 10E on Saipan in the weeks and months following their loss?

Want more evidence? Hollywood director Rich Martini and associates recently spent months on Saipan vainly digging at the old Aslito Airfield in search of Amelia’s Electra, as well as interviewing aging Chamorros in search of new eyewitnesses to the prewar presence and deaths of Earhart and Noonan. Naturally, Martini’s activities were big news on Saipan, and were covered extensively in the two newspapers there, Marianas Variety and Saipan Tribune. But one could search forever without finding a single media organization in America – not one newspaper, radio or TV station, or even a single blog – that contained a whisper of Martini’s Saipan excursion. Enough said for now. I continue my efforts, for whatever that’s worth.

April 2: Home in Jacksonville

My wife, Nee, my cats, Pee Wee and Roy, and I finally made the trek to Jacksonville, Fla., my old Navy stomping ground, and taken up residence in a new home in a very nice part of the biggest city, geographically, in the United States. It’s been in the works for well over a year,  but we’re sure this will be our home for the rest of our days. The weather in Knoxville was a bit too cold for Nee and her chronic bronchitis, and I’ve always wanted to return to Jacksonville, where I learned the nuts and bolts of newspaper reporting as a Navy journalist at NAS Cecil Field for two years in the early 1980s.

More nonsense from Rich Martini 

In his latest “Earhart on Saipan” blog entry. Rich Martini advances even more incredible falsehoods in his attempts to gain attention for his Saipan efforts to prove Amelia Earhart died on Saipan. Though Martini is on the right side of the issue, his methods, which included digging holes, willy nilly, at the old Aslito Airfield site in a blind search for the long buried and destroyed Earhart Electra, as well as his writing illiteracy, as exemplified by his constant errors in grammar, syntax and his insistence on renaming Fred Goerner’s classic bestseller “Searching for Amelia” have done little to add credibility to what Goerner established in 1966 with The Search for Amelia Earhart, and what Truth at Last confirms in spades – Earhart and Fred Noonan’s presence and death on Saipan following their 1937 loss.  Martini says he’s “speaking with the very first eyewitness to come forward, a Saipan native who lives in the US [sic],” and he displays an old photo of Josephine Blanco Akiyama, though he doesn’t name her. He notes that “no one bothered to put her on film. We will.”  The most outrageous lie to come out of Martini’s Saipan foray has been recorded by TIGHAR drone and pretend journalist Alexie Villegas Zotomayor, who reports in a March 28 Marianas Variety (Saipan newspaper) story that a Martini associate,  “said more than 200 eyewitnesses offered stories” about seeing Earhart on Saipan to the Martini group.   This ridiculous falsehood uttered by “Captain Cooper,” who stayed to dig at the old Aslito Field while Martini and Harris had already realized the absurd nature of their search and split Saipan weeks ago, undermines anything positive that might have been accomplished. Why do these people find it so necessary to fabricate disinformation when the case for Earhart on Saipan is already so strong? It does bear repeating that not a single story about Martini’s Saipan antics can be found in the American media. Do we need any more evidence that the establishment hates the truth in the Earhart case, when so many ignore all attempts, misguided though some of these efforts might be, to prove it?

 George Cepeda’s Amazon review

At my request, a discerning reader of Truth at Last, Ohioan George Cepeda, recently revised his already complimentary review of the book, adding a star to the four he had earlier awarded it, and rewriting several sections of his fine review. Especially gratifying is his conclusion, which I couldn’t have written better myself: This is by far the most authoritative and exhaustive book written on the Earhart mystery and provides the best round table of facts leading to the most probable conclusions,” Cepeda wrote. “It is as close to an expanded and THIRD revised edition of  The Search for Amelia Earhart as we will probably ever see. I think Fred Goerner would have been proud to see how well the results of his research and others in this small investigatory community have been used.”  Thanks George!

Feb. 16: A new search for Amelia Earhart on Saipan

Hollywood director Rich Martini and D. Michael Harris are on Saipan, and Martini is chronicling their efforts in a new blog titled,  “Earhart on Saipan.”  According to Woody Rogers of the Amelia Earhart Society, D. Michael Harris is the producer of “Deadly Fathoms”, the 1971 movie about the ghost fleet at Bikini Atoll.  Harris also accompanied T. C.  “Buddy” Brennan on his expedition to the mid-1980s, a venture that became Witness to the Execution, published in 1988. Rogers says Harris’ only connection with Titanic is that he searched for the ship in the early 1980s and was unsuccessful, but that Harris’ son G. Michael Harris “brought up the majority of the artifacts from the ship in 1999-2000 that comprise  almost everything you can see in the ‘Ship of Gold’ touring displays.”  

Martini says they’re finishing up with the paperwork for the permits to dig in search of the Earhart Electra, ostensibly under the former Aslito Airfield, now Saipan International Airport, but this will never happen, and Martini apparently has no clue.

I cannot fathom Saipan officials, i.e. the U.S. government, granting anyone permission to look for the Electra anywhere near the vicinity where it actually is. Note that not a whisper of this has been heard in the media anywhere, contrary to the media blitz we get every time TIGHAR wastes another fortune in their endless returns to Nikumaroro.  So far Martini has nothing new to offer, but as usual, he’s trying to make quite a big deal of it, as only Martini knows how to do. He’s talked to relatives of some of Fred Goerner’s original eyewitnesses, and is trying to portray himself as a real journalist.  He might be fooling some out there, but not this observer.

In his Feb. 16 posting, Martini writes: “One of our interviewees shared a photo with us of Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal (He became Secretary after the death of Frank Knox in 1949)  There are no known photographs of Forrestal on Saipan – until this one.” (Italics mine.)  “He’s standing with General Holland and Admiral Nimitz.  For those who are well versed in Earhart stories, Thomas E. Devine (there’s a clip of his interview on the right side of the page) was convinced that he saw Forrestal here during his tour of duty.

Our research shows that Devine may have seen a gentleman who looked like Forrestal in June of 1944 when the plane was first found, and then perhaps he saw Forrestal himself at a later date.  Or it’s possible that Devine was accurate – but this is the first we’ve seen any photo of the Secretary on Saipan. This was taken just prior to his visiting Iwo Jima.”

Martini, who likes to call himself a “journalist,” outdoes himself in this one. Can someone please tell me who “General Holland” was? Is it possible that this person was actually Marine General Holland M. “Howlin’ Mad” Smith, who led all American forces during the Saipan invasion? And what of Martini’s claim that no photo of Forrestal on Saipan was known to have existed before the one he displays on his blog?  A quick search shows this 1945 photo of Forrestal and Nimitz “arriving on Saipan,” on their way to Iwo Jima in February 1945, for sale on eBay

Wikipedia tells us that  USS Eldorado (AGC-11) sailed on 27 January 1945 for the Marianas and further preparations for the assault on Iwo Jima. She also carried General Holland Smith, USMC, and his staff, and Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal and his party when she sailed from Saipan on 16 February for Iwo Jima.

No doubt many other photos of Forrestal on Saipan can be unearthed by an enterprising “journalist,” but don’t expect Martini to do it. He’s too busy making another outrageous claim to fame in the Earhart search. Just the latest installment of the clown show that is Rich Martini and Mike Harris on Saipan. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.

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