Eugene C. Sims and the “Ghost of Amelia Earhart”

Kwajalein Atoll  is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI).  Comprising 97 islands and islets, it has a land area of 6.33 square miles and surrounds one of the largest lagoons in the world, with an area of  839 square miles.  Some 13,500 Marshallese citizens live on the atoll, most of them on Ebeye Island.

The southernmost and largest island in the atoll is Kwajalein Island, with a population of about 1,000, mostly Americans with a small number of Marshall Islanders and other nationalities, all of whom require express permission from the U.S. Army to live there.  Kwajalein Island houses the mission control center for the Ronald Reagan Missile Defense Test Site, commonly referred to as the Reagan Test Site, which primarily functions as a test facility for U.S. missile defense and space research programs.

Roi-Namur has several radar installations and a small residential community of unaccompanied U.S. personnel who deal with missions support and radar tracking.  Japanese bunkers and buildings from World War II are in good condition and preserved.  Roi and Namur were originally separate islets that were joined by a causeway built predominately by Korean conscripted laborers working under the Japanese military.

Kwajalein Island itself is only about 1.2 square miles! Check out the photo above – that’s the whole thing.Yeah, around 3.5 miles long and less than a mile wide with an average elevation of 8 feet. The land area of the entire atoll is just over 6 square miles. But these little coral islands surround one of the largest lagoons in the world – about 840 square miles. Kwajalein Island houses the mission control center for the Ronald Reagan Missile Defense Test Site, commonly referred to as the Reagan Test Site, which primarily functions as a test facility for U.S. missile defense and space research programs. Kwajalein is one of 11 islands in the atoll that is operated by the U.S. military under a long term lease with the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

A 1943 pre-invasion map of Kwajalein Atoll.  Note location of Roi-Namur in the northernmost part of the atoll, where several eyewitnesses including military personnel have attested to the presence of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in July 1937.  The land area of the entire atoll is just over 6 square miles.  But these little coral islands surround one of the largest lagoons in the world – about 840 square miles.

This brief introduction to Kwajalein is simply meant to help focus readers who may not be familiar with this Marshalls Islands atoll, located in the north-central Pacific about 1,500 miles from Saipan, which is always directly related to Amelia Earhart, at least in this blog.

Now to the point: The Jan. 7, 2003 edition of The Kwajalein Hourglass, the weekly newsletter at the U.S. Army facility at Kwajalein, ran an article, “Did Amelia Earhart land on Kwajalein Atoll?” by Eugene C. Sims, who was stationed  there as a GI in 1945 and returned to work as a civilian from 1964 to ’71, and from 1983 to ’86.

Sims recalled his youth in Oakland, Calif., during the 1930s, and how he grew to idolize Earhart after seeing her at the local airport.  When Fred Goerner’s book was published in 1966, Sims was working on Kwajalein; after reading it, he was inspired to pursue his own Earhart investigation.  “I was surprised to hear them speak so openly about the white-skinned lady and man that came to Kwajalein in 1937,” Sims wrote.

An unidentified Marshallese man told Sims that as a 12-year-old in 1937, “a large Japanese ship came into the harbor” and he saw “a white lady and man on the deck,” a rare sight in those times.  Sims wrote that because Goerner had been denied access to Kwajalein in the early 1960s, Goerner was never to learn [the] concrete proof that Amelia was on Kwajalein and Roi-Namur in 1937.

In a future post, we’ll look at the previously unknown eyewitnesses Sims and others presented in the pages of The Kwajalein Hourglass, but today is for something different.  As I’ve done before when it’s appropriate, I remind readers that I’m presenting this information for your own discernment, and am neither endorsing it or dismissing it.

This is the inside of the cell at Saipan's old Garapan prison that is said to have been occupied by Amelia Earhart. Former Marine and Saipan veteran Henry Duda took it during his visit to Saipan for the 50th anniversary of the historic 1944 Battle of Saipan.

The inside of the cell at Saipan’s old Garapan prison that is said to have been occupied by Amelia Earhart. Former Marine and Saipan veteran Henry Duda shot this photo while attending commemoration ceremonies for the 50th anniversary of the historic Battle of Saipan in 1994.

In 1972 Sims was transferred to Agana, Guam, to set up a new business for Global Associates. He and his wife Betty remained on Guam for over eight years, and during that time Sims continued to learn more about the fate of Amelia Earhart. As an engineer and manager of the new business, he traveled extensively throughout Micronesia, and made weekly trips to Saipan, where he made friends with many of the island’s indigenous families. Some of them had lived on Saipan in the 1930s, and the subject of Earhart was discussed many times.

I contacted Sims in 2006 after his work in the Hourglass came to my attention, and he was happy to talk and share his findings.  He also sent me a copy of the Winter 2002 Kwajaletter, a sister publication of the Hourglass, which featured a fascinating story, “The Ghost of Amelia Earhart,” that Sims wrote from his home in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Following are the salient paragraphs of Sims article, along with the unique photo he shot on Saipan in 1973:

I found that few people wished to discuss the 1937 event of her disappearance or of her being brought to Saipan by the Japanese.  My wife and I were shown various places on Saipan where Amelia allegedly had been seen.  One man took me to a spot in the old cemetery where he claimed she was buried but the most interesting place we visited was the old Garapan prison used by the Japanese in the 1930s.

After the American forces recaptured Saipan in mid-1944, the old stone and steel-framed prison building was abandoned and left to decay.  Cutting through the dense overgrown jungle and then stumbling over giant roots of tangatanga to gain access to the remnants of the old jail-like structure was a real effort.  Our guide showed us the jail cells where Amelia and Fred were supposedly held captive.  I took many pictures.

Eugene Sims, of Coos Bay, Oregon, a veteran of three tours at the U.S. Army Facility Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, took this 1973 photo of the center cell he was told Amelia Earhart occupied at Garapan prison in 1937. It's not possible to determine whether this cell is the same as the one pictured above. Although the scan of the glossy photo doesn't quite convey the strange quality of the figure he captured, something is there that doesn't appear to be natural. As Eugene Sims wrote on the back of the photo he sent me in 2006, "See her ghost?"

Eugene Sims, of Coos Bay, Oregon, a veteran of three tours at the U.S. Army Facility Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, took this 1973 photo of the center cell he was told Amelia Earhart occupied at Garapan prison in 1937.  It’s not possible to determine whether this cell is the same as the one pictured above.  Although the scan of the glossy photo doesn’t quite convey the strange quality of the figure he captured, something is there that doesn’t appear to be natural.  As Eugene Sims wrote on the back of the photo he sent me in 2006, “See her ghost?”  (Photo courtesy Eugene Sims and may not be reproduced without permission.)

Several days later in Guam and after the photos had been developed, I was shocked to see one print of Amelia’s cell.  In the rusted metal frame of the cell door stood a white ghostly figure!  Was this some sort of photo misprint?  I had the picture reprinted and again the ghostly outline was in evidence.  I considered the ghost to be a message from Amelia and put my collection of Amelia in my locked files.  What good would it do to show the picture?

At first, I reasoned the information might make a whale of a story, but then I realized maybe the data would just become more controversy about the fate of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan.  At this time I have no intention of writing anything more on the subject.  My files are closed, but I still look at that ghostly picture . . . and wonder. (End of Sims story.)

 Eugene C. Sims passed away in November 2013 at 86.


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  1. I have major goose bumps. I opened this photo in a separate window and enlarged it. I have been looking at it and so far find three – ** three** – female faces above and within the doorway. Mike, I will send you an email with these faces indicated and enlarged. – Excellent addition to your blog! Very intriguing!


  2. Again more *proof of Amelia Earhart’s presence & death on Saipan revealed to us. The Garapan prison door, bared window, cement structure and tropical growth are clearly visible, for all to see. Now a ghostly shadow/apparition of Amelia inside the doorway.

    We have the discovered Lockheed Electra by Marines in ’44 on Saipan & the *orders to destroy the plane by FDR. The burnt wreckage seen by other Marines and visible for 9 months.

    We have Burke’s, Henson, Griswald grave digging detail outside the cemetary in ’44. The bones being removed from graves and put into canister and taken to U.S. Ship

    We have the discovery of Amelia’s brief case, passport, photo’s & personal belongings by Robert Wallack on Saipan in ’44.

    All the p i e c e s of the puzzle come together on Saipan.


  3. Wow,what a fascinating story you always find the obscure ones Mike. On another note it looks like TIGHAR’s latest mission was a bust,people on their Facebook page are now questioning them and saying good luck in getting any more money from them.(but people who follow your page,we knew it was a bust from the start).


    1. Oh, I hate to say this [not], but ROTFLMAO! As George Barzan once said, “. . . the silence is deafening . . .” coming from the TIGHAR heralds of stunning and irrefutable success.

      I bet Ric never took or saw a picture of AE’s ghost on Nikumaroro ….

      BTW I can see four female faces now in this photo – I sent a description to Mike, but I am working on a crib sheet showing the facial features in each one to help others pick them out.


      1. On June 13th 2015 the Daily Mail ran a story about TIGHAR’s mission and at the end they showed links to four different theories and one of them was this page,lets hope a lot of people check it out.


      2. I see the one, and if it is what everyone else is seeing, why is ‘Amelia’ wearing a leather flying cap? Something seems wrong with the picture, but I can’t put a finger on it atm.

        As for any other faces, human like to see patterns, we map them so that anything outside that pattern can be investigated as a threat, that’s why pareidolia is so important in the world of the paranormal…it’s like seeing an image of Christ or Muhammad on a bit of toast, which are even more interesting examples as no one knows what they looked like!


  4. I am wondering if Amelia inscribed her initials anywhere in the cell or even a brief message….after being held there for so long…why not…I wonder if anyone bothered to look for that…..or, even go back with infrared equipment to look for etchings on these jungled walls….what an interesting story, Mike…I .can’t see much on my computer but I am getting goose bumps, too… just astonishes me that so many local people knew of her presence on these various islands and yet our government has gone out of their way to disavow any knowledge of her presence there. It’s too bad the real truth can’t hit the public spotlight.


  5. Jesse – exactly – TIGHAR is nothing more than a decoy & *distraction too keep the American public BLIND SIGHTED.

    Wolfspector13 – GREAT *observatiion and until you pointed this out or Amelia’s larger face, I hadn’t seen beforehand. I can clearly see her face now. Amelia has given herself for all of us to see. Why Eugene kept this photo hidden for so long, because of his fear of being thought of as a CrAcKpOt, was wrong. PLEASE post for us to view your [ENLARGEMENT].

    *THANKS for Mike Campbell’s – BRILLIANT ARTICLES & PHOTO’S on this GREAT WEBSIGHT & BLOG and his research which has educated us in the *TRUTH.


  6. I can’t tell whether that shape in the picture is Amelia’s ghost, obviously, but I can say from personal experience that ghosts do appear in pictures and they are not from dirt on the camera lens. I had an old hiking friend who died right after a strenuous backpacking trip while with me in Argentina about 5 years ago. His ashes were brought back to NH and scattered on Mt. Pierce. A few years later, while on a winter hike to Mt. Pierce his “orb” appeared in a couple pictures that my son took with my camera that day. He also saw fit to trip me while I was walking along after the pictures were taken. Anyway, back home looking at the pictures on my computer, I was at first mystified as to what was wrong with my camera, but soon I understood. It was Luis. Since then, in many pictures in my travels on our mountains his orb will appear. Sometimes, as on my Grand Canyon trip last Feb. he assumes the form of many orbs drifting through my pictures, in fact I tried to tell him to knock it off, but he wouldn’t. He is very playful. Other times he appears as a foggy shape wrapped around another person or object. If I show these pictures to an innocent bystander, of course mostly they don’t believe me. Two or three years ago I didn’t believe either, but now I certainly do. Occasionally I can summon Luis to appear in a picture, so I would say if Eugene Sims was thinking of Amelia when he took that picture, then yes, it is her.

    Now I’m going to look at TIGHAR Facebook page, I didn’t realize they had one. Didn’t the US Navy fleet anchor in one of those Marshall Island lagoons during WW 2? And then didn’t they move to a similar anchorage in the Carolines later? I read that those were the 2 biggest anchorages in the world at the time. Places that nobody has ever heard of these days.


  7. Does anyone really think AE would hold on to the past by hanging around as a disembodied spirit in such a location. Seems degraded to me. I like to see her chasing truth – now there’s a good time.


    1. Judy – YES – and to let us know, this is *where she was imprisoned & died. This is the *TRUTH and why she is showing herself. The plane has already been destroyed, burned & bulldozed underground. It’s going to be hard to get a picture of the Lockheed Electra or her standing next to that.

      Yee of little *FAITH???? I’m a BELIEVER and it sure looks like *Amelia to me in this photo.


    2. Hello Judy:
      Frank Benjamin here. I am 75 years old, and have made half a dozen trips to Saipan, and even slept one night at the jail. It’s park-like there now, with the grass all freshly cut, and the tourist agency calls it the “Japanese Jail,” although I believe it was more like a prison than a jail. It’s all(?) there except that the wooden roof and the wooden floors have long since rotted away. I have also visited the Marshalls on multiple times, but have not gotten out to Mili or to Jaluit. Maybe next time, but it would be expensive, as of 2014.

      I did want to comment on the ghost of AE in her cell doorway, though. The concrete (in the doorway) has a very light color to it, and has a pattern in contrast to the grey (darker) color of the majority of it in the wall around the doorway, and down the hall. From a distance, down the hall, this light coloration makes it look as if there is a ghost (a person) in the doorway, and it is quite interesting, until you move up real close to the image. Then you see it for what it is, just differential staining in the concrete. But boy, from a distance it is easy to imagine it as a “ghost!”

      I am a firm believer in AE dying on Saipan at the hands of the Japanese. The evidence is overwhelming. Last year (2014) was my last trip to Saipan until possibly later this year. Right now I am in my 5th cycle of chemo, and the cancer tumors in my lungs and back are in remission. I am slowly getting my strength back; however, I will not be able to get out to Aitchison for AE’s birthday bash later next month. I wanted to go, as something big has turned up in the investigation of AE on Saipan, and I wanted to share it… I am considering writing a book as have already so many of my colleagues… I consider Campbell’s book to be one of the best out there.

      Good Luck to you in your searching. Regarding the question about the US Navy anchoring in the Marshall Island lagoons; My Uncle, who died in 1998 was on Kwajalein in WWII, and then later on Saipan. Uncle Frank had some great pictures of Saipan after the war, but I was not interested in AE back in those days. How I wish he were here now so that I could ask him some questions!

      My family, enroute to Okinawa where I taught the DOD children of US servicemen, stopped at Kwajalein several times, but you can not get off the plane, of course. I would like to do it anyway, but I will have to try and get permission first, of course. It might be worth a night in the brig to just sneak off the plane… Ha-ha… not really ???



      1. Frank,

        Good to hear from you, so sorry to hear about your cancer. We will all pray for your soonest recovery. I was planning to wait on the announcement, but will tell you now that the second edition of Truth at Last is in the works, with two new chapters, new information, 21,000 more words and a complete re-write of the original book. SO many little nagging errors that it was quite painful going through it line by line. The new book will be a hardback and we’re hoping for publication sometime in October 2015.

        God Bless, thanks for dropping in.


  8. Sandy – you need to read Mike’s first book & collaboration with Thomas Devine – [With Our Own Eyes: Eyewitnesses to the Final Days of Amelia Earhart] published in 2002. It’s believed she did carve her initials and left *proof she was there in that prison/cell.

    As we all know, Amelia Earhart was a VERY SMART WOMAN and not one to be trifled with.


  9. TIGHAR / Ric Gillespie has been a HUGE DECEPTION on the American Public and sponsored by none other than the national media $$$$$$$$$$$$$ government. WAKE -UP America and follow the *F*A*C*T*S and not the phonies & cronies who want to keep you’s all in the DARK……………………………………..


  10. Sandy – on a different #note – the Japanese did not want it’s secret military preparations exposed prematurely by Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan and IF the American government learned that the Japanese were holding them on Saipan, the Unites States would be expected to rescue the flyers, using armed force if necessary. So the silence & TrIcKeRy began.


  11. AE initials were not carved into the wall, they were painted on with ink, with a brush that was given her, same as all prisoners, to write
    “confession”. She blended hers with the others as not to stand out as the only English. It would be obvious who did it – poor survival.

    The reason the initials were high up on the wall is because there was bamboo flooring above the ground inside the cell. The cot sat along that wall. It was the end cell, not in the middle.


    1. Judy,

      If the “wall carving” you refer to is the one claimed by William Gradt, it’s the same one that graces the cover of With Our Own Eyes, and its provenance is far from certain. Lily Gelb confronted Gradt years ago and demanded proof of his claims to Devine that he had smoking gun documents that he found in a “repository in Virginia” as he described it to Devine. He had no such documents, it had all been a lie to keep Devine on a string. Devine believed it so much that he wrote about in Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident. The AE graphic, Gradt told Gelb, has also been changed and redrawn from the original graphic, which does have the “AE” lettering, but is more vague and possibly Oriental in nature. The fact is that anyone could have carved it on the wall, just as anyone could have cared the AE initials on Deanna Mick’s cell food door that’s also pictured in With Our Own Eyes. These things are merely curiosities and not hard evidence of AE in the prison, though of course I’m certain she was there, based on witness accounts, not carvings on walls or food doors.


      1. Mike if you say that Lily Gelb confronted William Gradt years ago and demanded proof of his claims to Devine that he did in fact have documents that he found in a repository in Virginia. How do you know that Gradt was lying? Maybe he was telling the truth! I know that Lily Gelb met with Gradt and was trying to steal all of the information that Gradt had been researching about Amelia Earhart for many many years.



      2. Very interesting question, Shirley, about a subject that rarely comes up anymore. You ask how I know that Gradt was lying about his claim to Devine that he had top-secret, smoking-gun documents in the Earhart case? First of all, I trust Lily Gelb to tell the truth about what Gradt told her and what she saw. Secondly, if Gradt did indeed have these documents, why has he never revealed them to anyone, yet told Devine over so many years that he had them? Nothing Gradt said added up. He also called me once a few years ago in Knoxville, and made no sense whatsoever. I told him what I thought of him, leading Devine down the garden path for so long, never admitting he had lied. Lily told me he was a strange bird, and so he is. Another fringe nut in the Earhart case.

        Do you know Lily Gelb? DO you have some kind of inside information, that you can make the statement that she was trying to “steal” Gradt’s information? She told me that this so-called “information” was nothing more than a vast collection of newspaper clips and other assorted memorabilia that could have been collected by anyone.



  12. Judy – Thanks for details of the AE lettering that was discovered later and believed to be made by Amelia.

    As Mike stated, this isn’t hard evidence.

    Although it was made by somebody and who was that somebody?

    I believe Amelia was trying to survive, under the HELLISH conditions the Japanese forced her into. Their brutality & dislike towards American’s was quite obvious. She must have believed somebody would come to her aid. Were American’s so naive in ’37 to believe the Japanese wouldn’t? FDR played dumb as if he didn’t know what was going on? The Japanese lied and said they would look for her but couldn’t find her.
    Amelia was played for a fool by the U.S. & Japan. Neither the U.S. nor Japan will admit their TrIcKeRiEs & FAILURES towards Amelia Earhart, that’s the bottom line, isn’t it?


  13. Thank you for the data.
    Observing the original entire wall where those initials were, (not a graphic, but the original) there are many other inked messages by previous prisoners all around it. She had to make hers fit, as English lettering would stand out amongst the rest. It had to look old. Prisoners at that time were told not to write on the wall or there would be severe punishment. She did it anyway. It was not carved, by any means.
    The Japanese government per se, did not know where she was. There was a rogue Kempetai (sp?) officer who did know and likely did not report it. He worked with Nazi doctors at a medical facility there. They did experiments on prisoners.


  14. At first when I looked at this photo, I did not see anything and then slightly to the left and above the prison is a sad face looking down at the structure and it does indeed look like Amelia Earhart, so sad that the government will never reveal the true hero she was. But truth shines even in a mist of deception and lies. Rest in peace, Amelia.


  15. Donna – I can’t see the image you mentioned, but do see the LARGER *FACE of Amelia in the center of doorway – eyes, edge of nose, lips, outer face & hair on top. I will continue viewing, until I see the image you are speaking about. Fascinating *photo to view from 1973 and the apparitions she’s left, for everyone to see. Notice the year ’73 – reverse those numbers – 37. Amelia was born in 1897 and died in 1937 – odd numbers & years – 7 & 3 are her numbers – she’s telling us something – isn’t she?


    1. Doug and Donna,

      Stand by, the next post features more faces than you can imagine in this photo, truly an amazing phenomena that reflects how very haunted the Garapan prison really is.
      Don’t miss it!


  16. Judy – I wasn’t aware of the additional inked messages by previous prisoners or encompassing the AE. Plus the *warning given not to draw or severe punishment. (I had assumed, all this time, the AE letters were carved and all by themselves)

    I read in Thomas Devine’s/Eyewitness book/1987, of this *Jesus Guerrero – “Kumoi” – who was Saipanese and worked for the Japanese Police as a law enforcer & *torturer. That many islanders hesitated to speak of the white man & woman flyers for FEAR of reprisals from this man. Islanders kept silent about the Earhart matter, lest “Kumoi” should renew his cruelties.

    This DEVIL should be at the TOP of the LIST and EXPOSED for the EVILS he perpetrated.


  17. Doug……thanks for your comments……my thoughts are that if FDR had the guts to go in and rescue AE and Noonan, then perhaps Pearl Harbor would never have happened….they knew the Japanese military were holding her prisoner, even though the Japanese government denied any knowledge of such. We now now that the Japanese military were really calling the shots and running the government, not the Emperor, the prime minister or the cabinet. A lot of this is exposed in a book mentioned on this blog a few months back, called “Freedom Betrayed”…..written by Herbert Hoover about the secret history of WWII. This book was so controversial it wasn’t published until 2011 because his heirs refused to publish it. Thank you to the person on this blog who brought it to our attention. The sections on Japan are a good read.


  18. Does anyone know anything about these “never before seen” photos and a video of Amelia supposedly taken in 1937?


    1. Well, Jesse. if you want to call a UK tabloid “mainstream,” you’re right. But the Daily Mail refused to name Truth at Last in their story, as both Dick Spink and Les Kinney requested, and they butchered the story as it was delivered to them by the original writer, Ms. Earnshaw. I can’t say they’ve done the good case any harm, since it’s so rare to see anything resembling the truth anywhere else except here nowadays, but they didn’t help nearly as much as they could have. They don’t want anyone going anywhere except their own website for their news, a very selfish policy that will hurt them in the long term.


      1. I did not know they refused to mention your book because it explains everything. Like you said any news that doesn’t push the scam that TIGHAR is positive, even if it’s baby steps.


    2. Going back over these old posts, I came to this one with the link to UFO Chronicles. I notice it mentions that the barge AE’s plane was loaded onto was towed to Jaluit or somewhere. I wonder where the author got the info that the barge was “towed?” How would that fit with the picture of the Koshu Maru with something resembling a plane on its deck? Would you say the barge being towed with the plane aboard is just wrong or irrelevant? Also, are Spinks and Kinney going to do anything with the “evidence” they found? I did not realize they also found those cart wheels on their site at Mili. Or did they?


      1. Dave,
        They found the cart wheels on one of Mili’s Endriken Islands. Your question about the “barge” is a good one, and I don’t have a definitive answer. I’ve also heard this term used in connection with the Electra’s recovery, but based on other evidence I’ve seen but can’t openly discuss at this time, there was no barge at all. Or perhaps, as I believe Joro told Bill Prymak, the plane was winched aboard a barge and then somehow transferred to the Koshu. At some point, it was seen on the stern of the Koshu, as Bilimon Amaron told Prymak and others.



  19. Exactly – they deliberately ignored Mike’s book & huge contributions to enlightening the general public in the *TRUTH & FACTS.
    SHAME on the Daily Mail. If it wasn’t for Mike’s work, so many of us would still be StUmBLiNg around in the shadow’s, of Amelia Earhart’s whereabouts ?


  20. Sandy –

    Thank You for your *great comment and I was unaware Herbert Hoover wrote this book/material – Freedom Betrayed – and will check it out.

    On a different #note, another fellow we need to pay closer attention to with Amelia Earhart’s abandonment & destruction of the Lockheed Electra, is none other than *James Forrestal – (Special Administration Assistant) under FDR – later to become Secretary of Navy and then Secretary of Defense before his strange 1949 death at Bethesda Naval Hospital when they said he jumped out of the 16th floor. James Forrestal once stated – that his “hobby was obscurity.y”

    Those who have read about James Forrestal know of his dislike & disdain of Amelia Earhart.


  21. Doug – Thanks for the good points about Forrestal….I wonder if his archived records have been searched via Freedom of Information Act for any link to AE during her disappearance and the years immediately following……..of course, there are a lot of references to Forrestal in Mike’s book so most likely this has all been thoroughly researched……. On a similar note, another source of archived records to search would be Eleanor Roosevelt’s “lady friend”, Lorena Hickok, an AP reporter who quit her journalism job to hang out at the White House with her pal, Eleanor. Apparently, their “close friendship” lasted many years and they even co-authored a book together in 1954 called, “Ladies of Courage”, published by PUTNAM. Hickok wrote other books and donated all of her “papers” to the Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park. Her and Eleanor were constantly exchanging letters; in fact, a quick Google search revealed that Eleanor wrote her 2,336 letters over a 30-year period. So here’s the kicker…..283 letters were written (by Eleanor) in 1937, 289 letters in 1938, and 292 letters in 1939…these were like the “peak years for letters”…….so I would not be surprised if there was some information exchanged about AE in those letters. Hey, women talk.


  22. Sandy – Thanks – I don’t know much about this lady Lorena Hickok or friend to Eleanor Roosevelt. Yes you would think their letters would reveal something more about Amelia’s fate & any further knowledge of it or not allowed to the American public. It’s just not right..nd all who collaborate & conceal the *TRUTH; especially the present day news, media and politicians silence on the matter. Nobody has the GUTS in Washington to address the matter.


  23. I see that all of the comments above are more than a year and a half old, so I’m not sure whether further comments are being monitored. This just came to my attention in an email from yesterday, 18 January 2017, attached to an addendum to the story about Amelia Earhart’s alleged psychic abilities.

    As a professional photographer, I can say with a great deal of certainty that both of the images of the jail which were included in the recent post are clearly double exposures, as a minimum, or possibly triple exposures. This can be done deliberately or accidentally, and I have no way to say they are one or the other. I have done it both ways. At that time I owned only two Nikon bodies and four lenses, and I often used both at the same time for work. I also used them for my own pleasure, and sometimes had to rewind a partially exposed roll of color film so as to be able to load black and white film. Later, I would reload the color film and try to wind past the last exposed portion of film, so as to use the remainder of the roll. So I have a picture of the Balancing Rock in Garden of the Gods Park, west of Colorado Springs, with an image of the famous “Face on the Barroom Floor”, in Central City, Colorado, on the floor of the Bar in the Teller House. It was accidental, but I could not have planned it any better if I had wanted to do it.

    I’m not much of a believer in paranormal activity. The double exposure I described doesn’t require any special darkroom technique. It’s on the film. All you have to do is print it. My father created two images of himself in one picture, sometime in the 1930s.


    1. Great points, Paul. I think a double exposure is more likely than AE’s ghost. I doubt she would hang around there, of all places. Exercises such as this remind me of a favorite Peanuts cartoon: looking at clouds, Linus sees the stoning of St. Stephen and points out where John the Beloved is in the portrait, and Charlie Brown says that he was going to say that he saw a ducky and a horsey, but . . .


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